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Folks, buying a new or used car soon??? Stay away from Benson Lincoln on Rt 51 in Whitehall! Just like most other car dealerships, once they push you out the door they could care less about you and the vehicle they sold you!. Paid good money for a '94 Chevy Corvette a few months back. They disclosed it was in great running condition and they had performed a 28 point thorough inspection. Drove the car to work 2 times. The 3rd time I drove it on vacation to Ocean City where it promptly died on the highway in Maryland! DOA DEAD!. An $80.00 tow and $2, 400 in repairs later I finally made it back to Pittsburgh. A plethora of mechanical problems had occured on this dandy of a car. A piece of Chevy junk compliments of Benson Lincoln Mercury. And their response to my dilema? "Oh well, too bad. The repairs were suspect and if it had happened here in the burg it could have been fixed cheaper" !!! No offer to to pick up some of the tab, no sympathy, nothin!. That's great customer service aint it???!!! What a crock!!! WHEN YOU'RE 350 MILES FROM HOME AND YOUR NEWLY PURCHASED CAR DIES ON THE ROAD, IT'S NOT LIKE WE HAVE MANY OPTIONS IS IT?? JUST ANOTHER RIP OFF BY YET ANOTHER SHADY CAR DEALERSHIP. They are all the same! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP! Oh, and get this, the day I went there and presented the sales rep with a copy of my repair invoice another fellow came through the front door complaining about something also. All I heard him repeating over and over was that he "would never but another car from this place!" There's a surprise! BENSON LICOLN, WHITEHALL, BAD BUSINESS! DON"T GO HERE!!! Trust me.

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  • Jw
      May 21, 2011

    After my wife and I purchasing a used FACTORY CERTIFIED 2007 Mercury Mountaineer back in Dec of 2009, I returned to the dealership 3 weeks later because the rear window defogger was not working. We did purchase an extended warranty but that did not cover the issue and since the truck was factory certified, they would repair the defogger. Upon picking up the truck, I noticed that the entire unit had not been adhered to the window and had to have the mechanic come outside and used double sided tape to adhere it. I had no way to tell whether or not it was working because unlike most other features, when your window is not foggy or iced up, you don't use it, Several months later, we went to use it and to our surprise, it was not working. I brought it back and the General Manager Walt, after some persuading, agreed to get it repaired yet again under factoryguidelines but make me feel like he was doing me a favor. After many months later, it was not working yet again. We were told that Ford would not pay for a new glass that was needed. I asked what the term FACTORY CERTIFIED meant and was told that since they repaired it before and it seemed to be working because when the button was pushed and the light came on, Ford would not do anything. After some investigating and prodding, Ford agreed to getting us the replacement glass at cost but insisting that I pay 20% of the cost. SInce it was not working when we bought the truck, we feel that the dealership should take care of the balance but Walt disagreed. He says that he has done his part and cannot eat a bill for a window for which "they fixed" before and was working for some time. I still stand behind Ford products but will never give this dealership another dime. This dealership is like so many others in that they have noproblem putting the consumer in the middle and washing their hands of issues that they should take care of. Buyer beware.

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  • Xx
      May 22, 2013
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    People trust me I know this dealership and staff well; I have leased and purchased 5 vehicles from them over 15 years without incident they are an excellent dealership with outstanding service before and after the sale. First of all I know the exact car "Rjpagane" is speaking of. This car is 17+ years old with mileage on it. When I saw it the Buyers Guide on the window stated "AS IS NO WARANTY" I have no doubt that "Rjpagane" knew and understood this prior to signing the deal (as I have known the sales staff as well as the entire management staff for years) Walt, Tracy and the rest of the sales staff wouldn't have closed the deal without "Rjpagane" knowing and understanding what "AS IS NO WARANTY" meant. Of course it's unfortunate that the car broke down far from home months after "Rjpagane" purchased it "AS IS" I also have no doubt "Rjpagane" isn't telling the truth after what I just explained. How can you expect a dealership to repair a 17+ year old car they sold "AS IS" and (the Buyer understanding "AS IS") at their expense. Here's what I think happened; "Rjpagane" saw the car at a cheep price and wanted to show off to his friends and co-workers "Look at me and what I can afford", " What do you drive; look what I drive I'm better than you" when in fact he couldn't afford a newer Corvette. He thought he'd buy a 17+ year old car just to satisfy his ego. Now he's mad because no one will flip the bill for his ego trip he couldn't afford and probably shouldn't have bought in the first place. "Rjpagane" DON'T BLAME THE DEALERSHIP FOR YOUR BAD JUGEMENT AND EXPECT THEM TO PAY FOR YOUR EGO TRIP THAT HAS GONE BAD. All just to show off to your friends; BLAME YOURSELF NOT THE DEALERSHIP.
    As far a "jwayte" How long do you expect people to flip the bill for your "used" car certified or not(makes no difference) 5, 10 years down the road from now? Get serious Walt went the extra mile once can't expect him and the dealership to pay for issues with your "used" car the entire time you own it. Your issue is now with Ford not the Dealer. You signed the Service contract with Ford not Walt or the dealership. If Ford tells Benson they will not cover a part then they will not cover a part. The contract doesn't say "Benson Service Contract" it reads Ford "ESP" Service Contract. "Jwayte" step up to the plate grow a pair and pay your share as you agreed when you signed the service contract. STOP BLAMING THE WRONG PEOPLE The issue is between you and Ford as I said GROW UP and GROW A PAIR and take responsibility as an ADULT.
    People these two guys are IDIOTS trust me. Benson Lincoln Mercury in Whitehall on Route 51 in Pittsburgh Pa is an excellent dealership with outstanding service before and after the sale, Don't believe a word from these IDIOTS they are posting lies>

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