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I am in the process of finding stock for my online store. I decided to do some private labelling. That is, I decided to seek out suppliers who will put your label on a generic product. Basically, you would be creating your own brand name. I did this with herbal products and several other products of various kinds. I decided to carry a whey protein and sports nutrition line so I contacted American Pure Whey, paid the 1500 US fee and chose my products for private labelling. Now based on the labels that were placed on my herbal supplements that were procured from another company and based on what any reasonable person would expect, I looked forward to seeing a properly done label that would not look like some cheap photo shop. When the Sales manager from American Pure Whey emailed me the photos of the labels that were to go on my so called private label products, the images I saw gave me an instant head ache.
My friends, all they did was to stick my logo onto their established labels in a fashion that showed no concern for presentation and little regard for artistic sanity. Now I am not an unreasonable person and believe me, I am by no means hard to please, but if I felt compelled to visit this forum to tell my story, you know that the images had to be atrocious. Now I made my feelings known to the sales manager. I emailed him and in no uncertain terms told him the labels were piss poor. Well he responded as one would expect in today's world of poor customer service and asked me what I expected for my 1500 dollars. Now if I had not previously seen my labels for the herbal supplements, then he may have been able to convince me that this is what one gets when private labelling. Fortunately for me, I have seen what other private label companies are capable of doing to please the client. When dealing with the other company I procured the herbal supplements from, I was able to make changes to the label design without any drama and without any extra cost.

As it stands I am supposed to get a refund next week. I will see how that goes and will keep this forum informed. If anyone doubts what I am saying in relation to how poorly these labels are, feel free to reach me at [protected] so I can forward the images to yah. Meanwhile I wait to see about my refund next week and I continue searching for a private label for sports nutrition products.

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  • Ch
      6th of Jun, 2011

    1. Lost My Room Reservation
    2. Rude Deskclerk-told me there were no other Rooms available, then cut me off and called another Customer to her window.
    3.Assigned Room 917 A -however the Bathroom was not cleaned and filth from the previous occupant was still evident
    4.As a 5 year member of their Player's Club with 5600 points, I have always been able to get my room "comped"
    but suddenly my points had vanished ? Leaving me with a negative balance.
    5 Ordered 2 Movie Rentals and only one aired
    6. Complained to Manager who just nodded her head but looked bored. She said nothing.

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  • Sh
      16th of Jun, 2011

    The worst tailor I have ever experience in sg. I am a person who like tailored made stuff cause I like things to be customized.I have been to many tailors and they have their own flaws but what I cannot stand about ai lee tailor located at seah yim food center is his cheating business tactic.on my first day at the shop I was impressed with his way of pushing business and acting very busy with many orders and giving promises of doing a good job.I trusted his with my $100 dollar worth of pants. He took all the measurements and even told me tat tailoring is the best.leaving his shop trusting that he will do a good job, I came back for collection aft 2weeks.he kept pushing me to try the tailored pants at home cause he does not hv a changing room and refused to allow me to try at the toilet of the hawker center. To my rude shock, wen i tried he had actually made my waist size of 28 to 30.5.that was such a obvious mistake and he nicely claim he didn't write down the measurements cause he was too busy.aft I brought it back for amendments, he didn't call me back as he claim.I had a hard time chasing for him regards to my pants. He never keep his promises and he feels no wrong about tailoring the wrong size.instead wen I collected back my pants, he make me wait an hour and said he is already doing me a favor.I was shocked by his behavior totally different from what he had potraid before collecting the payment in full.I trusted him and paid the full amt upon pants collection even before trying and tats my biggest mistake.I strongly advise all out there not to be taken in my his initial customer service and cheap costing.he can really drain u eventually.try the other shops for god's sake.

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  • Sh
      25th of Jun, 2011

    I will furnish you the details below which i had sent as mail

    from shafi noor [protected]
    to nodalofficer.[protected],
    aircelsocialmedia <[protected]>
    date Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 3:38 PM
    subject Poor customer care response

    hide details 3:38 PM (50 minutes ago)

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Today i called to customer care executive by dialing 198 for a compliant on address proof mismatch for my number and my fathers number.

