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A. Pizza was contracted to renovate our home. They repeatedly asked for money ahead of the payment schedule. They asked for extra money for items that were already included in the contract. Their work was shoddy. The work was unsupervised. The job site was filthy. When they were ahead of us on money they walked off the job. Every aspect of their work needed to be corrected. I have since come to realize that we are not the only ones. Had we known about them and what would have happened, we would have never hired them. Nobody deserves this type of grief. I wish we never came across these people.

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  • Wa
      14th of Jun, 2012

    I would like to start off by saying this is my first post on this site and I hate that you have to at least give these guys 1 star. They do not deserve half a star let alone a whole one. If you want someone to come and work when they please, make a mess so people complain, lie to you about needing more money or they wont work, and fail every inspection at least once, then these are your guys. They take no responsibility for there less then bellow average work. They take no pride in what they do. The only thing they do well is pass blame onto the subcontractors (that THEY hire) and chase the next dollar coming their way. They will sell you the world, like the best car salesmen in the world, and deliver you garbage. All I can say is that they are horrible people and worst off horrible contractors. My biggest regret is having trusted them to build our house that we spent years saving for. Please take my word when I say they LIE!!! They lie about everything and if anyone is a coward it’s them. They will hide from you and everyone they owe money to. Also don’t believe their references on there web site. They use friends to write them and their one reference was their architect. Do your research better then us. Go to the doors of the homes they show you and talk to the homeowners. They won’t mind unloading their frustrations of what these people put them through.

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  • Ho
      14th of Jun, 2012

    We strongly agree with you, these guys are LIARS and they shouldn't be in business. They did exactly the same thing to us word for word and tv press and newspapers should be involve at this point and also the prosecuter's office, everybody should got together as one and wage complaints, this should not be let go, you tell me how many more people should have to go thru this, , to be very honest they detroyed my house, plase text me back in comments.

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  • Ru
      7th of Nov, 2012

    I agree with this comment word by word! A. Pizza should not have a license. They owe tons of money to their vendors and subcontractors. When he realizes that he can't squeeze you for money any more, he stops showing! They cut corners on materials and A. Pizza has this brilliant idea that he will pick your finishes for you (the cheapest ones or pulled out straight from one of his dumpsters!). This company is a disgrace, and his owner is a liar and scams people out of money! I plan to file a complaint with the Consume Affairs and write a letter to the construction code office in every town in the neighborhood so that they are all aware of his scheme to extort money from unsuspecting clients! He is nothing but disgrace and I really don't know how he can sleep at night!

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