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I made a call to the service center last Tuesday, May 4, asking to have my refrigerator repaired. The man who answered the phone and supposedly took my information stated that the service team would be at my house on Friday, May 7.

Knowing how inefficient most service centers are in the Philippines, I called again on the said date, Friday, May 7. To my disappointment, the woman on the line told me that there was no record of my request. I was fuming mad, and to make things worse, the woman did not even apologize. She simply stated, in the vernacular, "they will be there on Tuesday."

So flash-forward to Tuesday, May 11. I called up again. After patiently waiting for 10 minutes (not to mention being tortured by their annoying jingle) some guy named Jeff (who also happens to be in charge) says that they cannot repair my refrigerator today because their technicians' son or daughter is sick. Okay. Not a bad excuse. But I wish they could have had the courtesy of calling me up earlier, and telling me that my fridge won't be repaired today.

Another thing: the manager (some useless tosser) isn't always around whenever I ask for him/her. It's like a bunch of imbeciles running this whole service center.

Compared to the efficiency of the Carrier Service Center, this one sucks eggs. Let's hope these useless tossers show up tomorrow as promised.

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  • Ed
      27th of Oct, 2011

    customer service of these compamies is poor. they cant find their head out of there anal area.a just dont care attitude, even when you call to confirm either they will lie to you or claim they have no ecord of your request

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  • Hi
      16th of Jan, 2012

    To Whom it may Concern..
    Im an applicant of American Home i Applied to American home Last 2 months ago and went in orientation and complied to that training of theirs, but its been january 16 yet i dont have a job that they told me, i really dont know if all of my other applicants got a job already, i havent recieved any text messages from them, to whom is reading this letter of mine im not mad right now but im very disappointed i always follow up for a slot at your company im showing efforts on how im serious at your company..i dont know if a manager of the american can read this or someone who is willing to help me out, i really need a job, hope that when someone read this kindly mention my complaints in your higher official at American Home Philippines, i will not mention their names but they know who they are..thank you

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  • Cu
      3rd of Sep, 2012

    Very poor customer service, just called American Home's office in quezon city requesting for a service center in Makati for my busted microwave oven, as advised by a certain Raquel Duca since microwave ovens are considered "small items" you have to bring it to their main office, without even trying to give the customer any convenient options...its as simple as "you have no choice", it's not their problem if the customer will be traveling all the way to Del Monte Quezon City from Makati...
    Lesson : Next time you purchase an appliance make sure the after sales service is as good as their marketing strategy...Will never buy an AMERICAN HOME brand ever again...

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  • Su
      27th of Dec, 2012

    The narrative on American Home is very well said. However, when it comes to after sales service, they failed. I bought a chest type freezer on installment for 18 months at Western Marketing. I still have 2 months to go before I finally complete the installment. However, the chest freezer is not freezing anymore on the 15.5-month. I called Western Marketing and they contacted American Home Service Center on 3rd week of November 2012. American Home contacted me on November 29 on the price of the charges for pull-out and system reproduction. On December 4, 2012. I sms American Home why no one is contacting us on the scheduling of pull-out of our chest type freezer. The night of December 4, 2012, Chef's Magic Trade Center, Inc. (American Home Authorized Service Center) pulled-out the chest freezer. On the night of December 13, 2012, the chest freezer was delivered to us saying it has been tested and working well. My maids were told that it should rest for 24 hours before the chest freezer can be plugged. On December 19, 2012, we plugged the unit and it's not freezing any water and is of the same status as the time the unit was pulled-out. I called the mobile number of American Home and no one was answering. On December 20, 2012, I called again and no one answered the phone. On December 21, 2012, after several rings, the phone went "subscriber can not be reached." therefore, I left an sms regarding the status of the chest freezer delivered last December 13, 2012. Thinking that they may all be on holidays, so I'm expecting for a return call on December 26, 2012. Since, there was no return call made by American Home, I called them up again and no one answers the call. Today, December 27, 2012, I called them up and still no one answers their mobile phone. I left an SMS saying "I've been calling you for days but no one is answering your mobile. What do you intend to do sa chest freezer na ni repair nyo, d chest freezer is not cooling at all. I will report this to American Home management if I don't hear from you today."

    I then called up Western Marketing to report the scenario. I was promised that she will contact American Home tomorrow morning.

    The mobile number used by American Home Service Center (Chef's Magic Trade Center, Inc.)Receptionist-Aileen to contact me was 0922-8573157. The Supervisor who signed and authorized the release of the repaired unit signifying that it has passed through their tests was J.MOSQUITE. Technician was RICHARD/EVAN.

