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College Kitty Cattery - SiameseOur Kitten Died of FIP

Last year we adopted a kitten from College Kitty Cattery. Our precious baby was shy at first, and seemed to need some socializing. We were patient and loving, and we bonded! This is so hard for me to write... Our baby kitten became part of the family, and just a few short months later, our vet gave us news that our kitten was very sick, and it didnt look good. We spent alot of money trying to save our kitten, but our vet finally told us that there was no hope. We had to make the tough decision to put our kitten, so young and full of life, to sleep forever.

Our kitten had FIP, and we were told this is a killer disease, there is no cure, it means certain death.

Save yourself the heartache we experienced and purchase from a breeder that is responsible and knows what they are doing.

Thank you for letting us share our story.


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    Manuela Bollato Jun 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've sent all my papers about katie Grashel and about Amunra Cattery, who has others papers about her and the cattery, please contact Cindy Wrobel, Katie will go to the Court in July, we have to avoid she will fraud again and breed again, she has to be condamned to pay for the suffer, the pain and the death of kittens!
    Please help to make she will be condamned, add your papers about her!
    Thank you so much!

    Katie Grashel Complaints - Need all info
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    Katie Grashel
    Posted: 2010-06-07 by animalcop999

    Need all info

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    Amunra Cattery
    United States

    I am looking for any and all information regarding the selling of cats/kittens by Katie Grashel and/or Amunra Cattery. I need statements concerning date of sale, price paid, if the animal (s) were healthy or sick and if sick, what the condition(S) are or have been diagnosed as. I need to receive copies of vet bills and I need this info as soon as you can get it to me. If you have not had contact but know of someone else who has, please pass this msg. along to them so that they may contact me. I thank all of you who have come forward already. Please email to me @ [email protected], mail to Lakeland Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 1000, Elkhorn, Wi. 53121 or fax to same @ [protected] Att'n: Cindy Wrobel

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  • Vi
    victimofakittenmill Jun 01, 2010

    I was reading the complaints that Cynthia Schroeder from College Kitty Cattery was posting that made me decide to post my story. I bought a kitten 6 months ago from this breeder after talking to her a few times she seemed as to me a wonderful person who really cares for her animals. Boy was I wrong. While having my kitten from her for 6 months already and I have been fighting to get this kitten healthy . I have tried and tried to contact her but she never returns our phone calls or emails. He has Feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus. so everytime he gets upset or stressed from any reason he will get a flare ups. It has taken us 4 months for this boy to trust us enough not to hide everytime we go up to him. Animal control needs to be involved in this cattery. The breeder is STILL selling cats that are sick she is not controling the problem she has in her cattery that means she does not care. Any breeder can clean up there act by doing blood work on there breeders to see why the offspring are all getting sick and some dying just days to weeks after they go to homes. Cynthia Schroeder has sold a few FIP infected cats . BREEDERS WILL TRY TO SAY THAT FIP is not dianosable but it is by a vet you do a tilter test for FIP and if its very high and the cat is showing many signs then it has FIP She also is selling cats with yellow and green eye draunage these cats don't die but they will have life long HERPE infections and should not be bred. A friend of mine has a cat that has constant eye [censored] and the cat is not very active either but it does eat and drink and plays very little. DO NOT BE A VICTIM OF College Kitty Cattery... She should be reported... This freak bad mouths other breeders but her kittens are sick and unsocial. She says things about others but she should look at herself after all she isn't any better then who she bad mouths. Please beaware of this horrible breeder!!! This Cattery should be closed down. She cuts everyone down to draw the attention away from her. Please be aware this breeder is no good she may seem nice but she isn't.

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  • Pe
    peopleshouldjustbenice1234 Apr 30, 2010

    this is to Katie: Wow Katie you claim to say there is another Amunra Cattery, man your a joke, there isn't another one anywhere that has that name and is owned by a Katie, come on get real, face the facts, you are truly a nuttcase, and a horrible person to ever treat your cats, kittens, and not to mention stealing money from your customers. Wow you should be ashame, none of these cats did you ever deserve. Man do you have a consceince, maybe someone should put you in a cage and have you sleep and eat in your own waste. When I heard about all this horrible things that you did, it made me cry I couldn't believe my ears and eyes. you claimed that you cared about your cats how could you.
    Also I know where you got Prince from and you were very Lucky to have got that stunning boy from GlasSlipper Cattery, man Cynthia did you a favor by letting you get him and you kicked her in the face by be so cruel to her beloved kitten. Also Cindy from College Kitty is another wonderful breeder and you tried blaming her for what you were quilty for. Didn't anyone teach you anything, like people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. What was easier for you to push the blame when you were the one quilty of being horrible breeder.
    Also you bashed so many wonderful breeders including her, and you all along were the worst kitten mill ever in my book. You should be ashamed you sick person you. Your boyfriend is a sick puppy and I really hope to God they throw the key away on both of you and that you get threated like you threated your animals, let someone treat you the way you treated them. All I can ask for I hope God saves your soul, and saves you from going to hell for the way that you treated those animals. Animals are helpless and you were suppose to be good to them and were weren't, how dare you be so mean.

