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aaa auto repair aka aaa complete auto repair / auto repair

1 8504 hillcroftHouston, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 7137711617

Owner damaged vehicle, advertises 100% complete satisfaction but said to sue him and go jack off. Rated F with the Houston BBB. Many other complaints and lawsuits.

Claim: "Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed"
Reality: Owner says, "You can go jack off, sue me, I won't give you a penny, I won't touch your car."
Claim: "We do it all & look forward to working with you"
Reality: Rated F with the Better Business Bureau of Houston
Claim: "Fast, friendly service"
Reality: “Owner says, “You can go jack off.”

Claim: Owner says, "I'm not messing around."
Reality: The only way to get the owner's attention is to share your experience of their dishonest business practices, file against them in Small Claims Court. The owner is messing around by lying, threatening, stonewalling, and refusing to rectify the situation.

Beware of AAA Auto Repair which is rated F with the Better Business Bureau. Dishonest, does not stand behind its promises.

AAA Auto Repair aka AAA Auto Repairs aka Jari Auto Air aka AAA Complete Auto Repair aka A.A.A. Complete Auto Repair of 8504 Hillcroft and other locations

See proof of F rating:

BBB Rating
Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. Reasons for this F rating include:
• 6 complaints filed against business
• Failure to respond to 6 complaints filed against business

If you have a problem, the owner will cuss at you and threaten you.
Affiliated contact information:

8504 HILLCROFT ST, HOUSTON, TX [protected], [protected]; [protected], [protected] hour
11753 W. BELFORT #121 STAFFORD, TX [protected] [protected] hour
11753 W. BELLFORT #121 STAFFORD, TX [protected] [protected] hour
12160 BISSONNET ST. HOUSTON, TX [protected] [protected] hour
[protected] fax

How can you claim 100% customer satisfaction when you have an F rating at the Better Business Bureau? What part of customer satisfaction is refusing to take responsibility for damage you caused? What part of customer satisfaction is telling customers to go jack off?

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  • To
      9th of Dec, 2010
    -7 Votes

    Every so often you get a scammer that wants to extort money or free service from your business. This is such case. This scammer tried to extort money from our business. Just like he scammed other shops in the Dallas area, now he is trying to pull his scam in the Houston Area. He hit 3 shops in the southwest area, however when he showed up at our shop we put a stop to his scam and refused to give in to his extortion scheme. I can not elaborate any further because law enforcement is aware of this individual now and the dozen aliases he uses in real life and online. In conclusion, we at AAA Auto Repair take pride in our customer service. We served thousands of satisfied customers whose business and referrals are greatly appreciated.

  • Re
      9th of Dec, 2010
    Best Best Advice +7 Votes

    Interesting theory that all unhappy customer is an extortionist. I guess all the people filing complaints with the BBB and filing lawsuits single out this shop and the shop itself is not to blame?

    You must be satisfied, or we will call you an extortionist. Good one!

  • To
      9th of Dec, 2010
    -6 Votes

    To redred,
    If you read my comment above you will realize that I did not say "all unhappy customers are extortionists" . However in this case it is a fact and law enforcement has been notified and they are investigating this scammer. We have provided them with all the documents (letters, e-mails, internet postings and ip addresses, phone calls, surveillance tapes, etc..) . We know the facts. we know that this scammer is using more than a dozen aliases and posing as a different person when posting online, trying to make it look as if there were alot of unhappy customers. This scammer is even commenting on his own comments! He thinks that people are dumb and are unable to see through his lies.

  • Aa
      20th of Dec, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I check it out at the BBB and its true. They are F rated.

  • Hu
      28th of Dec, 2010
    -4 Votes

    i checked the BBB site, its not AAA auto repair, what a lie, some people are so unhappy in life, they want every one else to be miserable like them,
    i have been At AAA AUTO REPAIRS, they are friendly and honest, they leave you the choice to make .

  • Aa
      30th of Dec, 2010
    +5 Votes

    AAA Auto Repair of Houston has tried to change its name to blame all the negative true ratings on the old owner. However, its the same dishonest shop and the same dishonest location and the same dishonest people. Search [redacted]s, beware, etc. There are active lawsuits against AAA Auto Repair and many past lawsuits against the owner. It would be hard to find a more dishonest shop.

    You don't find so many people angry at them for no reason. Obviously they have done wrong to a great many people.

  • Au
      1st of Jan, 2011
    +5 Votes

    I 100% agree with the complaint. These guys are the absolute worst repair shop I have ever dealt with. They lie, threaten, and harass. All anyone has to do is search lawsuits, complaints, and [redacted]s to learn the truth about this company and its owner/managers! Based on the number of complaints etc.. out there, must be alot of extortionist out there.LOL! Maybe they should look up the definition of extortion. Do yourself a huge favor and just stay away from this shop...Plenty of legitmate repair shops out there.

