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Anita Kleinow / SOCIOPATH! has no regard for anyone

1 Yucca Valley, CA, United States Review updated:

She plays the victim, plays on your sympathy.
But, boy is she mean!!
Acting on her best behavior?
it's just that!...ACTING. but she can't keep up the act for long...
Just long enough to wreak havoc in your life.



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  • Ju
      31st of Dec, 2008

    If someone wrongs you how does it help to bad rap them. If someone hurts or rips you off or whatever the case, does it really help to sit and talk bad of them and complain? All it does is create tension and strife, and by-golly don't we have enought of that. Forgive Anita and move on. Pray for her and let God touch her heart. Most of all, do yourself a favor and love instead of being is so short, it really is like a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow, so why not use what little time we have to love instead of hate, regardless of what people do to us.

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  • An
      11th of Sep, 2010

    I am 16 and Anita is my grandma. I lived with her for 3months over summer and she was loving, and proudly took care of me and 2 more of her grand children.
    My grandma, Anita, has to be the most amazing person I know. She taught me soo much and has a great deal of accomplishments in her life. I wanted to google her and show my friends her accomplishments and her work with Gumby and what a wonderful person she is and the first thing that pops up is all the garbage you wrote.
    Aparently were related, but the only one trying to be in my life is her and shes made such an impact on me. Its disgusting that you have to air your dirty laundry, on the web to the public just to feel better and hope that people agree with you.
    I love her and it hurts that this is what comes up about her on the internet. What ever she did to you, you should forgive and forget and pray that she can forgive you too.
    This seems to all be about money and thats not worth loseing family over...
    only a pathetic, jealous, money-hungrey, selfish person would throw there sister on the street to be homless, and write volumes of why she's the bad person.
    I'm not saying that what you write are lies, but there has to be a more professional, mature way you could handle your issues.
    You ... suck.

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