    Indeed, very disappointing.

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  • Au
      5th of Jan, 2013

    I also had the same response from their office. I purchased american home air cooler, after weeks of using it, the motor suddenly isn't functioning well. I requested for home service because SM North is quite far away from my house and a taxi would cost much but they told me that the unit is cosidered a "small item". What?! I have to bring it all the way to the store and the item is 3ft tall.

    Very disappointing indeed.
    I will never buy any item with that brand ever again.

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  • Fl
      29th of Apr, 2013
    American Home - No list of service centres in the internet
    American Home

    Some of Filipinos are lucky to find a service cntre of American Home. I tried to find one in the internet, the result for Cebu was nothing. A company with this size should have an Internet page with al the information the customer needs. But it is like with the most of the filipino companies.

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  • Sa
      9th of Jan, 2014

    sa kinauukulan,
    Magandang araw po, sa inyo sa mga Managers and Bossing ng Company?
    AMERICAN HOME APPLIANCES PHILIPPINES Sana naman po ay Bigyan nyo ng Pansin ang
    Nagrereklamo sa Bawat Purchase ng Product nyo ay Bigyan Lunas ang mga Nasisirang Gamit
    Tulad ng L.E.D. Flat screen T.V., Refigarator, Micro wave, Torbo boiler, at iba pa? kung di nyo
    Bibigyan ng pansin ay masisira ang inyong Product Nakadisplay sa mga malls. Salamat po.

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  • Ro
      27th of Jun, 2014

    bought an air conditioner last april 2012.they Guaranteed a 5Yr warranty.maganda nmn kung gnun.after 6months ayaw n magon ng ac i reported it to puregold baliuag.dunko kc sa kanila binili.then after a month my nagpUnta n board dW ang Sira.after that puro followup n ang ginawa ko.d n cYa bumalik Para palitan ang ko my pinirmahan nmn ako nun n talaga ngpunta Cya Kaya Makikita nmn un s office nila n my pending repair S ac ko.After a lot of months followup n nmn.walang dumating for thE board replacement.gs2 ko gmitin this summer after 1.5 yr from my complaint.after 2 monthS my dumating n technician.d n nmn magagawa kc board dw ang prob.dati n kako prob un baket d cla nagdala.after a month of followup again sbi pupunta cla d2 pero need ko dw to pay 3000 pesos for the board.nakakairita p kc pasa pasa ng taong need ko kausapin hang s main office n ko tumawag.dti n prob ng ac ko uN bket d nila pinuntahan nung nacra 1.5 yr ago.Hindi n dw cover ng warranty ngyn kc 2014 n.5 yr ang warranty kako.compressor lang dw ang five yr nung msira sbi ko 6mos pa lng.cla ang ngkulang s serBisyo nila.cgro nmn kako my report s kanila nun n my nagpunta n technician d2 at need paliTaN ng board ang ac ko.Wala dw report s kanila.imposible kc my pinirmahan ako nun.ang sbi my kopya dw b ko nung pinirmahan kO n galing technician ko wala.kahit nmn ung huling nagpunta d2 last wk wala din binigay.Mga sinungaling cla.Nsa kanila ang mga reports Of complaints kaya deny n lang cla.sakit kayo ng ulo american home.nagcc ko.kc kalo ko matibay product nyo.hinDi n nga matibay panget p serbisyo nyo at sinungaling mga tao nyo.mga manloloko kayo.5Yrwarranty pingbabayad nyo ko.ang theme song nyo bagay s inyo.theres nothing like american home tlga.kc ngyn lang ngyri s akin ung gan2 sistema nyo.marupok n mga products nyo d nyo p ayusin serbisyo nyo.

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  • Ro
      13th of Sep, 2014

    I've been calling their service center for months now but unfortunately no one is answering the phone. i bought a A/C spit type inverter last April 2013. The unit stops working last March 2014. I called for service repair. Somebody came after a week to check and inform me that due to poor installation a leak was found from the tube connection. They said that they have to pull out the outdoor unit for repair. They inform me that they will come back to pull out the unit. Since it is still under warranty (which I assume that even if it is not under warranty it will be free of charge due to the defect was of their cause) they inform me it will not be charge. But until now September no one even inform me what happen, I have been calling their office but to no avail nobody is answering. Now I have a 36k pesos worth of A/C unit just rusting in the garage just because they have incompetent service provider.So piss of.

