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All fake id sites are fake and scams. Do not buy off of any fake id sites or review sites they will take your money. I am not a scam: I make quality novelty id's from about 20 states. Comes with hologram or uav spectrum (whatever is applicable for certain states). My id's match up to the book and are error free. Not a scam. For more info you can contact me at: [protected]

My novelty id's are for novelty and entertainment purposes only. Not intended more minors to buy alcohol or anything that is illegal for their age.

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  • Ma
      Sep 25, 2008

    This "lol" guy is a total scam. do not buy from him unless you want your money taken... I hate #en idiots like this guy.

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  • Me
      Sep 27, 2008

    Im just looking for a fake id!!!

    where can ig et one online and not get ripped off...

    there must be a trustworthy site out there!

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  • Ja
      Sep 29, 2008

    You'll never find a fake id website in the internet that's real, the best way to get a fake id is in your local town, ask around, ask your friends, go to a college campus and ask anyone, they'll tell where to get a fake id in your own town, right away without sending any money to some guy you don't know. Or just wait till you turn 21.

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  • Jo
      Oct 02, 2008

    I need a replica social security card, with my number on it, where to go??

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  • Lo
      Oct 10, 2008

    lolrus says lol to this convo

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  • Ch
      Oct 12, 2008

    I wouldlike information on what US states "novelty" IDs you're able to make. I want something that has a magnetic strip which is readable and all the other security features for whichever state.

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  • My
      Sep 15, 2010

    try this:
    it is not function with IE, open with Firefox.

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