    My number : 9788604849
    My Father's number : 9750773703

    My number was in the name of Elumalai and my father's number is in the name of Dhakshanamoorthy in your records. But it should be in the name of Shafiullah for my number and Noorbasha for my fathers number. With the mail i recieved from Appellate on friday i was to submit following details to Aircel office @ Coimbatore

    Proof of Identity & Address submitted while availing the connection.
    Last Recharge Date & Value
    Frequently called numbers

    My question to your customer care executive was when i had given my proof to get the simcard how can it get changed. I also mentioned i had the bill copy of the purchase of simcard. I had purchased it from Gautham and Gautham Agencies, Villupuram on Dec 20, 2006. From that time i am using this card. I didn't got any call from aircel for any address proof verification. The executive(not fit for that word) who attended my call today at 1:54 pm heared all what i said and just cut my call suddenly. Then i spoke to another executive called Jay(not fit for this job) trying again and asked for the details of person who had answered my previous call for giving you compliant. He said we dont provide that facility. Then i mention the problem i had with MNP. Then said to him i had called for complaining about address proof mismatch. But he was not listening to what i am saying he is mentioning if you want to do MNP these are the following steps..blah blah blah...I got irritated bec he was not listening to what i am saying and harshly said listen to me...he too scolded in local language and cut the call...

    So i am writing my compliant to you now. Please take it forward.

    I am really worried about who will having the simcard with our address proof. If someone misuses it then problem will be for ours. So kindly check your database by who had got connection on the same date in our name and ask them to update their address proof.

    I am ready to give compliant in court because this is a sensitive issue.

    I will scan the bill copy of my purchase of simcard and send it to you by monday or tuesday.

    Request : Please port out my number soon to airtel i had raised the request on May 13 and got rejected twice. I had raised again. Waiting for your response.


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  • Gj
      30th of Jun, 2011

    Andersen seems to be run like most insurance companies. The policy is to deny, deny, deny and hope you give in. We had patio door issues with a brand new Andersen door. Our installer had us call Andersen the day he installed it, so we called and were told the Andersen rep would call us right back. But after repeated calls to Andersen, they never did. Each time we called we had to go through their bogus "troubleshooting" process, which is basically a customer service rep reading out of a binder.

    When we asked why we had to go through this process over and over, they said it was required. We asked if our previous responses were in the "notes" on our previous requests for help and each rep said that they were but we still had to answer the questions yet again to receive any help - even though we had received none to this point.

    Funny, on the first two calls, they said it was probably a problem with the new Fibrex sliding patio door that Andersen just started carrying. But on the third call, giving the same answers to the questions, our third customer service rep said "Your door is out of level. It's my conclusion that this is a faulty install." But when we told them we had already checked the door for level on previous calls, including our original call when the installer was here and it was still level their response was "Nope. It's out of level. It's a faulty install." WHAT? This is how you "troubleshoot"? I think it's misleading to call this a "troubleshooting" process when you obviously never really intend to do anything or help anyone.

    So now to have an Andersen rep come out they would need our credit card but "not to worry", they wouldn't charge us $151 if they determined that the door was defective. So we tried to get some support from Home Depot, who called Andersen. Home Depot said that to have an Andersen rep come out it would now cost $187. WOW. I need to stop calling people for help. Every time I pick up the phone the price goes up! Plus, after not really trusting the validity of the Andersen troubleshooting process and changing customer service stories would there be any way THEIR rep will be objective? At this point, it actually sounds like they are shaking me down for an additional $200. So on top of the original cost of the door (over $1, 000) I'd up paying another $200 for them to blame the installer? Funny, my installer offered to show up and meet the Andersen rep at my home anytime for free. (At least he appreciates my business.)

    Who works this way? You just sold me a door that doesn't work correctly. First you promised me help and didn't deliver. Then you said you might offer come "conditional" help but it would cost me and additional $200. You've changed your story on every phone call. And now, I should give you my credit card number and you say "trust you"? I thought I ALREADY trusted you when I spent over $1, 000 with your company over every other option available to me. It's too bad you don't see it that way. And it's become rapidly apparently that my trust as a consumer was sadly misplaced.

