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Bid Tv / terrible service

1 England, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom Review updated:

my mum phoned bid tv to buy a gift for her grandaughter whilst at my house. About an hour later the phone rang and it was from an indian call centre asking if i was the bidder- i said no and that it was my mum and said i could give him her phone number. I was then hung up on. The phone continued to ring all day (around 18 calls in total) all from the same bid tv number! Some just let the phone ring 2/3/4 times and hung up before i got to it, others would be polite but then i would get half way through explaining my mum wished to purchase the product then id just get hung up on, others were absolutely rude to me saying i must hand over my card details for immediate payment. The last phonecall of the day was at 11.40 at night which woke my husband and i up when we had work the next day and our one year old baby. I was very annoyed at this point and demanded they stopped calling me and that because of this terrible customer service my mum no longer wished to continue with the sale. They apologised but we got the same harassment the next day- FROM 6.20 IN THE MORNING. They have finally stopped calling and im so happy my mum didnt part with any money for them. Its shocking that this is how they treat people who are parting with their hard earned money to purchase their products, i also would think twice before thinking that you are getting a bargain- remember they charge £1.50 for the phone call and around £7-8.99 for their postage. A work colleague of mine bought a diamond ring from them and i was shocked when i saw the quality- it had no shine or sparkle to it and she paid a few hundred pounds for it, she then had alot of problems when trying to return it with them saying they hadn't received it etc. So be warned...think before involving yourself with bid tv as its not all the bright colours, smiley presenters, quality products and hassle-free after service they'd have you believe when you switch on their channel. (The same goes for their 2 sister channels also bid up tv and speed auction tv i think they're called.)

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  • Sa
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    they had sony bravia tellys on bid tv last night, i thought it was a complete scam.there is no way no this earth you had chance to get one, it doesnt matter how quick you were on the phone, you would never have got one.i only dailed first number and surprise they were all gone.I wont be using that channel any more

  • Ad
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    Re: Phone Calls

    All the hosts on the sit-up channels (bid tv, price-drop tv and speed auction tv) regularly remind buyers that they will get a call back within the hour to arrange payment and delivery details. Your mum had left the house by that time, so they couldn't arrange payment. You couldn't prove that the number you were willing to give them was your mum's, so they could not call that number back - as far as they know, you could have been giving them a number to be used for fraudulent purposes. This then meant that the purchase had not been completed, so it would stay active on their system, and as a result, you kept getting calls from different people in their call centre (which I believe is based in London).

    Most buyers will add £10 to the purchase price, as they know that the postage and phone call will add more money onto the price, but all shopping channels make some money on P&P. It's just something you have to accept if you're wanting to buy off the TV.

    Re: Bravia TV

    The sale of the Sony Bravia TV was advertised in at least three newspapers on the day of the sale, and as a result, there was a lot of interest. They have a couple of hundred phone lines to accept calls, and when these get overloaded, you will get an engaged tone. The demand for the product was greater than the quantity they had, so people were bound to miss out. Most regular viewers of the sit-up channels know that the first six numbers in the phone number will always be 0904251, so the rest is a guessing game. Employees, family of employees and friends of employees at the sit-up channels were exlcuded from purchasing the TVs. This meant that nobody had an unfair advantage. However, different digital set top boxes take different amounts of time to display your picture. This means that there will always be some people viewing the screen before others. Your set top box might have been slower than others, meaning that you stood next to no chance of getting the product.

  • Ma
      4th of Feb, 2011
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    they owe me £333.97 for goods not recived & goods returned from early to mid Jan i havent had a penny put back in my bank account to date & last night 3rd feb Anita from customer care with a bad attitude rang me to TELL(SHOUT AT) me that i would have to wait 3-5 days for MY money to be refunded, then to add insult to injury she offered me £5 for the 10 plus phone calls i had made to sit up to see where my money is. Also i've b'n offered a £10 voucher to spend on sit up for any inconvenience without predudice'' now do the maths, £7.99p&p £1.53 per min phone call(from bt) does sit up sell anything for 48p??? If i send my phone bill in with all my personal & friends & family tel' no's on they will re emburse me for the calls i've made, it's hard enough tryin to get what they owe me why would i believe them anymore!!!

  • Br
      26th of Nov, 2012
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    Buying gem stones/gem stone jewelery from the Bid channels.
    After buying AAA Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver ring I had it checked out some months later. All the Tanzanite stones were flawed (not graded - not AAA not anything). One stone even had a huge crack in it. I returned it expecting it not to be refunded but to my surprise it was. If it had not had been I would have taken it to trading standards - maybe that's why they refunded it even though the returned date had long expired. There are some clues though. Who sells top grade stones in Sterling Silver ?????????????? Top grade stones are sold in more expensive metals. It normally costs more to have an item valued than what you paid for it ???????? so therefore its not viable to get it valued - now what does that suggest. My valuation was free and I got £89 + postage both ways refunded. The item was not worth anywhere near the purchase price.

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