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China Cheermore inflatables GroupThey took my money and didnt send me my mechanical bull!

This review is for anybody who is thinking about importing goods from China Cheermoore Inflatables. I have spent a lot of money with them and I have got lots of headaches and missing/unusable goods to show for it. They dont answer their phones or emails and have terrible customer support. Anybody out there thinking of importing anything from overseas - Think twice and read my experience with this company before outlaying your money.

The Company


CEO Chen Ronghua / Chen Guozhong
Business/Company Name Cheermore Group Limited, Cheermore Inflatables Inc., Cheermore Seed Co.
Description Cheermore Group Limited is developer of amusement rides, sports attractions, maxi-fun games, bungee trampoline, trailer mobile eurobungy trampoline 4in1, trailer climbing walls, mechanical bull, bungy jumping, playgrounds, inflatables, funball shootair, spider fun tower, vertical-reality rock climbing, sling shot, surf simulator, wake board simulators, aero space bikes, extreme fun sport rides, sling shot catapult, aerotrim, gyroscope, and other extreme fun sports games.

Adult & kids jumping castles, sumo suits, gladiator duel, rock climbing, velcro wall, bucking bull, surf board riding machine, Combo castles, water walking balls, zorb balls- for entertainment for kids and adults parties / events

Address 78 Industrial Avenue, Xiamen, Fujian, China, 361005

Group 8, Shandingtou, Zhengban Village, Maxiang Town, Xiang'an Dist., Xiamen, Fujian, China (Mainland)

Phone [protected], [protected] (Never answers though)
Fax [protected]
Employee Sales Department - [protected]
Employee Service Department - [protected]
Employee Jenny Huang - [protected]
Employee Sooner Chen - [protected]
Employee Flora Lee - [protected]
Employee John Zhang - [protected]

The Products
I first discovered "China Cheermore Group"-"Cheermore Inflatables"-"Cheersmore" on one of the several networking websites such as, EC Plaza Network, website (I apologise for the name repeats but its essential for search engines to read text links so everybody finds this site). I forwarded an email on 09 October 2009 enquiring about prices and the relationship began there. After several days, a few emails between myself and an employee by the name of Sooner Chen and different quotations for a variety of inflatable and amusement goods, I decided on purchasing 7 items.

Those goods included: (Please click an image to view detailed listing)

Product Code
Advertised Price

Jumping Castle

Horizontal Bungy

Fly on the wall

Sumo Suits

Medievel Knights Bout


Mechanical Bull

The Payment

They sent me an invoice however it revealed the company details of their previous customer (See below invoice picture).
It revealed Michael O'Brien at Funtime Bouncers in Melbourne. I rang Michael about their experience with the company. He told me that he would not purchase off them again because of the lack of customer support after they paid for their goods. He said that they bought a basketball horizontal bungy inflatable from them. He ordered 2 spare bungy cords and advised me that they were never included with the package. He tried to contact them about this and gave up because he could not get through to them. He also advised that he paid a lot of money for air freight because they needed it for an important event. "China Cheermore Group"-"Cheermore Inflatables"-"Cheersmore" assured them that it would arrive before this however it didnt.

I contacted "China Cheermore Group"-"Cheermore Inflatables"-"Cheersmore" and they sent me the correct invoice. There was a 10% discount on the inflatables only (not the mechanical bull because apparently their is little profit on this item). There was also a $350 charge for sea freight to the Brisbane, Australia port. The payment terms were 50%deposit and balance after production or 100% for urgent orders. I wanted the items before the busy christmas period so I paid the whole amount up front.. In future I would reconmend anybody purchasing from China to pay 30-50% up front and the balance when you get photos of the items completed. Here are the following bank details of "China Cheermore Group"-"Cheermore Inflatables"-"Cheersmore"

Bank account details:
Account no.: [protected]
Address: 78 Industrial Avenue, Xiamen city, China 361005
Name of bank: The Bank of East Asia (China), Ltd. Xiamen Branch
Bank address: G/F & 1/F., Huicheng Commercial Complex, 837 Xiahe Road, Xiamen, China

I paid for the items (Invoice NO: CM2009092116) on the 2nd of October 2009 and contacted Sooner Chen by email to advise payment and enquire as expected time of delivery. I got no reply so I contacted him again on the 4th and 5th. On the 6th day without receiving a reply, I contacted the sales department who advised me of a National public holiday and they would contact me shortly with a status update. On the 12th October nobody had contacted me so I emailed them and they assured me that they had started production on the Jumping castle, Sumo suits, Mechanical Bull, Velcro Fly wall, Gladiator Ring, Horizontal Bungy and Medieval Knights Joust.

