Econolodge Inn and Suites Near Florida Mall (FL036)unethical behavior; unauthorized attempts to get money

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My son checked into this property on March 30, 2019 and was there for three hours when he was "put out." Room charge and fees of $89.99 and a $50 incidental charge had been collected at check in. He did complain to the office that there was a roach in the bathtub, other than that there was no encounter whatsoever with the hotel staff before he was "put out!" Further, there was no explanation of why he was being put out, just that they wanted him out and called the police. Police said "nothing we can do, been called here before, it's his hotel and he can put you out if he wants to", and that he can complain to the corporate office! To add insult to injury, one hour after my son had left the hotel, they tried, on two occasions, to get money from his account, first for $39. 99 and then for $89.99... Fortunately the card he used was a prepaid one and they were unable to get the money.
We wrote to the hotel but they did not respond. He contacted Choice Hotels and Priceline and they contacted the property... and they now had a made-up story to offer them about a non smoker who had been smoking in the room. Funny thing is staff was not in the room and, had there been smoking, which there was not, they would not have known before the next morning.

The hope here is that people will read this and steer clear of this hotel.


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      Apr 09, 2019

    More to this. They said that they put my son out because people were complaining that he and his friends were making noise and and drinking. While I admit that this is true this was at 11pm and it was not even midnight yet. Also they accused a non smoker of smoking in the room when it was one of my sons friends. They said he could not have the friends stay over at the hotel to have a party and that they were playing loud music and swearing

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