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Let me start off by saying I work for a law enforcement angency. On 4/19/2012 I was at home eating dinner with my family. When someone knocked on by door. I answer the door to find 2 salespeople, asking if I knew anything about the NCA contest they were in. I told them no, they both started talking at the same time. I told them to slow down, and talk one at a time. I listen to their sales pitch. It's always the same one, trying to win points for a trip somewhere I can't afford to go to myself. Last year we had a group of them come though Albany, most of them were arrested of outstanding warrants. I asked to see their permit from the city of Albany. They said their handler has it, he said they would lose it if they held on to it. Ok, I believe that, and I'm hungry, all I want to do is eat my dinner. So they tell me I have to pick out 3 magazines. I pick out 3 and only purchased 1. When it came down for the time to pay, they wanted me to write the check out to a John Nelson. I told them I couldn't do that, I would make the check out to the company. She explained that she wouldn't get the points until the check cleared. If I made it out to the boss, he would cash it and run it through as a cash order. I then informed them who I work for, that's when the story started to change. That's when both of them started crying and told me a whole other story. I called the Albany Police Department (APD). I detained them until APD arrived. I didn't take a statement from them until APD arrived. Once APD arrived i then separtated them. One girl was from Florida, she wanted to go home but her manager said she owed him money. She couldn't leave until she paid him back. The other girl had 7 felony warrant out for arrest. Once the APD found the van dropping them off in the city for hours at a time. APD took the driver into custody, he had a homocide warrant out of Los Angles, CA. The hotel where the group was staying at has since beed vacated.
If you see these people selling in your neighborhood CALL THE POLICE.
I have since done my homework on this company. Here's what I found out:
John Nelson owns a few companies that have scam written all over them. Here are the ones that I found:

Pro-Tek out of ID. It's a cleaner company door to door selling off the backs of children.

Capital Subscription Agency LLC. out of Buford, GA again only employees people ages from 18-24. This company has 261 BBB complaints against it.

He owns the Nation Field Selling ###. a web site to make people believe they are doing good things for the people the enslave. The web site states it's a non-profit organgastion, but if you order hotel rooms from them they "Get a Piece".

Blue Diamond Subscription out of Phoniex, AZ. This company has an F rating from the BBB. Lack of infromation on the company.

US Circulation LLC. this company has the same address as Capital Subscription Agency. Which has 315 BBB complaints for "Not receiving the goods paid for."

Travel Jobs Unlimited LLC. this is where he personally lives in Grand Junction CO a web site to recruit young people.

USSC Travel .com a web site to convince consumers they are a legit company.

and the lastest scam: American Freedom Circulation out of Las Vegas.

To file a complaint against this business please contact the Attorney Gerenal for the State of New York. Ask for the State Organized Crime Task Force @ [protected]

Contact the FTC by filling out the form here:

This called Human Trafficing at it finest. PLEASE DO YOUR PART- CALL THE POLICE RIGHT AWAY if they are in your city.

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      25th of Apr, 2012

    I first would like to say that American Freedom Circulation is in know way associated with any of the above listed companies or owned by John Nelson. American Freedom Circulation operates under strict guide lines that follow all state and city ordinances in each and every state and is currently in the process of setting new trends in the industry in regards to compliance with all city and state legislature. I would like to say that the company is less than 2 months old and is bound to draw attention from it's competitors in regards to how we do business, because we follow all these guide lines. Further more we are more than happy to field any complaints in a timely manner and make our clients as satisfied as we can. We welcome all feedback but shun fictitious accusations as we feel they don not warrant the time and effort we should be spending with real clients.Thank you for taking the time to read this comment and we truly apologise for any inconvenience that it may have caused you.
    American Freedom Circulation...

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  • Ga
      20th of Feb, 2013
    American Freedom Circulation - paid for magazines that never arrived
    american freedom circulation
    619 hanging rock pl.
    Castle Rock
    United States
    Phone: 616-502-4692

    two high school kids came to my home and solicited money for magazines...I gave them a check and have not received any products...I received a cancelled check in the mail and yet no magazines and cannot get in contact with the company. This is a scam and they are using teenagers to perpetrate a crime.

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