Ching Labs Sarah Zangorder 400 dollars in product and communication stop

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I ordered and sent bitcoins to Sarah Zang from ching labs on 09/13/17. I actually paid the extra money for the reship. I wasn't given tracking details until about 2 weeks later and was given two different numbers. Sarah then instructed which tracking number was mine and this tracking number hasn't updated for over a month now. I have been emailing Sarah for the reshipment and now all communications between me and her have stopped. I would think twice before you loose money like I did because I could of used this 400 dollars for a lot better things then just getting the run around and now not even getting answers. I just want my product to reship and get what I paid for but it looks like ching labs is nothing but a con! I will take down this comment as soon as Sarah makes this right!!!


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      Dec 23, 2017

    The same thing happened with me. Have placed several orders with Ching however the last two were not good at all. The first of the last two orders, the product was received wet and Sarah replied by saying her product must have broken down that it was not shipped in ice..."Wtf kind of reply is this" we go ahead an try to use the product and it isn't worth a chit! I decide to go ahead with another order, this time for $2k and low an behold the excuses roll. First she sends tracking, then a week later I receive an email stating one of her workers were stealing and send out the incorrect product. The TN that was sent ended up delivering to Fla and not a peep or response from Sarah. Do yourself a favor an use another lab. Ching shows a recurring theme of scamming people out of their hard earned cash!. Steer clear. Thanks

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