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I was provided this email below stating that I don't qualify for online purchase because of fraud or name issue went in the past I have purchased in the last two months with the same credit card items from Coach Outlet online. When confronted with five people and one manager I never received a call from the department and secondly the items that I want is not even in stores only on online I contacted my bank they will be sending me a letter telling me that this letter card is legit and since I have talk to my fraud department regarding this I have reported this to the Better Business Bureau and FTC state of California regarding this issue. It's unfair on my part that I was penalized for something that I didn't do so I need a solution to the problem and I have reported this to the VP of Coach which is leigh manheim [protected] also emailed her leigh. [protected]

This was really unprofessional and how they do business. This past two months I have bought close to almost 10 to 15 items and they were not small amount

For the protection of our customers, all orders are subject to an extensive verification process. As such, your order did not meet the parameters for acceptance and has been canceled. The specific details of this transaction are secured for your protection and not available to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please try going into a Coach Outlet store to make your purchase. The store associates are able to verify your information in person, and have been able to successfully process orders for customers who have experienced similar situations.


Coach Customer Care
800.307.0040 (Outlet)

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Same thing just happened to me, I’ve purchased tons of stuff for my GF from coach outlet stores physical, This is the first and last time I try to purchase from coach outlet online… I luckily found the bracelet she wanted to match her purse from a individual reseller it looks like it’s in very good shape and I know she will like it, but I’m still so pissed about my experience how do they accept orders 2X only to then refund them…. You know what I believe, I don’t believe it has Anything to do with verification, I think when they send you emails with discounted items they entend for you to spend hundreds because of the discount, And I think when you try and get a bargain like 3 bracelets all on sale for $30 each plus an extra 15% at checkout… I think they intentionally block people from getting deals like this and cancel ordered intentionally to keep inventory for people who want to tack those items onto bigger purchases…. I tried to order with 2 different CC and called in and did a order over the phone with a lady and it still wouldn’t process all my info matched I use these cards all the time online …
This is the last time my girl gets a Coach purse from me… This has turned me off completely that I don’t even want to go into there stores anymore…. anything from me is MK from now on…

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