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Our company A.J.International Trading Company, is a Company registered under the Indian Companies Act having its registered office as mentioned hereinabove. Whileso we had received an Email dated 11.08.2016 under the name Agrozone trading sdn.bhd, represented by Mr.Bharat Vishal and Danny regarding export of red onions. The contact details of the persons who had negotiated on behalf of Agrozone trading sdn.bhd regarding the export of Red Onions are mentioned as follows:

Bharat Vishal [protected]
Danny [protected]

After several rounds of discussions and negotiations, it was agreed that AJ International Trading Company would sent 2 shipments of 40 ft Reefer Container (57.240) MTS red onions for a sum of 14310 USD, i.e. Rs.9, 73, 080.00. Accordingly, Agrozone trading sdn.bhd has issued a Purchase order for red onion AZT-AJI/DRC-168.2016 dated on 10/11/16 signed by 10.11.2016 and subsequently, A J International Trading Company had raised an Invoice bearing No.001Dated 10.11.2016. It is pertinent to note the Purchase Order and Invoice clearly indicated the terms and conditions of the transactions. One of the terms of the payment, was that on receipt of the scanned copies of the Shipment documents, Agrozone trading sdn.bhd shall make 100% payment for the transaction.

In furtherance of the Purchase Order, AJ International Trading Company had sent the entire shipment, Via HYUNDAI LONG BEACH.2 X 40 FEET REEFER Container and also all the required scanned copies of shipping documents to Agrozone trading sdn.bhd through DHL courier.We have come to understand that the courier of the scanned copies were received by Mr.BHARAT VISHAL. It is necessary to note that the consignment sent was collected by Mr.DANNY on 20th and 23rd .12.2016, under the seal of Agrozone trading sdn.bhd from port kelang (west) port Malaysia.

In fact, on receipt of the scanned documents, Agrozone trading sdn.bhd had contacted us and informed that the payment for the Invoice No.001 dated 10.11.2016 for their purchase order has been made, vide Application Number 001-21.11.2016 and Bank Transaction Reference number OTBKFBYONY160053. But till date the payments have not been received by us and whenever, we has confronted Agrozone trading sdn.bhd, they have been giving one excuse after the other. In fact, it appears that though Agrozone trading sdn.bhd has sent the TT Copy, it appears that the actual payments have not been processed and it has also been confirmed by the customer service email from Hong leon bank. Further, the bank has also advised us to confirm the authenticity of the transaction details, as the same appears to be bogus and fabricated. When the issue was raised with Agrozone trading sdn bhd., we were surprised to receive an email stating that due to annual audit, their bank was unable to process the transaction and on submission of their taxation report, the bank would release the amount immediately. This email was in complete contradiction from the email from the Bank and we are worried if Agrozone trading sdn bhd. is merely cheating us and evading their liabilities.

Even though Agrozone trading sdn.bhd has received the scanned copies of the consignment and collected the consignment goods on 20th and 23rd .12.2016(two containers), till date the payments have not been made. Agrozone trading sdn.bhd has defaulted in the payment terms and failed to release the amount even after harvesting the benefits of the transaction. Despite several telephonic conversations and issuance of demand notices, Agrozone trading sdn.bhd has been evading payments and avoiding our calls and messages. If only Agrozone trading sdn.bhd had any bonafide intention of making the payment, there was no reason of them to avoid us with one lame excuse after another. These acts and attitude of Agrozone trading sdn.bhd and its representatives Mr.Bharat Vishal and Mr.Danny in making payments and their cooked up stories and

fabricated documents, sows the apprehension that they never had the intention to pay us and only wanted to cheat us to part with our goods and obtain unlawful gains at our cost. In fact due to the delay in payment we are put to severe monetary loss and mental agony.

It appears that the Agrozone trading sdn.bhd and its contacts are involved in a international scam, cheating companies to part their valuable goods without parting any single penny. We have annexed all the valid documents regarding the transaction and the amount payable to us for your ready reference and perusal.

It appears that the Agro zone trading sdn.bhd had made fraud payment, reference to application number 001-21.11.2016 and bank transaction number OTBKFBYONY160053 but currently they are claiming that some amount of our shipment are damaged. This statement is completely different from the original email issue that was received from agro zone accounts and management team, However if there are any damage materials on our shipment, Agrozone trading SDN BHD will not have authority to hold our payment. Because as per the contract, they have to make the payment against the scanned shipping document only. Even though we have continued to put our effort to contact agro zone personals to resolve any Issues but still we did not have any proper response from the other end. So we have suspected they are purposely avoiding our calls also after one month from that shipment they have raised unwanted issues to hold our payments.-

We request your goodself to register a Complaint against Agrozone trading sdn.bhd, investigate the Complaint and recover the money due and payable to us. We are willing to co-operate through out the investigation.


TEL: +[protected]


MOB: +[protected] (Mr.Danny Wang) (Import Manager)

+[protected] (Mr.Bharat Vishal) (Managing Director)

+[protected] (Mr.Azan Ali) (Senior Manager)

EMAIL: danny.[protected]; [protected]; aztsb.[protected]

WEBSITE: www.agrozone

Jan 31, 2017
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      6th of Mar, 2017

    Hello, i am sanket, from DECENT GLOBAL EXIM SERVICES, We also suffering from same situation, from same Cheater buyer AGROZONE TRADING SDN BHD., We come to know that there are 6-8 indian exporter are there who became the victim of their fraud.

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