On the 19th of October I contacted them and asked how long production would take (The website FAQS page advises a production time of 5 days). Sooner Chen advised they would be about 8 days more. In 8 days time (27th October) i contacted them and enquired about the Jumping castle, and the Sumo suits, and the Mechanical Bull, and the Velcro Fly wall, Gladiator Ring, Horizontal Bungy and Medieval Knights Joust.

I got no reply so i sent another email 6 days later (02 November) advising them that it had now been a month since i had made payment.
The next day I got a letter from Jenny Huang advising me that Sooner Chen was out at a business trade show and the goods were in customs clearance. She sent me the following photos of 4 items (Note that the mechanical bull was not on the mattress).

12 days later I still hadnt heard anything so i contacted them and "China Cheermore Group"-"Cheermore Inflatables"-"Cheersmore" advised me that the ship would be leaving on 19 November and they would send me the shipping documents.

A week later and i still had not received the shipping documents so i contacted them and they emailed the forms to me and advised that the ship would arrive in Brisbane on the 9th of December. This was the last time I would ever speak to anybody at "China Cheermore Group"-"Cheermore Inflatables"-"Cheersmore" again.

The Waiting Game

On the packing list it detailed 13 packages at 927 kilograms:

7 packages containing "Aeration Cushions" inflatable matresses/jumping castles,
1 package containing 2 Gladiator "Sticks",
1 package containing 2 Jousting "Sticks",
2 packages containing "PVC Cushions" (Gladiator stands),
1 package containing 3 "Aeration Machines" (Blower fans),
1 package containing 2 "Aeration Machines" (Blower fans)

I sent them an email enquiring about the mechanical bul but didnt get a reply. I pressumed it was just mixed in with the rest of the packages and waited for it to arrive.

The goods arrived in Brisbane and their was a host of charges that i was not expecting. I warn anybody else thinking of importing from china to consider. It cost $960 to have a Broker organise the unloading of the ship at the dock:

Destination Port Charges 591.89
Destination Terminal Handling Charges 140.93
Delivery Order Fee 75.00
CMR FEE 30.00
Destination Security Surcharge 10.00
Destination Administration Charge 25.00
GST 87.00

I decided to do the customs clearance myself and saved a further $181 however i dont reconmend anybody go down this route as its quite complicated. I also was nearly prosecuted for declaring a false value of the goods. Warning - Customs officials have access to bank records and can cross-reference TT transactions. My advice is get the broker to handle this part. It cost me a further $1500 in GST and import duty and $60 for an AQIS clearance. All this took time since I was doing it myself and I ended up getting hit with further storage fees at the dock. I didnt think it would be too bad but it turned out to be astronomical. 5 cubic metres @ $35/cbm per day and i was up for another $1100 for a few days storage fees. Then there was the $880 to get the items trucked from Brisbane to Cairns and it has been a very expensive exercise. Had I known/thought about all these extra costs and certainly would not have bought all of the amusements: Jumping castle, Sumo suits, Mechanical Bull, Velcro Fly wall, Gladiator Ring, Horizontal Bungy and Medieval Knights Joust.

The Arrival

It finally arrived at my door on the 29th of December (88 days after payment). Here is my review of the items:

Mechanical Bull
The inflatable mattress and the blower were included but there was no bull and no remote control. Oops, we forgot to include the bull - idiots!

Gladiator Ring
-No helmets as per invoice and email dated 18/09/09.
-The poles only have half an inch of padding. I took one hit to the head and was nearly unconscious.
-Within 30 minutes of using the Gladiator ring, one of the poles has broken and there is no zip or Velcro to replace the poles???

Jumping Castle
-Needs two blowers as the 680watt blower supplied could not lift the castle up by itself.
-Already had a 2 cm abrasion hole on the underside of the jumping castle.
-The disney print on the front side of the castle is faded and of poor quality. I question how long it would last for.

Horizontal Bungy
-Only 2 bungy cables and not 4 (2 spare) as per invoice and conversation dated 18/09/09.
-No helmets supplied for this amusement as agreed in email on 14/10/09.
-You think it would be smarter to have the deflation holes at either end to make it easier when rolling it up. All of the amusements are like this but the bungy one is the worst because this item is 7 metres long. Rolling it up with the vents in the middle is a nightmare.
-I also had to spend an hour or two scrubbing it down to get the chalk off it.
-The harnesses are terrible. They are sharp and uncomfortable. Need to replace these with better style.

