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Compass Group North America / Unidine

Compass Group North America / Unidine review: Wrongful termination

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Hi my name is ShaAsia Griffin. I have worked for compass group at 68 Haupagge rd 4 months. In October the person runing the kitchen at Gurwin asked me for my ID and social. I have notififed Mr. Keith that I have lost my wallet and will go to social security on my day off which was October 21,2022. when I seen him that Monday I gave him both the letter from social security and my ID. now fast Foward to the week of thanksgiving week, that Monday, Mr. Keith came to me to ask about my social security card. Mr. Keith didnt let me tell him I didnt recieve the card basically he told me if I dont get the card by wednesday I will be fired. The following day I went to the social security the next day and called the job I have spoken to Raymond Greenwich and told him I was at the social security office. wenesday I had stayed home because my daugther was sent home from school. but I have not missed a day until the end. I have proof to back up my claims.

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