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This company routinely takes listings from classified websites and loads them into Google Base. This results in someone who uses Google Maps to click on a link for property at this address, and to be taken to the website.

They trick the Google Base system by falsely listing themselves as the broker and or agent for the property. At no time are they the agent for the property. This is in violation of California DRE code which prohibits more than 1 agent on a property and falsely claiming that you are in fact the agent.

The person who clicks on a Google Maps property and that ends up on website is then told that the property in question is rented or no longer available. They are then shown homes by paying customers of who have paid to have their apartments listed on their website.

So in summary, is spamming Google Maps across thousands of addresses to syphon off traffic to their website which then pitches their own customers homes.

To achieve this, they must lie that they are the agent for the home (per Google Base/Maps legal department), and that they are the broker for the home which is in violation of California DRE (Department of Real Estate) law.

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  • Tu
      Jan 10, 2014

    Apartmenthunterz markets itself as a premier property research tool. With statements such as; " you will not hear «sorry it's rented»", "if it's vacant, it's listed with us". All a joke, all a lie. They steal house listings from other sites such as craigslist, market them as their own and then charge you a $49 fee to get the detailed information, address and landlord contact information. Lucky for me and my husband we did our due diligence on the house they had listed before we got sucked in to paying their fee. We found the address for the house we were interested in on google earth, searched it and found out it was an old craigslist post. When following up with the phone number on the craigslist post we discovered the house had already been rented several months before. This was after apartmenthunterz online chat with Susan guaranteed me the house was vacant and ready to move in. Do yourself a favor and stay far far away from these scammers.

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  • Fo
      Jun 16, 2014

    This exact thing happened to my property. They stole my ad from another website, took MY pictures and put their logo on it, and reduced the price of our rental and assigned a Leasing Agent who is not affiliated with our property. They are stealing and falsifying information to redirect apt seekers to their other paid ads. This place should be shut down for their unethical practices!

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