  • Aa
      21st of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Active court cases show the owner is lying. If customers were satisfied, the unsatisfied customers would not have to take AAA to court. An unsatisfied customer is not a scammer, not an extortionist. AAA should satisfy its customers instead of cussing at them, calling them scammers, calling them extortionists. Unsatisfied customers are just that - unsatisfied customers. AAA's attitude and behavior only serves to warn others about their false and deceptive business practices.
    Dishonest people. AAA told me one price to get me to leave my car, then after doing work (damage) wanted to change the terms after the fact. Did more research after going home and found many fake positive reviews and real negative reviews about them all over the internet as well as active lawsuits in small claims court Precinct 5, Place 1.

  • Vw
      26th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Although AAA Complete Auto engages in all these activities they are not scamming.

    Common Scams
    Some of the common ways that deceptive auto repair shops will unfairly separate you from your money are by:

    -waiting until the vehicle is up on the lift and partially disassembled before getting your authorization to proceed with the repairs. By then, you are essentially forced to: (a) authorize overpriced repairs or risk getting your car back in a disassembled and unusable condition; or (b) pay a large and unexpected fee to have your vehicle reassembled, only to discover it no longer runs at all.
    -showing you dirty oil with metal filings in it as evidence that you need a new transmission. Virtually all used transmissions have dirty oil with some amount of dirt and metal filings. This is normal and is not necessarily a sign that you need a whole new transmission. However, once the transmission is disassembled and reassembled with the same old seals and parts, it usually does not work the same as before.
    -commencing repair work on your car without first getting your authorization to perform the repair work, and then charging you for repair work that you did not authorize,
    giving you a verbal estimate as to the cost of repairs, then charging a higher price.
    -representing that repair services will be completed by a certain day in order to induce the sale, then failing to have the repair services completed by that day.
    -telling you that repairs are needed when in fact they are not needed.
    -failing to disclose reassembly or inspection charges before starting repair work.
    -advertising that the shop will provide "Free towing" and then requiring you to pay for your towing costs.
    -telling you that the shop will provide a free rental car during repairs and then requiring you to pay for the rental charges.
    -telling you that the shop will provide repair services pursuant to a warranty then charging you for repair work covered by the warranty.
    -representing that work or services have been done, or parts replaced in your car, when the work or services were not done or the parts were not replaced.
    -starting repair work on your car before obtaining authorization from you, then charging you for it.
    -starting repair work before obtaining written approval of the loan from the finance company, in those instances where you borrow money to pay for repairs. If the loan company does not approve the loan, and the work is already done, you may still be liable for the payment if you can't show the deception.
    -failing to complete the repairs as represented to you in the repair work agreement.
    failing to repair your car in accordance with the warranty provided after your car is brought to the shop for warranty repairs.
    -failing to notify you and secure your additional approval, in writing, for any additional work to be done that was not set forth in the original written agreement.
    representing or advertising that the shop will accept consumer credit cards or personal or business checks as payment for goods and services, and then refusing to accept credit cards or checks.

  • Vw
      26th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Further, LAW ENFORCEMENT, the TEXAS AG's OFFICE, IS INVESTIGATING AAA Complete Auto Repair, unlike the allegation that TONY is making that law enforcement is investigating, the legitimate complaint of a customer on a blog.
    Whoever is suing this shop can also sue Tony and Allen personally, as well as the business, since this shop is not an Inc, LLC, LLP, LP, or other form of limited liability business.
    BTW, I also witnessed the "F" rating from the BBB, that has since changed, but the change is temporary, it will be back to "F" soon!

    Please feel free to contact me here, if you have questions, and are a victim.

  • On
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Wael Mohamed Abuzaid, Ahmed Mohamed Abuzaid, Maged Mohamed Abuzaid aka "David Reyes" at 8504 Hillcroft, Mahmoud Mohamed Abuzaid are not about satisfying customers. Tony, David, Mike are fake names because they don;t want you to know of their criminal records for THEFT. MANY UPSET CUSTOMERS out there. Only a foolish business person would waste thousands fighting customers instead of satisfying them for far less.

  • Vw
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Forget satisfying they don't won't even do the bare minimum. AAA is a group of very, very untrustworthy individuals! SHAMEFUL!!!
    We victims must unite against them beyond this complaint board.
    I can be contacted at VMPASSAT@GMAIL.COM

    Justice Court 5-1
    Phone: (713) 661-2276
    6000 Chimney Rock Rd
    Houston, TX 77081-4004
    MARCH 15th, 2011 <<<<-------------------Trial date

    General Case Information
    Case Number:SC51C0114072
    Filed Date:November 09, 2010
    Days Old: 113
    Case Status:ACTIVE
    Disposition Date:
    Judgment Date:

    Civil Information
    Nature of Claim:SMALL CLAIMS
    Claim Amount: $10, 000.00

    Party Information
    Party Name: SEARS-ALTHEN, TARA
    Party Type: PLAINTIFF
    Party Name: AAA AUTO REPAIR
    Party Type: DEFENDANT
    Event Description: Motion Docket
    Event Date/Time: March 07, 2011 01:00 PM<<<<----------------Hearing date

  • Kd
      4th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    aaa is the best place iI have ever taken my vehicle. People have problems with people mainly because they want them to do what they want, but there are rules to every business. If the owner does not agree with what you want him to do you lie on him? Well I have several people that have used this shop and have loved the customer service and the work they have done to there cars. I am one of them and I love there service. Just because someone takes a shop to court, how many of them win the cases and so far none of them have won a case against AAA so that should not matter. If your intention is to get over on madged then yes you will be in for a rude awakening. He is a fair and resonable man. iIwill conntinue to take my cars to him always.