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  • Il
    ILUVLOOCY Apr 28, 2010

    I have two cats I purchased from College Kitty. They were from different breeding pairs. I could not be happier with these cats. They are beautiful and healthy and I haven't had days problem with them. I have had Siamese cats my entire life and have literally had more than a dozen over my lifetime. College Kitty has been nothing but professional to me and the quality of the cats I've purchased there is fantastic.

    They are beautiful animals and they have wonderful personalities. One is two and half years old now and the other is almost a year old.

    I am also aware of Katie from Amunra. I had previously put down a deposit on a kitten with Katie but after nearly a year of waiting for the type of kitten I wanted, I sought out another breeder. That's when I found College Kitty. I am grateful that I did because I would have still been waiting for a kitten from Katie.

    I am sorry the original poster had issues with the kitten they bought from Cindy but I also received the same contract they must have gotten when they purchased their kitten. Mine clearly says that College Kitty will take the kitten back and replace it with another if there is a problem.

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  • Pe
    peopleshouldjustbenice1234 Apr 26, 2010

    I do know is Katie sold her a sick cat that died and she did nothing to stand by it. Her name was Star and the cat did not die from FIP but other illness due to the way Katie breeds. Cindy was also helping a old friend sell her kittens that she also lives in Illinois that was the one who had FIP and she ended the friendship because of alot of bad dealings. You can not blame Cindy for the FIP since it wasn't her kittens to begin with but a lady named Connie. Connie never stood by her kittens but cindy stands by anything she sells... Cindy has a kind heart and is a wonderful breeder.

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  • Pe
    peopleshouldjustbenice1234 Apr 26, 2010

    I will be happy to tell you who it is, it is Katie from Amunra Cattery here is the articles, she is horrible for putting her cats through this with her sick boyfriend. May God help them and those poor helpless furbabies. Cindy from College Kitty would never do what Katie from Amunra Cattery has done. Cindy from College Kitty Cattery treats her furbabies as her family members and doesn't cage, Also she takes wonderful care of her babies.


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  • Co
    College Cats Apr 16, 2010

    There is not a chance of that happening. Her and her boyfriend ran into some bad luck. I guess what goes around comes around.

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  • On
    Onyxx Apr 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please identify this evil breeder so people don't purchase cats from her!

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  • On
    Onyxx Apr 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who is this evil breeder who is trying to sabotages others?

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  • Co
    College Cats Mar 28, 2010

    I am relieved to see that people are catching on to this evil and vindictive breeder!!! She has tried to sabotage other breeders in the past.

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  • Pe
    peopleshouldjustbenice1234 Mar 28, 2010

    This breeder is a wonderful and caring breeder, she tries to do everything for her kittens, because she truly loves her kittens and her cats, they are like members of her family. What " heartachewithkittenpaws " has said in her complaint is only wrote because herself is a mean breeder who has made Cindy a victim of slander, but heartachewithkittenpaws is a terrible breeder that sold Cindy a sick kitten that when she confronted her she started slandering her. College Kitty is a victim of slander this should have never been posted because Cindy at College Kitty is one of the best breeders that I know, people should wish there was more breeders like this one. So please don't make a judgement on hear say, if you do you might be making a huge mistake. Sadly to say that in this world there some people that have nothing better to do but gossip and make up rumors about someone else, when they don''t even knoow the whole story. So I am asking you to not believe what people say without facts...

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  • Jo
    johnsonandjohnson Mar 21, 2010

    According to information on FIP from many sources, it doesnt matter if the breeder got rid of all the assumed affected cats...transmission is through inhilation and ingestion from's likely all of the breeders cats have been exposed by the few cats with the problem.

    Feline infectious peritonitis
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    FIP-infected kidney showing inflammatory responseFeline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal, incurable disease that affects cats. It is believed by some to be caused by Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus (FIPV), which is a mutation of Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FECV) - (Felin Coronavirus FeCoV). Although there appears to be a connection between FIP and feline coronavirus, no clear cause and effect has yet been proven. Experts do not always agree on the specifics of FIP. However, the most common theory is that the normally benign FECV mutates into FIPV. The mutated virus has the ability to invade and grow in certain white blood cells, namely macrophages. The immune system's response causes an intense inflammatory reaction in the containing tissues. This disease is generally fatal [1]. However its incidence rate is roughly 1 in 5000 for households with one or two cats. [2]

    See also the special article about Felin Coronavirus

    Contents [hide]
    1 Transmission and infection
    2 Signs
    2.1 Effusive (wet)
    2.2 Non-effusive (dry)
    3 Diagnosis
    4 Treatment
    5 See also
    6 External links

    [edit] Transmission and infection
    FECV is very common, especially in places where large groups of cats are kept together (animal shelters, catteries, etc). Cats become infected by inhaling or ingesting the virus. The most commonly cited transmission source is feces, although contaminated surfaces such as food dishes and clothing can transmit the virus as well.

