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We would like to further discredit Mr. Dave Clark from Clarkstone Bengals. When our 7 year old bengal Bob died in early February 2012, we immediately started searching for a new bengal kitten. My girlfriend phoned numerous Bengal breeders including Clarkstone and Acappella. Mr. Clark was very concerned asking where we had purchased Bob etc. He made sure to let her know that the breeder we purchased him from was famous for selling sick cats etc. telling her that the breeder was hiding out from the law etc. He asked who else she had been in contact with, and at that point we had not contacted Larry & Jonni. Numerous other breeders were then contacted including Acappella. I phoned Dave Clark on a Sunday morning about 10:30am and had never spoken to a more rude person in all my life telling me that he was sleeping and he would call me when he woke up. No phone call was ever returned to me, and frankly with that type of attitude I really didn't care if he called or dropped off the face of the earth.
We were welcomed by Larry & Jonni to visit at any time we chose to see their cattery, but at the time they didn't have any rosetted bengals available but had some marbled ones. We were not interested in marbles. They told us they had two females due within the next couple weeks, and they had 3 people on a waiting list. When the first litter of kittens were born, they contacted us to tell us that they had 5 kittens with rosettes and we decided to visit the following weekend. they were very encouraging and a pleasure to meet and talk to about their cats. It just so happened that their second female decided to start having her litter the day we arrived. They were more than willing to let us enter the delivery room where both mothers were with their kittens, as long as we were very quiet and didn't disturb the female who was birthing her litter. Needless to say we decided to purchase our Little Bob from them and picked him up on April 14. 2012. He is the sweetest and funniest kitten that I have owned.
Mr. Clark is obviously jealous that Acappella Bengals has surpassed them in quality and customer satisfaction, so he is using whatever means he can to try to slander their business and using personal issues that have no bearing on breeding cats to try and discredit them.
I WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS BUY FROM CLARKSTONE! HE TRY'S TO SELL BY CUTTING DOWN HIS COMPETITION WITH LIES AND OBVIOUSLY HAS A PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST THE DOEPPENSCHMIDT'S @ ACAPPELLA BENGALS. We have received numerous e-mails from Larry & Jonni just checking up on our little man, and we will continue to update them with our progress.

Joe Wylie, Katy TX

Acappella Bengals

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