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Do not rent from this property management company. Their apartments are ridden with bedbugs, mice and black mold and god knows what else. They won`t fix anything in the suites or their buildings either but don`t have a problem jacking up the rents. They also don`t tell new tennants about the problems in their buildings. They just keep renting out these dirty filthy suites and will blame the tennants for the problems in the suites. They are also racist. Since about November or December 2014 I have had to keep putting my furniture etc. in the middle of the living room, pack up all my stuff which is all sitting in the kitchen due to bedbugs in other suites. They keep telling me it is for preventative measures. Well, I am sick of my life being disrupted this way. No one should have to live like this. I work out of town and I have to keep coming home to this as well as mouse ### in my apartment. These people should be sued for false advertising claiming their suites are clean and well maintained. Yeah right. Do not rent from them. Ayre & Oxford in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. From Laurie Sing

Sep 16, 2014
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  • Rl
      Sep 23, 2015

    I have lived in this company's whyte manor building for almost a year. In this short period of time I have experienced many different things which I will list below. The first bad experience I had encountered was that the company has failed to transfer my name to the lease, and take my roomates fathers name off, to this day they still have failed to proceed with this, offering up no information as to why, and failing to acknowledge this as a mistake that needs to be fixed. My heat stopped working in January of 2014 and still has not been fixed, it is now the end of September 2015. Not a thing has been done nor has the problem even been acknowledged. My bath tub started running and it took them two months to come repair, they made a huge hole in my wall by my front door(where you can actually see into the sweet below), and have not been back to patch it back up. The apartment manager has never stopped by to pick up my rent (after making arangements due to conflicting work schedule) nor does he have a mailbox or secure place as to where I can deliver my check for rent. He later delivers me a notice with a late fee, when he didn't show up for our agreed upon time. It is next to impossible to contact him. I can leave him ten messages and never get a single response. On another occasion my power completely went out in the early afternoon, I was told by epcore that all I needed was for a breaker to be flipped which the manager was the only one who had access to. I called him to ask him to do this for me, and he did not show up for over 24 hours, by that time everything in my fridge and freezer had dethawed or rotted and needed to be thrown away. This led to a fly infestation that was nearly impossible to get rid of, and another pricey grocery bill. They do not keep up with cleanliness of the hallways or any other part of the building. There is constantly dirt and garbage strewn in the stair wells, it's never vacuumed or cleaned. On the far side of the building in the stair well is basically four floors of graffiti all over the walls that has never been painted over. There have also been many nights when I have literally had to crawl over sleeping homeless people to get to my apartment. This once happened to me during broad daylight, at three pm in the afternoon while I was leaving for work. A few months back I received a notice telling me one of the sweets in my building was infested with bed bugs, and they were coming in with an exterminator to check all sweets, spray the ones infested, and dust the ones that were not to prevent the bed bugs from migrating. They came in told me we did NOT have any of these disgusting parasites, and also that they had powdered my apartment. They explained they would be back in a few weeks to do a follow up. Not only did they never proceed with a flow up but I am now suffering severe allergic reactions due to a bed big infestation. I don't believe they even bothered to take the time to complete the powdering, seeing as we are now infested. They refuse to take action when it comes to tenant problems, or repairs, and refuse accountability for their actions. This company has been nothing but a hassle and they are putting the safety and health of myself as well as many others at risk. Please spread this around and never get involved with renting from this company, as they are inept, and don't care about their clientele.

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  • He
      Sep 29, 2016

    Ayre Oxford is the most dysfunctional Property Management company that one could employ to take care of your condo management administration.
    They jump through hoops for Tenants and Landlords but ignore the needs of the actual owners who live in the Condo building. Do they interact with the Condominium Board of Directors - absolutely not and Roseanne Evans is one of the worst in the A & O organization. A & O ignore the enforcement of Condominium Bylaws and the Board of Directors constantly has to push to get them to enforce the Bylaws. It is such a struggle to work with A&O. We are considering self management, as we could hire some pretty competent people to administer the Condominium and enforce the bylaws. We would get better value for the couple of hundred thousand dollars that we spend on the useless, dysfunctional, pathetic A&O folks.
    Avoid Ayre Oxford like the plague.

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