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Rachelle Piotto has an issue with attitude and people tinier than her. She's from store 0335. I'm fed up with these children asking for so much respect. Blah blah but can't give it to save her life. I do Bot care in the slightest. Her attitude actually pissed me off more than I would like to even admit. Attitude is the customer device industry is disgusting, like cmon, how childish is this- I would have liked to call her out and I still can if you want me too I really don't mind. But get it checked- [censored] ain't right and should be placed some where else- like maybe she could even try the gym(?) oh my.. eating less cards and doing cardio helps you loose weight- what? For real? Oh damn.. GTFOH

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Jul 29, 2018 10:49 am

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