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This company has been withdrawing $14.95 plus tax, a month for an entire year from my ATT account. I do not receive a bill from ATT because I have it drafted from my bank account. The way I found out was when I wanted to add features to my ATT service and the representative ask me if I was aware of the extra $14.95 plus tax that I was being billed for the American eVoice Service. Certainly I was upset and unaware of the service. I am disputing the bill and asking for a full refund credited back to my account. I called, emailed and faxed American Evoice and the only thing they said was they can cancel my account with American eVoice (an account that I did not authorized) and credit my ATT account for only the last 2 months and that it will take from 1 to 2 billing cycle before it will credited. Of course I am still working on this case until I demand a full refund. How can they take a year of $14.95 plus tax from my account and credit me for only 2 months? This company took it upon theirselves to open up a scam to charge my account for a service that I have never heard of. I have never used their service. American eVoice said that they were a 1-800 answering service. I do not need a 1-800 answer service. If my land phone or my cell phone ring, I will answer it or my answering machine will. The only call I am waiting on is the one from American eVoice stating an apology and a 100% refund.

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  • Am
      Apr 20, 2009
    American eVoice - Unauthurized Charges
    American eVoice
    United States

    I have been the one named that authorized the charges from this company on my mother's phone bill. When my mom calls about it AT&T says they will take care of it but the charges just keep showing up each month. Why in the world would anyone need a voicemail on a landline number. That's what answering machines are for. Further more, I have voicemail on my cell phone. This is just rediculous. I did not authorize these charges and AT&T is getting another call tomorrow.

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  • Jo
      Aug 15, 2009

    Telephone companies are turning telephone accounts into credit card accounts and giving access to anyone who punches your telephone number on a third party bill request. Call the Federal Communications Commission and file a complaint. You can also file your complaint online. That's what I did. AT&T allowed two companies to make fraudulent charges on my telephone bill. AT&T said I had to call those companies to request the credit. When I called them, they said someone else authorized the charges. One of the companies is Payment One Corp. a credit monitoring company. They claim the service was requested by a relative who actually has no credit cards to be monitored, none, zero, zilch. The other one is Enhanced Services Billing Inc. also known as American Evoice, a voice mail company for land line telephone user. Like many of the people complaining I have owned an answering machine for probably over 25 years.

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