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I made an appt with Tiffany Nichols of Autumns Elite Doodles, to see one of her Golden Doodle puppies on Saturday, 21, 2018 at 11am.  I arrived 15 minutes early.  I drove an hour to get there.  I rang the bell and waited, but no answer.  I heard dogs barking…so I walked around the side yard, calling hello, in hopes of finding her.  She came from the front of the house screaming "Hello, Hello, " In an aggressive tone.  I thought perhaps she was a neighbor.  I said:  "It's ok; I have an appointment to see a puppy."  She started to yell at me:  "You have to go; You have to go; You have to go."  I immediately started to walk back to my car, because I knew this woman was acting irrationally.  "She continued to yell at me … that I shouldn't be walking around her property."  I opened my car door to leave, but she held the door…and invaded my personal space, continuing to yell at me.  I asked her to let go of my car door, and she yelled that "I was on her property." To that I responded.  "You asked me to leave; I am trying to leave."  She continued to yell at me.  I calmly said:  "May I please leave Ma'am?"  She finally let go of my door, and I drove away.  I was shaken, and shocked by her behavior.   I would never buy a puppy from this person.  She did not act like a normal rational person.

Apr 25, 2018
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      May 11, 2018

    I considered not even acknowledging this review but I would like to clarify a few things. First of all, there was no business whatsoever conducted between myself ( Autumns Elite Doodles) and Ms. Rodriguez .. Ms. Rodriguez attempted to file a formal complaint on me with the BBB and it was immediately closed. Ms. Rodriguez is angry because I asked her to leave my property and I did not allow her to adopt one of my puppies. It is true that she made an appointment at 11:00 on that Saturday. I remember getting the puppies ready.. making sure they were ready to meet guests. I also made copies of my Sires OFA health certifications and copies of my Dams pedigree which was requested by Ms.Rodriguez .. this was to prove Good OFA history for mom. In response to moms OFA.. I explained that her X-rays were scheduled for May.. these X-rays have to be done at certain life cycles and she would be going in May. After I got all the paperwork and puppies ready I went to get ready myself. I had plenty of time before my appointment or so I thought. I'm not certain what time Ms.Rodriguez arrived.. it may have been around 10:30 maybe 10:40.. I keep my phone with me all the time and if someone is early for an appointment they usually will call/text me to ask if they can come early or just that they will arrive early. Obviously this did not happen! I heard one of my dogs bark and it occurred to me that someone may be here... so I got my self together and walked out my front door to see if anyone was there.. I saw no one ... I proceed to walk around to my driveway and I found an empty jeep. There was no one there. That was a scary feeling. We have folks over all the time that we are meeting for the first time. I did not know how many people or where they were.. not a good feeling. I started saying hello.. hello.. no one answered. Then between my garage and my privacy fence up walks Ms. Rodriguez .. She said "they are expecting me".. I told her that I was expecting Ms. Rodriguez at 11:00.. I looked at my phone and the time was 10:45.. that was after she had told me that she had been through my garage and crossed through two fences and approached my adults dogs without my presence, knowledge, or permission. I asked Ms. Rodriguez to leave at that moment. I had no interest in letting her adopt one of our puppies. She says it herself.. she was early.. she wondered and plundered my property and went through two fences to approach my adult dog without my presence, knowledge, or permission. Ms. Rodriguez is angry and this is why she is trying to discredit me. She has disrespected me, my family, my home, my property and my dogs. Ms. Rodriguez conducted herself poorly and resulted to calling me names before she left my home. She is angry because she drove an hour and I would not allow her to adopt a puppy from us. All she had to do is call or text me to tell me she was going to be early for her appointment or even that she was at my home. All this could have been avoided unless this was all apart of her plan. I have no idea. I do know that I have every right to ask her to leave my property and so do you!

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      Apr 27, 2019

    Today I saw a beautiful Golden Doodle and asked the owner where he purchased the dog. He told me Autumn Elite so I immediately perused the website and then looked for reviews. When I read the above review from Ms. Rodriguez, I thought her story sounded plausible. When I travel from a distance, I usually arrive early to make sure I don’t get lost or run into traffic. I could imagine myself being so excited about a new puppy that I would go on to the door early and I too would probably roam around back looking for someone. I also can understand the owner’s concern UNTIL she realized Ms. Rodriguez had an appointment. After that, I believe Ms. Rodriguez should have been given the benefit of the doubt. To just immediately throw her off the property sort of seems like the owner had something to hide. I was all ready to look into a purchase after I saw the Golden Doodle today but reading this just feels like something is off to me. Just a gut feeling, women’s intuition or something doesn’t pass the smell test.

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      Jun 11, 2019

    @Amabella To the person who left this comment regarding Autumns Elite Doodles. I regret that you take this review with any validity. After meeting one of our Beautiful Goldendoodles and taking time to get our information, I find it disturbing that Mrs. Rodriquez convinced you with her angry complaint that we have something to hide. We meet every person that adopts from us .. in many cases more than twice. We never ship our puppies and our parents are ALWAYS available to meet. We are very transparent in our process and we are thorough in explaining how we raise and care for our puppies. Our dogs are all registered and in optimal health. We work closely with our veterinarian and we have more than two decades of experience. I can offer you many references from wonderful families that have adopted from us over the years. Many families that have adopted one or more of our awesome puppies follow us at autumns.elite.doodles on Instagram. You are welcome to our home to meet us, our puppies and parents. We are happy to plan a visit with you. We do not allow folks to randomly walk or wonder our property that we do not know personally in order to prevent the possibility of spreading diseases that new puppies can be highly susceptible to. We have a very large area to greet and welcome families where they can interact with our puppies and parents indoors and outdoors.

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