    Despite the prevalence of FECV, most infected cats do not develop FIP. Often, exposure to FECV produces no clinical signs, but may cause a mild diarrhea. Therefore, a cat without clinical signs may still be an FECV carrier and may pass the virus to another cat. In any cat infected with FECV there is a chance that the virus may mutate into the FIP causing form. This chance is increased for cats that are immune compromised including very young and very old cats. There is also thought to be a genetic component to susceptibility to viral mutation.

    [edit] Signs

    FIP effusive fluidThere are two main forms of FIP: effusive (wet) and non-effusive (dry). While both types are fatal, the effusive form is more common (60-70% of all cases are wet) and progresses more rapidly than the non-effusive form.

    [edit] Effusive (wet)
    The hallmark clinical sign of effusive FIP is the accumulation of fluid within the abdomen or chest, which can cause breathing difficulties. Other symptoms include lack of appetite, fever, weight loss, jaundice, and diarrhea.

    [edit] Non-effusive (dry)
    Dry FIP will also present with lack of appetite, fever, jaundice, diarrhea, and weight loss, but there will not be an accumulation of fluid. Typically a cat with dry FIP will show ocular or neurological signs. For example, the cat may develop difficulty in standing up or walking, becoming functionally paralyzed over time. Loss of vision is another possible outcome of the disease.

    FIP Facts and Information

    [edit] Diagnosis

    Cytology of FIP-induced fluid showing neutrophils, macrophages and lymphocytesThe signs associated with FIP are often non-specific, which can cause diagnosis to be very difficult. There is as yet no definitive diagnostic test for FIP. Diagnosis may include a combination strong clinical suspicion, physical examination findings, presence of abdominal fluid with characteristic chemistry changes and examination of affected tissues for the FIP virus (this is usually performed post-mortem, but can be performed via tissue biopsy). Histopathological examination of tissue samples is usually the cheapest available diagnostic test, but its sensitivity and specificity for FIP is questionable. A polymerase chain reaction test is also available for use with fluid or certain tissue samples; however, its efficacy is currently being reviewed.

    More commonly, a presumptive diagnosis is made based on clinical signs and evaluation of abdominal or chest fluid, if available. Fluid caused by FIP tends to be yellow in color and have elevated protein levels. Blood tests can also be performed to bolster a presumptive diagnosis by looking for coronavirus antibodies and elevated protein. Coronavirus titers are NOT considered diagnostic in and of themselves due to the ubiquity of FeCoV, but may be used in conjunction with clinical symptoms to make an FIP diagnosis. It is important to note that cats with higher titres of FCoV are no more likely to develop FIP than those with lower titres.

    In the presence of abdominal or chest fluid, a simple test called Rivalta test, can be used to differentiate fluid resulting from FIP from fluids resulting from some other disease with very good accuracy.

    [edit] Treatment
    Accepted wisdom is that there is no cure for FIP; treatment is symptomatic and palliative only, i.e. typically the owner is advised to make the cat as comfortable as possible until it becomes clear that the cat is suffering. Prednisone or other immunosuppressive drugs prescribed by a veterinarian may help to prolong the cat's life for a few weeks or months, but may be contraindicated in certain cases due to concomitant infection(s), although this risk can be mitigated somewhat by also treating with antibiotics. Newer approaches using immune modulators are being developed by several companies including IMULAN BioTherapeutics and Sass & Sass, Inc.

    Effusive FIP usually progresses too rapidly for any meaningful therapy to be attempted.

    Quarantine is not necessary as FIP is not truly an infectious disease. Feline Enteric Coronavirus is shed in the feces and can be passed on to other cats, however, it is the mutated form of the virus that leads to FIP. This form is only found in macrophages and is therefore not shed and not contagious.

    As FIP signs can be easily overlooked, it is highly advised to have your cat examined by your family veterinarian at any signs of abdominal distention, changes in the eyes, chronic diarrhea, unusual lethargy or respiratory infection. While treatment will only be symptomatic, it may prolong the life of the cat as well as soften the blow to the owner. FIP patients can benefit from cytotoxic drugs such as methotrexate and cytoxan, and from corticosteroids such as methylprednisone or prednisolone; though it is not a cure, it often improves appetite, weight, and can make the cat less lethargic. In some cases, cytotoxic drugs can induce a brief remission, and even corticosteroids alone can give the cat 3-5 more months of good quality life. In spite of these treatments, however, prognosis remains extremely poor.

    Trials: Animal Health Consulting, LLC is evaluating a new immune modulator for cats with FIP. The immune modulator is based on new technology being developed by IMULAN BioTherapeutics, LLC.

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  • Co
    College Cats Mar 18, 2010

    The cat that produced a kitten that died of FIP was not owned by College Kitty Cattery but a breeder in downstate Illinois. I have since stopped working with that breeder and sold any breeding females I purchased from her. I explained this to the party who lodged this complaint in great detail on several occasions. She was looking for a cash refund and my contract clearly states that I do not offer cash refunds but provide another kitten. I work with very reputable breeders and offered her a kitten from those lines. Unfortunately, some people are very difficult to deal with. I am sorry for her loss but can no longer help her or please her.

    College Kitty Cattery

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