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CB Courier and Delivery Services Review of Compass Moving Group
Compass Moving Group

Compass Moving Group review: Refund of my money immediately!

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On october 6, 2022 I paid compass moving group to move my belongings from florida to montana. After collecting my money and promising to have my belongings picked up no later than10/10/22 they never showed up. I repeatly called demanding that they give me a day and time someone would be arriving to pack up my things. At 4pm 10/10/22 I called again this time with local law enforcement present to witness the call. Compass moving group then demanded that I pay an additional $841 more than the signed contracted agreed price; to which there is a signed agreement. Stating that "montana is a long way away". The price was agreed upon, the destination was agreed upon, the date/time was agreed upon and paid for in advanced. I stated so and refused to pay the demand for additional money. Compass moving group never showed up to move my things. No one responded until a full week later to which they knew I would be back in montana. Ive tried disputing the charges with my credit card company and they wont give back my money stating theres a signed agreement.

How is this possible with compass moving group didnt hold up their side of the agreement. Quite frankly if I do attempt to have them move my items now are they going to demand a larger ransom to get my things back? I have no other recourse but to file a law suit to get my money ba

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