Choice Hotels Internationalreservation cancellation /sleep inn, 3425 dore lane, missoula, mt

A Jul 02, 2019

On June 5, 2019, I made a Reservation for a One Bedroom, Queen Bed for Saturday, June 29, 2019 and checking out on June 30, 2019 at above Sleep Inn. I called directly to the hotel and spoke with the Manager, Shaylee who made this reservation. Reservation# [protected]. She took ALL my information and sent me a Reservation Confirmation via my email at:
[protected] I asked at that time if there was a Shuttle to the airport because we had a early flight and she said that she would arrange for a Uber driver to pick us up for she had several friends who could do this. CHECK-IN is 3:00 pm.!!!
On Saturday, 1:06 pm someone named Riley called and said that I did not have a Credit Card on file and I needed to call to give information. I was in out of service area and did not see this voicemail until 2:35 pm. When I called, the Manager working at this time named Cooper, stated he had already CANCELLED my RESERVATION, claiming their was NO credit card on file!! and there was no vacancies!! I asked to speak with Shaylee. and was told she had taken the day off! There were no vacancies in the whole city of Missoula because of a Marathon that weekend. Price gouging was going on and this is probably why my reservation was cancelled to charge a higher price to someone else.! Either Shaylee needs to be fired if she didn't take my credit card #(I'm certain she did because my address is on file)) or Cooper who cancelled my reservation with false statement. Needless to say, I HAD NO PLACE TO STAY and had to travel miles to get to the airport on time by 6:30 am. I called Customer support to file a grievance and was transferred to someone who offered me Reward Points. I needed a room NOT Reward Points. I am going to write the Chamber of Commerce in Missoula if no action is taken. Also Social Media if no compensation is offered and I don't want Reward Points!! I was offered 2, 000 points then was told you needed 6, 000 points for a free nights stay! When I asked what I was suppose to do now with no place to stay, that Agent hung up on me!! You need to investigate this and make some serious changes!! I can send you a copy of Reservation Confirmation if you send me an email address. I hope to hear from you soon! Contact me at: [protected] or [protected]

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