Allied Property ManagementHistory of Bad Service

I have had extremely bad service from this company.
I paid for all maintenance to the property I rented because they refused to respond when multiple requests were submitted.
They did not return my security deposit, just as they didn't with many other documented tenants (see below). They have a long history of declaring a property damaged so they can use the tenants full deposit for upgrades.
I don't want my money back from them, I only want to warn others who are considering doing business with them.

Complaint #1
As owner of a *****, recieved extremely poor service from this Property Management Company.

- ******* who was the Property Manager for our duplex, was never pro-active. We were paying them so that we do not have to do the property management, but we spent hours sending emails requesting status updates, follow ups etc. We expressed this multiple times, and each time she apologized and said she would take care of it, and it was the same thing. We finally gave up !

- However this complaint is regarding a couple of requests that we submitted one and a half months ago (apr 11 to be precise), and have not got a response for any of them
The requests were for :
1) Property management statements for one of the duplexs (XXXX) as this was not showing up online on their website as it was supposed to, while the other one was.
2) Final receipts and costs for eviction for one of the apartments (XXXX). Adjustment of these eviction costs against the deposit of $975 for this apartment, and refund the rest of the money to us.
3) No cash distribution to us for Dec 2013 for one of the apartments (XXXX). Need to get this money, or valid reason why this payout was not there.

Desired Settlement
This is related to duplex 3629/3631

1) All financial statements for duplex 3629
2) For duplex 3631 Refund of $975 deposit - eviction costs. Need all receipts of eviction costs, showing total expenses.
3) Duplex 3629 - Cash distribution (payment) for Dec 2013 month

Business Response
We have received your reminder of this case, which was the first notice we received.

Our response is the following:

The property manager spent much time initially working on these units as they had significant code compliance issues.

Prior to receiving the claim any necessary adjustments were made. Accounts are available online, full explanations were provided to the unit owner as to all disbursement and which amounts were retained in the owner ledger for a pending eviction. The owner provided calculations do not agree with our records. We have provided detailed statements and will continue to assist our former ******** until we have resolved any discrepancies on her records.

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Complaint #2
Security Deposit in the State of Florida Laws is 15 days from return of premises and now over 30 days and no return yet with numerous calls
Left the premises on 9/30 and called numerous times and told security deposit in the mail and now 30 plus days and still no return of the security deposit. Florida law states that money should be returned within 15 days from return of premises and keys and without any issue of repairs, still not received the money returned. Made many calls and unable to resolve issue.

Desired Settlement
Return of security deposit in amount of $775.00 as soon as possible with interest as by law in State of Florida

Business Response
We have no record of the person listed on the complaint and are unable to take any action.

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Complaint #3
This company has failed to return my security deposit in a timely manner and cannot provide any accurate information.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in West Palm Beach, FL
To Whom It May Concern:

I moved into unit **** **** ****** ****** on 11/01/2012 I paid my rent every month with no issue. I paid a security deposit or $1100.00 via money order which was given to my agent ******* ******* Initially moving in the second bedroom was painted blue and the previous occupant was not required to paint the second bedroom back to a neutral color. I was given notice via notice on my front door on approximately 08/31/2013 that my lease would not be renewed because the owner was moving their mother into the unit and my move out date was 10/31/2013.

I complied and found another unit. I began moving out on 10/16/2013, when I asked about the second bedroom I was informed I had to paint the room back or a fee would be taken out of my security I hired a person to paint the second bedroom to white. I was informed the carpets needed to be steamed upon my move out or a fee would come out of my security deposit, however when I moved into the unit the carpets had not been cleaned or steamed. I still complied and had the carpets steamed on 10/24/2013.

I vacated the unit on 10/31/2013 and turned in my keys and informed my agent that I was unable to locate the mailbox key.

Since my move out I have been given run around about the return of security deposit. Initially I was told it would be returned 2 - 4 weeks after move out and now I'm being told that it returned 2 - 4 weeks after 30 days of move out. Around Thanksgiving 2013 I inquired the status of my security deposit as I have received no formal correspondence regarding any deductions that were made. I spoke with ****** ******** as I was informed that ******* was medical leave.

I was advised that ****** would assist me I explained the situation to her and she stated that she would research the matter and get back to me which was approximately 12/09/2013 however I received an email from my agent ******* ****** stating that a claim form was sent out to me on 11/30/2013 which was thanksgiving weekend and I have received nothing in the mail. Which was clearly not accurate information on *******'s part.

Since 12/09/2013 I have had no correspondence with ******. I called her on 12/23/2013 and she did not answer I then called the main number and was informed by the receptionist ***** that no walk through maybe have been done on the unit after I vacated unit on 10/31/2013. Please keep in mind the unit has another occupant at this time. I was now speaking with ***** who had no idea what was going on with my security deposit but stated it had not been processed at this time. She referred me back to ****** and I explained to me I could email or call ****** I then emailed ****** asking for updated information on security and she responded back that she was out and would be back on 12/26/2013.

I vacated the unit almost 60 days ago no one is providing any real assistance or information. Their failure to return my security deposit has completely ruined my finances and I am barely able to afford my expenses. Please keep in mind I was not a problem tenant and I paid my rent in a timely manner for 12 months and I now expect to receive my security deposit back to me in a timely manner.

Please help me.

Desired Settlement
I would like my security deposit returned.

Business Response
We are following the instructions of the owner of the unit. We have a contract with the owner and they are our customer. We cannot have two principals. The tenant did thousands of dollars of damage to the unit which has all been documented through photos.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
To date no party has sent me anything in writing. Florida states that the landlord had 15 days to return my security deposit. If any deductions were to be made the landlord was to supposed notify me via certify mail of the intent to keep my security deposit within 30 days of my move out. I vacated the unit October 31, 2013 and as of January 9, 2014 no one has sent me anything after I provided my new mailing address twice.

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Jan 03, 2015

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