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  • Pa
      12th of Oct, 2015

    I have to concur to all of the above complainants. The warranty service for AMERICAN HOME products is the WORST I ever had to deal with. Unfortunately, the root cause is that that maker of this and other branded products is WHIRLPOOL Corp. USA. They have a contractual agreement with the Philippines Distributor to be the ONLY service agent for the product. Also, being a former appliance tech, I can understand the logic of that approach too. Philippines is NOT known to have skilled appliance techs! Since getting any reasonable results from Whirlpool Corp. is next to nil, I would love to see some small claims court cases against the distributor for the purchasers of the products that don't get good service.

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  • Oo
      26th of Oct, 2015

    american home, distributed by AHAM CORPORATION
    1 year and 2 months lang ang washing machine na nabili ko sira na, kala ko matibay at tatagal, badtrip tong brand na to paalala sa mga bibili ng brand na to mag isip muna kayo bago kayo bumuli, walang kwenta ang product pati mga tao nyo sa opisina walang kwenta. american home brand' sasayangin nyo lang pera nyo dto sa brand na to, try and tested na walang kwenta. bigay naman kayo magandang serbisyo. **** you

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  • Fe
      17th of Apr, 2016

    ung flat screen tv q is ok naman kaso yung aircon from american home na binile q last december 2015 is defective. 4 months pa lang ncra na dna lumalameg parang electric fan na lang. tas tinawagan ko ung service center nila. all i can say is their horrible!! na saknila na ung unit until now dpa binabalik. sana naman ayusen nla trabaho nila.

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  • Ly
      5th of Sep, 2016

    I dont know kung kailangan pang mag complaint kasi wala rin naman silang response sa complaint.Grabe sila hindi nila talaga inaasikaso yong tawag mo how many times na kami tumawag may nakakausap kami lagi nila sinasabi darating ng ganitong araw so maghihintay naman mag le leave sa work just for them tapos di darating.So better kung sa DTI na lang mag reklamo kasi wala ka talaga mapapala sa kanila isa pa paghihintayin ka nila ng matagal i hang nila yong phone tapos nagkukuwentuhan sila.American home wake up.

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  • Oh
      22nd of Jan, 2017

    Bought an American Home Microwave from S&R Cebu last September 2016. It's a display unit with no box so S&R already signified that any issue should be brought straight to the service center. Come November 2016 the unit can no longer heat up my food. I called CZAR APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER and was told to bring in the product with the receipt, which I did. Initial diagnosis was the magnetron must have been broken and will be replaced in a weeks time after the part is requisitioned from Manila, free of any charge. After a week, I was told the wrong part came in and therefore they have requested for the shipment of the correct magnetron and was told to wait for another week. I finally got a call from CZAR APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER that the unit can be picked up as it was already working. Unfortunately, 30 minutes later, I got an SMS saying the microwave won't heat up again and was informed that it's likely a board issue. They told me they will keep me posted as soon as they can change the board. A few weeks later, I was told the are having a hard time getting the right board and that's when I called the Manila office to request for a replacement instead as it's becoming a more cost-efficient option for everybody. The Manila office said they can only issue a replacement if the service center so advises. I called CZAR again to tell them to issue a replacement order already and they said they cannot unless the Manila Office says so. The process is very disappointing. They keep pointing me to and fro. At this time, the holidays were already around the corner and i was told by a certain MISS MARJORIE in the Manila office that she can have the approval signed by January 3, 2017, as soon as the heads are back from the holidays.

    During the second week of January 2017 I was told that the approval has already been forwarded to CZAR. And all I have to do is go to CZAR, get the broken microwave and the approval and then go to S&R, hand over the broken unit and the approval and get my replacement. First off, the process is so not customer-friendly. Second, as of this writing, January 23, 2017, CZAR still has not gotten the notice of approval of the replacement. I called the Manila office again and the girl who answered my call first looked up my complaint history and she told me that according to their records the microwave has already been replaced. I told her to not #### with me and instead give the phone to this MISS MARJORIE who is in charge of my case. Since the process is very frustrating and I can no longer identify if the problem is in the Cebu Service Center or with the Manila office, I just asked MARJORIE to take the telephone to her boss. And she told me the boss is not around but she was able to give me a mobile number of the Service Head, a certain MISS JOCELYN. I tried calling this JOCELYN and she can't even extend me the courtesy of taking my call. I left her an SMS and still no courtesy of a reply. By the looks of things, the problem is endemic to the company.

