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We have experienced 3 incidents of the non-approval of our checks by Certegy Check Services. There is something you can do to fight back, file a complaint! This is a Tampa Florida based company so I elected to file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Services, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services rather than the Federal Trade Commission. There is an on-line complaint form and also you can download a hard copy complaint form. Their website is found at: They do acknowledge receipt of complaints and they do assign case numbers to complaints for reference. It would be helpful if all of you folks who have posted complaints on the Complaints Board Website would flood the State of Florida with numerous complaints on Certegy Check Services.

Alice LaTorre
, US
Jan 19, 2010 7:23 pm EST

I went to Shaws (also known as Albertsons in other states) in East Hartford, Connecticut, where I have had a courtesy card for years . I went to cash a check and it was declined. I was given a card with a number to call. I called and was quite nasty..They would not give me a reason why it was declined. I got a bull story about it fit a profile in their "Risk Module". I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told the same garbage. I explained that legally they have to tell me why my check was declined. They said it was a privacy matter and that they would elevate my account and I should have no further problems. Well, guess what...I didn't. I do believe that contacting the State Attorney General would get more response. I live in Connecticut and we have a great A.G - Mr. Blumenthal. I plan on contacting him.

I also believe that everyone who has gone through this humiliation for nothing and their attitude toward these issues should bring a class action suit against this company.

I have printed copies of complaints that I am going to bring to the Manager of Shaws attention so they can see what they are dealing with. All companies should know that they will lose customers do to this..I know that I will not go to Shaw's anymore and I have seen complaints from other people saying the same.

Thank you

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