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ok so i ordered the avenue a535 rims from wheels next a drop shipper/dealer for wheels next . so it took 25 plus days to get the rims delivered to me first off, i install them on my car and before i get to the end of my driveway half of the wheel weights fell off so on their maiden voyage already out of balance . So this spring i get my car ready for the season, spring detailing, tire cleaning etc and the clear coat has peeled off the rims and the rims are coroding, the recessed lettering is already falling off, and "chrome" lug nuts are rusting, these rims look horrible . so i email wheels next and they say to send them pictures so they can submit it for warranty and i get a resonse ... because i took pictures of my rims on a dirt driveway this voids the warranty and the rims arent designed for offroad use ... are you kidding me !!! since when does driving down a driveway void rim warranties ? they told me the rims are meant to be used for off road use, mind you my tiburon has 2&1/2 " inches not feet of clearance so how much off road driving could i possibly do ? i will never ever reccomend to anyone to purchase these rims poor product, poor customer service and the biggest waste of $800 i have ever spent !!!

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      3rd of Feb, 2016

    I too have the same issue with my avenue wheels. I didn't have an issue with shipping, as mine arrived fairly quickly. About 6-8 months later, when I was cleaning the wheels, then I noticed that the clear coat was coming off on the center caps and also around the outer edge of the wheel. I didn't attempt to go through the warranty process because I knew I would be wasting my time. I am going to get rid of these and purchase something name brand that is know for high quality standards. Don't ever go with Avenue wheels, they are cheap and I don't think the wheels are true in regards to balance.

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