    CC: DTI

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  • Ja
      28th of Jun, 2017

    Pinapatagal niyo ang serbisyo niyo.. March nung nagstart akong ipagawa ang washing machine namin.. June na ngayon, until now wala pa kayong board na sinasabi niyo. which is una palang alam niyong yun ang sira pero hindi niyo sinabi.. Nagbayad na ako ng 4, 500 tapos ngayon magbabayad ako ulit ng 3, 500 for that board na 2months niyo ng sinasabi na may dadating na parts.. Kung di ako tumawag hindi kayo tatawag to update na wala padin kayong parts UNTIL NOW!!

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  • Ht
      21st of Jul, 2017

    Very poor customer service indeed, the hotline takes ages to connect, once connected, they promised to call or come but never did, it has been a week since I called, and the second call, promises, promises. I will never buy any American Home applicances anymore, not ever !!!

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  • Ms
      1st of Sep, 2017

    In May 2016, I bought a washer that from the moment I bought it never worked. Calling their repair center would result in empty promises of techs not showing up, then on the rare occasion they do show up, they show up unscheduled and unannounced. Back to the washer story, they finally figured out that my washer was defective and we were set to return it and receive a new one. This is July 2017 and mind you, I never once was able to wash a single thing since it was purchased. The kicker is, when they finally installed the new unit, kudos to them for replacing it (but I had one employee who's full time job was to follow up with them). To top it all off, when they delivered the "new" unit it was old (evidenced by rust marks, scratches and dirt inside). That's not all, when I requested their tech, name is Dennis Hoya, to stay until the one test cycle was finished, he refused. Then I told him, if he refused to test it then he can take the unit with him, he lost his temper and moved towards me in an aggressive way as if he was going to hit me. When my husband came out, he scurried away and left (I guess he is more comfortable threatening women). As he was leaving, he flicked us off. Lovely.
    Then, the story gets more crazy, I am on the phone after he leaves bc I wanted to complain to someone about his behavior and I find out that they are the third in line of third party repair companies hired by American Home. I bought the unit from the big brand American Home (thru Ansons), I'm actually callling a company called Magic Chef Center to schedule my repairs and a company called St. Augustine Refrigiration (in the Tagaytay area) comes to do the actual visit and repair.
    Unlike Elba and Sub Zero, Wolf who handles their repairs in house, meaning the company that sold you the items also repairs the items and thus, makes this whole precess more accountable.
    Turns out, Dennis Hoya is the wife of the lady who works for Magic Chef and is in charge of all the repairs in the area. After speaking to Ansons, who sold me the unit, the Magic Chef employee who schedules the deliveries that never come, I was now talking to Diana Hoya. She promises me the moon, she apologizes profusely for her husbands violent behavior and promises me she will handle our repairs from here on out and try to get us a newer unit. She tells me she doesn't usually send her tech husband out to certain repair jobs bc she is aware he has an anger management problem. When I try to call her back later on, on the one number she gave me and another she called from, she refused to answer. She promises me the moon bc what she wanted from me is to let her husband, who was at the guardhouse of my village, go, once that happened she never answered my calls.
    Now, I'm calling the head office service center person who sent the unit, (I got this number from Diana) about the replacement of a unit that looks used and that lady has no ability to let anyone finish a sentence and constantly interrupts so it is a fruitless exchange. I let her know I will send her the pictures and let her judge with her own eyes. She claims she sent out a new unit and I'm thinking she might have sent a new unit but at the point the unit is passed on to St. Augustine Refrigiration they might have pulled a switch and how would the head office know.
    Anyway, my take away is, never to do business with American Home. Most of their appliances are cheaply made and substandard anyway so I would not be missing out on any great quality. And their repair center, from the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the top is gravely mismanaged and they are so cavalier, they change dates on you at a moments notice, they come when they are not supposed to come, their techs are substandand (did I mention it took 4 diagnostic visits for them to determine the machine was defective, and after each visit they left saying it was working now). Our lives are too short to suffer such terrible service. MY ONLY HOPE NOW IS WHOEVER POSTS AFTER ME, PLS POST ALTERNATIVE BRANDS TO AMERICAN HOME WHO HAS BETTER EVEN AVERAGE SERVICE.
    My contribution is, I know it's expensive but Focus Global, Subzero, Wolf, Miele; has a great and accountable repair service. Elba has not the best quality products but has an average repair service, at least they answer their phone, at least they show up when scheduled and they do their best to try to fix your problem even if the repair men are not the best, most critical problem solvers.
    We let these repair people into our homes and we don't know where these people come from, we don't know if they possess respect, or decency or if they get drunk every night and hit their wives. We have no idea, we should take the few minutes to find out about what we are buying into. At least I will from now on!

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  • Ne
      30th of Nov, 2017

    Very poor customer service... Never buy american home i experience all the complain above..

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