CENEXcomplaint about the manager

M Dec 17, 2019

I am a loyal customer of Cenex. Particularly the Zip Trip, Convince Store and Gas station here in Butte Montana. I stopped in the store yesterday morning, as is my routine for cigarettes and gas. The Manager, whom I know began immediately to harass and scream at me in a loud and obnoxious voice. "She", lives in the same Apt. Complex that I do. In fact, the Apt. directly above me.
She chose to air a Personal issue between us in a "Public" Forum, in the Store, in front of several customers. She was extremely loud, and rude to the extent that I am going to seek legal action against her and Cenex.
I'm not only a senior citizen, but a Marine Veteran and a member of the VFW here in Butte, Montana. I will not be screamed at by a unstable, unprofessional, individual in a public place, or private for that matter.
I will make sure that "All" my friends and fellow Marines and Veterans are aware of that Managers actions, and disrespect.
I would think that a Company as Large as Cenex would, at the least, monitor their employees, who deal with the public, on a regular basis.
You may contact me via email or phone.
Preston Goff
USMC/ Retired

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