  • No
      4th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Maged Mohamed Abuzaid aka "David Reyes" of AAA Auto Repair aka A Auto Repairs, Inc. Why not spend more time satisfying customers instead of posting glowing reviews about your own auto repair shop? Why not spend all that time and money on satisfying customers, making the world a better place instead of making enemies and driving your auto business into the ground. Running a business to mistreat and cheat customers is not a successful long-term winning business strategy. You are only making the situation worse for yourself and your family. Think about what you are doing and work to fix the problems instead of adding fuel to the fire. A smart businessman puts out fires instead of creating them or adding fuel to the fire.

  • +2 Votes

    We are NOT HAPPY with how you have treated some unsuspecting customers. We will NOT STOP spreading the word until you take responsibility for your actions of damaging customer vehicles. Yelling at, cussing at, threatening customers or prospective customers WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. We will HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE for your actions. It's up to you. Do you want to fix the situation by paying for the damages or do you want more people to know how you treat customers? Do you want customers for life or enemies for life? Making people angry is an unwise business strategy.
    Calling customers perverts, sex offenders, or speaking of performing sexual acts on customers is unprofessional and disrespectful and DOES NOTHING to repair the damage your shops caused. Your denying, lying will only make it worse for yourself. Your foul-mouthed tactics have done nothing to rectify the situation. Did something happen to you in prison to make you act this way? Are you eager for a homecoming with your cellmates?
    Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date Location
    1. MAGED M ABUZAID 39184-179 42-White-M 09-19-2008 RELEASED

  • Kd
      6th of Mar, 2011
    -2 Votes

    i am really reading this and wondering what did it make a difference if this man was in prison or not you are one person changing you name to make it look like you are many. he may have had problems with you but you could have prevoked it. in business you cant please ever customer so if you are not pleased go some were else and stop the childish mess of slander if you have a legitimate claim then go to court and shut up slandering the company and the man,

  • Kd
      6th of Mar, 2011
    -2 Votes

    what difference does it make if a man went to jail or not. you are a disgruntled person who is using this forum to seam like you are many log in and use your real information if you are legitimate. stop with the slander this shop does great work and had never treated me bad ever but i am not trying to scam him or get over and i pay my bill that buy the way he allows me time to pay if i dont have all the money. why because i am a good customer. every person if not a good customer. and obviosly you are not so go some were else and stop with the slander. if you not happy you in america you have choices.

  • Vw
      6th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    It does not necessarily matter if a person has served time in his past and is now an upstanding citizen, but that is not the case here. Further, if the person has been to prison for the same reasons and continued acts IT DOES MATTER and thank for the discloser, investigations aaa auto repair houston.

    BTW- KDSTAFFING, we know that this is an alias for AAA. Lol!!! who do you think you're fooling?

  • Ri
      9th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    New site dedicated to spread the truth about AAA Auto Repair of 8504 Hillcroft St, Houston TX 77096 and other locations:
    AAA will not be able to lie to prevent the truth from being spread about their dishonest practices as Maged Mohamed Abuzaid has chosen for AAA to fight their customers instead of satisfying them, bringing dishonor and shame to AAA. False advertising, false and deceptive business practices. The people of Texas will not tolerate this. We look forward to the Texas State Attorney General's investigation to heat up as mentioned above. We are not going away.
    Wael Mohamed Abuzaid has his own criminal record for felony theft and is currently on probation for a long time. That is why he comes in defense of Maged Mohamed Abuzaid's prison time. Yet they falsely advertise,
    "We, at AAA Auto repair, are automotive service professionals you can trust."
    I don't know about you, but I cannot trust mechanic auto repair shops who
    1 falsely advertises they can be trusted, yet arrested for felonies such as theft or fraud
    2 falsely advertises 100% customer satisfaction, yet tells their customers off, cusses at them, lies to them, harasses them.
    3 posts numerous fake positive reviews about their own shops to deceive the public

    As you have chosen to not satisfy your customers, we will continue to expose your regime for your shady business practices and help others file lawsuits against you. Your business strategy to battle customers to "bring it on, " will be "brought on" as you requested. Your lawyer has failed to provide any meaningful settlement to your multiple victims.

    If you have more information about this group of brothers 3 auto shops, it can be posted on this complaint board and also emailed to

    Working together, we can help protect the unsuspecting hard-working citizens of Texas against dishonest auto repair shops.

  • Vw
      9th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Bravo Mr. Anderson!

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