Velcro Fly wall
-Supplied was a child suit and a small adult suit. I had a 150 cm girl try the larger Velcro suit and she was a good fit for the suit. I am 180 cms tall and would consider myself of average male size. Since most people using the Velcro fly wall would be male of average size, there needs to be a much larger suit supplied. I tried fitting into the suit and I could not move in it, let alone run or jump to get the speed to hit the wall. Just putting it on choked me around the neck region.

Sumo suits
-These suits are too small and should be listed as childrens suits.
-They also need Velcro on the sides to stop the belt falling down.

Jousting Game
-This game is ridiculous and a complete waste of money. You should stop selling these or at least re-design it so they work and sit properly and firmly on the shoulders/head. There is no support inside and so the head piece keeps falling off. It’s hard enough to balance the suit on your head without the top piece falling off, let alone pickup the pole and hit somebody. There needs to be more support or padding so it can sit properly on your shoulders or head.

The Verdict

I had missed the busy christmas season. I had to cancel many anticipated bookings in Decemeber to people whom I had promised they would arrive. I still had bookings for new years eve for the gladiator ring, jumping castle and the mechanical bull. As long as all the amusements were of decent quality, I would be happy. Unfortunately as it turns out i was severely dissapointed and had to cancel the bookings. All up it has cost me far more money than I expected. I have had many sleepless nights and much unwarranted stress worrying about the whole transaction. I have lost time, money and customers through lost bookings. The company has not answered their phone or emails since late November and I dont have a mechanical bull. Before the arrival of the goods, I had been considering purchasing inflatable tents and more jumping castles.

In conlusion, i expect you will not purchase anything from this company - its just not worth it. I will not stop pursuing this company until i am satisified with the outcome. I have created the following form as a guestbook. Please put your comments, suggestions or any similar experiences you have had importing from china. Also, please dont be afraid to get in contact with me and I will be happy to give you my opinion on the matter. Chris at djsfx dot com dot au.


  • Cr
    Crazyboy Nov 11, 2010

    I own Fantasy Party Hire in Western Australia. I assure you cheemore has been the worst supplier in my life! Same story as all of you guys. Ordered a Deluxe Bucking Bull @USD$6800 and got the basic USD$3200.00 model. Inflatables took about 7.5 months to arrive.

    Comments about the business closing its doors? This is China. They would close the business one day and open it under a different trading name the next. Means we could all succumb to their dubious ways again but under a different trading name.

    Few things I learnt about china is you need to be direct in your wording. A prime example - If you ordered say leather belts. You would expect leather belts to arrive. Wrong! If you say leather belts it would be pvc fake to look like leather. With china you need to be specific and say "Genuine Leather Belts", only then will you get the correct product.

    0 Votes
  • Ba
    Batman89 Oct 17, 2010

    i can confirm that the company has closed its doors. I'm panicing that my order wont arrive and i'll be ruined as its a big order.

    0 Votes
  • Ra
    raffl.thomas Oct 16, 2010

    oh my...but they are great for my start up rental business

    0 Votes
  • Hv
    HvN Jun 25, 2010

    Here's another story of getting ripped off by this company Cheermore. Last februari I purchased 5 inflatables and an bouncer. After paying about 1850 $ and after a long story of emailing and asking, I received the items in june. The quality is not what I expected, poor quality.
    But.. no blowers and no promised accesoires. Now they won't answer my mails. So i missed this season of rentals and had to buy new blowers local for about 500$.
    I advise not to do any business with these people,
    H. The Netherlands

    0 Votes
  • Da
    DANIEL SANCHEZ POZO Jun 09, 2010

    DANIEL SANCHEZ POZO SEVILLA [email protected] [protected]

    HELLO, I ALSO BELIEVE THAT I HAVE been ripped off by these Chinese, . My order is over € 10, 000 to enter the 12 MARCH PAST 3 MONTHS AND HAVE NO SE NADA DE NADA, NI RESPOND TO MY EMAILS, OR THE PHONE, I'M NOT SIGNING LETTER. I am ruined! I HAVE LOST A LOT OF MONEY, I hope all come together and recover our DINER EN [protected] MY MOBILE wait for help. THANK YOU

    0 Votes

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