    I had already picked out new Andersen replacement windows for my entire house but I think I'll start looking for a company with local support who appreciates my business instead. Maybe if I were a builder buying 10, 000 units Andersen would care but I get the impression from customer service that I'm just one guy buying one door and customers like that aren't really worth their time. If you're an average Joe like me and want to rely on your Andersen warranty, you'll need to give them your credit card to use it. And even then, the only thing guaranteed about the entire process is that you'll be out an additional $200. That's not a warranty. That's just bad business.

    Andersen, my installer recommended you as a company he's used for over 25 years. We both want to know, what the heck happened to you?

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  • Ci
      12th of Jul, 2011

    Ordered a digital camera on June 23. On June 30, they called to "verify" my address and told me it would ship on July 5. I explained I was leaving the country July 21 and needed to be sure it would arrive on time. On July 12, I called to check the order status, and was told it hadn't shipped yet, and that it was out of stock. I told them this was new information for me and that I had been given a ship date of July 5. They cancelled my order---but now I don't have time to order another camera from somewhere else online and have already purchased extra batteries for this model. Watch out with these guys...they do not tell the truth.

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  • Ir
      14th of Jul, 2011

    I purchased almost $500 in golf equipment from this company, online. After a long day out of town (Sea World), we returned home at 2AM and found a Fed Ex delivery sticker on our front door. There was, however, no package found. I called Fed Ex at that late hour to see from whom the delivery came and learned it was one of the items in my order from DW Quail golf, but that had apparently been drop-shipped from their supplier in Los Angeles. It was clear that either Fed Ex didn't actually leave the package, or someone unfortunately got their hands on it before I, and I had been victimized by theft. It happens. I sat down at almost 2:30AM and wrote an almost apologetic email to David Quail, owner of DW Quail.
    I explained the situation in my email, even allowing for the possibility of re-purchasing the item that I'd suspected had been swiped, I did not necessarily insist that the item be reshipped at their cost, but did explain that Fed Ex would not be able to confirm with their driver until that Tuesday that in fact, a package had been left.

    A couple days later, I did get confirmation from Fed Ex that yes, they had left a package. I let Mr. Quail know last night in an email and a voicemail that yes, a package had been left and I'd asked how we were going to deal with this situation. The email'ed response I'd received from Mr. Quail was: "were not going to ship any thing else and we are refunding you in full". I had to re-read the email...I couldn't believe the arrogance. Ok, fine. This is how he feels...he's entitled. A shame, but he's entitled. When I called to ask for confirmation that the card was, in fact, being refunded in full, I was literally hung up on. I was hung up on a few times untill finally, after my 4th call, the man said "you stole from me, f-cker". He then hung up yet again. I had to call back several times...I was looking for an emailed confirmation that my credit card would be refunded in full, and I was not going to stop calling until I'd received same. The best way I can describe my interaction with this company..which amounts to dealing with Mr. David surreal. It's hard to fathom the Jekyll and Hyde personality that is this man. it's almost impossible to expound enough in the post the extent to which this experience was upsetting...and offensive...and just horribly wrong. It took repeated calls to this man, calls that had to deteriorate to street level exchange, to get him to send an email confirming his intent to refund my credit card. And to be indicted as thief, in no uncertain terms, after having been victimized BY a thief, is just plain inappropriate and wrong. This business markets exclusively via the internet and their rating is a "C" on the BBB. This is tantamount to " buyer beware!" My experience with this man is that he is not right...something is not right when person makes business personal. This is a loose cannon, at its truest definition. I encourage anyone who is considering purchasing from this entity to please call me first...I will do a better job of elaborating verbally than I probably am in this post, as I am extremely upset at this moment. My name is Ira and my number is: 619 453 5330
    It is incredulous to me that a businessman...allegedly...would deal with anyone the way I've been dealt with. I strongly recommend that anyone considering buying from this company be fully prepared for prepared for heartache, grief, aggravation and irrational behavior with respect to any customer service related matter. Do yourself a one needs, or deserves, what I got doing business with David Quail of DW Quail golf. Their website is Take my adivse...steer clear of this operation!

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