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As a gift, my aunt prepaid $100 for a 4 hour deep clean of my home. Angel Bossi came the week of December 14, 2010 stayed for one hour. Did a very poor job, leaving rugs on my kitchen table, failed to clean 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, the living room, and playroom. She came very late, and because the floor was wet we had to wait until 8pm to make dinner. She said she would return the first saturday after the new year, she did not. I left her a voicemail to which she never responded. She did answer a text admitting she owed me the 3 hours and even offered to watch my kids. But, she never called back and nor refuses to return my aunt's $75. She even called the Police because I kept emailing her telling her she needs to refund the money. I have since found out that she is not licensed, insured, bonded, nor does she have a tax receipt, so obviously she doesn't pay taxes.

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  • Si
      22nd of Mar, 2011

    Ummm... it's called COMPLAINTS board. How long has she been cleaning your home? You must be a new client, or probably Angel herself or a friend, Jessica. I have had three other women contact me in regards to her work, all wishing they had complained publicly. One woman in Merrit Island claims Angel either lost or stole an earring! Believe it or not, it's a complaint, and an honest one.

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  • Si
      23rd of Mar, 2011

    Hahaha, Hi Angel, Jessica, or Randy Smith, good one. There's nothing unprofessional about letting other people know what a scammer YOU are! Amd, again, this is exactly the place to post a COMPLAINT. I don't even know you personally, so there's noting personal about it. You took money from elderly widowed woman living on a fixd income, and did not complete the task you were hired for. Period. Plain and simple. I usually do have great days, since my conscience is clear and my kharma is clean.

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  • Si
      23rd of Mar, 2011

    Okay, "Randy", I am unsubscribing from this thread now. You are the one attacking me, I have no issue other than Angel stole money from my elderly widowed aunt who lives on a fixed income. I hope you are not confusing this issue with a mental or physical handicap, because that would be terribly insensitive and judgemental. Having no personal knowledge of you, I think you are the one who might benefit from some lessons in boundaries and healthy relationships if you think it appropriate to insult someone simply for providing the public with an accurate account of their dealings with a business owner. This is obviously very personal and painful for you, almost as if you were the owner herself. If you don't like what I wrote, go to Angie's list and post a positive review, don't attack some one with a legitimate complaint on a COMPLAINT website. Perhaps, you need help in finding your glasses? By the way, this complaint was posted in January, haven't you anything better to do than someone else's bidding? Unless of course you are the one against whom the complaint was logged, and I do believe it is you Angel. Your writing style, attitude, and vocabulary are similar to these posts. So, I DO have better things to do than rehash some disagreement over $75 that occurred over 3 months ago. Get a life.

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  • Me
      20th of May, 2011

    Woolie Mollie or whatever your name is I was looking up a few companies on here and just so happened to look up Angel Wings and saw a complaint. As a person has the right to complain about a service I as a consumer has the right to disagree. Scroll the screen down to where it says Post your Comment...It says clearly and verbatim here it is..."Your attitude towards Complaint" Agree- Neutral or disagree. Obviously this site likes the rebuttals...I say disgruntled employees do this because of exactly you...You prove my point...I find it odd how you say you had your house cleaned in like December and it is now May...that is really wierd how someone that recieved a bad service of $100 and they still ponder that 5 months later. What is even creepier is that I just made that post and within 10 mins you were on here commenting ( again comment was from same person that recieved a cleaning in December 2010...You obviously have your phone set to automatically let you know when a post is made... Proof will be when you make the response to this post...(LOOK BELOW PEOPLE WITHIN 10 MINS THIS CUSTOMER FROM SO CALLED DECEMBER 2010 WILL HAVE MADE A POST. It is obvious you are a disgruntled employee because there is not a normal person in this world that 5 months later would still be pondering $100 or even worse get updated notifications when the post is made... AGAIN ANGEL WINGS CLEANING has cleaned my house for a long time now...Right now she is sooo booked it is hard for me to get an appointment with her... SO EVERYONE PLEASE JUDGE FOR YOURSELF...

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  • Yo
      1st of Jan, 2012

    Angel came out looked arou d and did an estimate. I agreed to have her clean the next week. Not happy at all. The house cleanin was extremely rushed and detail was not taken. Was told by owner Angel that she had to get to other clients. After explaining why I was unhappy. She said she was at my house for 4 hours. Per our alarm door enrty log it was 45 minutes. One person cant clean a 4/2 house that quick. My corners still had webs. She said she would come back and redo it, but never answered my calls.

    Rugs not moved
    Kitchen baseboards not vacuumed (cabinet meets floor)
    Dusted around items
    Fans not even touched

    I could go on but this was a waste of money. She says she takes credit cards, but that's with Paypal and you have to pay the fee.

    Best advise stay away! Also, she flaunts that she cleans for attorneys, dr's, nurses, ect. Why does their profession matter? Does that make them better than others?

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  • Sh
      2nd of Jan, 2012

    I know for a fact that the complaint above is false and you are apparently the same individual from the above posts just using different names to bash her company. It seems as if you have NOTHING better to do with your day but spend it harrassing the owner on a daily basis, ANYONE ( past employees) which EVERYONE knows you are can come on here and say anything they want the fact of the matter here is I personally know the owner and she cleans my house and does an exceptional job! Not only that but her business has grown and she has taken on employees which are very well trained. The owner takes pride in her work and goes above and beyond for her clients . Your post does NOT bother me nor her I am sure because we all know anyone can come on this board and bash anyone. It's a new year, I would suggest making a new years resolution to find something better to do with your time . The owner is a caring, loving and professional individual especially for her age she is doing quite well for herself and her company.


    Ps) no need to write back with a different name In a cold mths pretty sure we all get the point :-)
    Happy New Year!!

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  • De
      21st of Feb, 2012

    shes just inexperienced...obviously no training.

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  • Mr
      28th of Feb, 2012

    I had Angel clean 2 weeks ago, she is not good. I was not happy and will not have her back.

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  • Si
      11th of Oct, 2012

    Why would anyone come to this site to "bash" anyone else? That is ridiculous.
    I am the original poster. And, Lady, I will forever "ponder" how some one who touts her services as being :"based off referrals" [sic] could straight up steal! If my posting the orig msg. could have saved these three, then it was well worth it. Hopefully, others viewed it before and were saved.

    Angel is a THIEF. You have four people here complaing of her sub-par work, and one - me- calling her an outright thief.

    Angel does not have employees. Even if she did, what the hell did she do to her employee to cause such a detailed and critical complaint? And, if these replies, and the three she deleted where she attacked me, a former client, are any indication of a work ethic, then she most certainly deserves the complaint. You don't reatr your employees like garbage, and you NEVER blame the customer. Especially if you were paid to perform work that you never finished, i.e. YOU STOLE.

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