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This is a warning for anyone looking to purchase a horse from Casey Palmer or Jodi Bagwell of Porum, Oklahoma. They also list themselves out of Dallas, Texas and even occasionally in California. They are d.b.a. (doing business as) Rockin P Quarter Horses or

Casey Palmer advertised a 12 year old kid safe horse on the website and also on (unsure of any other websites he may have used also). I contacted him and spoke with him about the mare. I let him know that this was going to be the first pony for a 7 year old child. He assured me that the pony was bomb proof (bombproof), completely safe, anyone can ride, could be used as lesson horse, etc., etc. I specifically asked him if the horse had ANY health issues and if she was sound. He assured me that she was "completely healthy and sound" and that he would not be able to find one this nice again for a couple of years. He also told me several times "You will not be disappointed in this horse". After several very believable conversations with Mr. Palmer, I agreed to pay him $1000 for the pony and he assured me that he would be able to have her shipped to my home for approximately $200 within 1 to 5 days.

Each time I phoned Casey asking what the status was for shipping the mare - it was difficult to get a hold of him and when I finally did he always had a story. He told me that his fiancee (Jodi Bagwell) had found transportation and he would get back to me with the details. After not hearing from him again, I called Jodi only to find out (that what he had said was not true) and that she had no idea what he was talking about and had not made any such arrangement with anyone . Then, he tells me "a friend" could transport the horse for approximately $500 (more than double what he originally told me it would cost). Finally, after several weeks of this, I resorted to arranging my own transportation, which was substantially higher than he indicated it would be.

The transportation company arranged to pick up the horse, but had to wait for several hours (past the agreed pick up time) for Mr. Palmer to finally bring the horse to them putting them behind schedule for their other clients.

When the pony finally arrived at my location (less than 24 hours later), she was not even completely off the trailer when I noticed a horribly inflamed, running, swollen eye oozing yellow pus. Her entire nose and muzzle were also completely covered in a blistered, scabby sort of rash, bleeding in some spots. I immediately phoned my veterinarian (who arrived in less than an hour) and informed me that the ponies left eye had CANCER and that the right eye was not far behind. He indicated that this had been going on for at least a year - possibly longer. She was also running a fever, very underweight and had a slightly clubbed foot. Now, mind you, he had a couple of photos of her that I had seen but all taken at a distance impossible to discern the issue with her eyes.

I immediately phoned Mr. Palmer to let him know about my shock in seeing her in this condition and asked him to contact me so that we might resolve this. He refused to answer his phone or return my call. I sent him an email that evening with a photo of the pony's eye and asked how this could have possibly been overlooked when I had specifically asked if she had ANY health conditions. He again refused to reply, not even to express surprise or concern of any sort for the pony.

The following morning the pony was severely ill with pneumonia. It took extensive care and intravenous antibiotics to bring her through. (I have documentation for all of this) Her eye tissue was biopsied and confirmed that it was cancer (again, I have the report from the pathologist). She will most likely lose her left eye to the cancer in the very near future at a cost of upwards of $2,000 to me (this will in the end be closer to approximately $4,000 with the additional vet expenses - once again, I have written estimates from my veterinarian). Her right eye is also exhibiting similar symptoms, so we are unsure what her prognosis will be. Of course, if her right eye continues to follow the same course as her left eye, we will be forced to humanely euthanize her. Imagine the horror to a young child just receiving their first pony.

As far as the pony being labeled completely sound, I have already indicated that vet said she had a clubbed foot. She has also required special trimming on all four of her feet (my farrier said it was one of the worst cases she had seen and immediately moved the pony to her list of priorities for fear of her suffering permanent leg damage). She has had to trim the pony in several separate appointments to avoid doing too much at once. The pony is still showing signs of considerable heel pain in both front feet (possibly navicular?) I have not had her X-rayed yet (due to the other extensive health issues that we are already dealing with). Mr. Palmer had also told me that he was a farrier (or as he spells it "ferrier") and that her feet were in "perfect" condition. My complaint, however, is regarding the eyes. This is just additional information indicative of her overall condition.

I had opted not to do an additional vet check due to the fact that my own vet told me that it really doesn't do me any good. If the vet is a friend of the seller, or just plain incompetent, my only recourse would be to sue the veterinarian in the state it was done. I also see vet checks as a tool to uncover UNOBVIOUS or hidden issues or conditions that cannot be observed without the expertise of a vet. I had concluded (due to Mr. Palmer's untruths about the mare's condition) that there were no obvious conditions observed by Mr. Palmer that needed to be further examined by a vet. Had Mr. Palmer or Ms. Bagwell indicated that there was ANY sort of inflammation or issue with her eyes, I would have either requested a vet to do a further evaluation of her eyes or (most likely) terminated the transaction altogether.

Now, as to Mr. Palmer's claims of the pony being bombproof, kid safe and a perfect beginner or lesson horse. This also appears to be untrue. I have been riding horses for 25 years and the mare was wanting to take off with me. Mind you, this is NOT asking her to canter or run barrels, but just at a walk. She spins, throws her head, and had to be held tight in the bridle just to keep her at a walk. I have not even attempted to trot and canter her - as she was barely responding to me at a walk. Hardly appropriate for a kid's horse. But then again, should I be surprised at this point? She also pins her ears and gets extremely pissy when being tacked up. Even when cinching her slowly, she turns her head towards me as if she wants to bite - but has not as of yet. I am not comfortable putting ANY child on this horse, experienced or not. At this point, I would not put a beginner adult on her either.

After the pony's arrival, I phoned an equine attorney who informed me that a seller MUST inform a buyer of a pre-existing condition and make no effort to conceal it or it is fraud, regardless if an additional vet check is done or not. I have 5 years to put together a lawsuit should I choose to do so. I will happily email photos of this pony's eye if you are curious if there is any possible way that Mr. Palmer or Ms. Bagwell could have overlooked her condition. I believe that even the most novice horse person would be able to easily identify a problem. Mr. Palmer allegedly trains and sells horses for a living. How could he possibly have missed this?

During my discussion with the equine attorney, she asked for the name of the seller. When I informed her that it was Casey Palmer out of Porum Oklahoma, she immediately indicated that she was familiar with his name, as she has another client that also recently had a fraudulent sale with him. I have personally spoken with this other individual and I am sure that she would be happy to relay her unfortunate dealings with Mr. Palmer also. She essentially informed me that Mr. Palmer sold her a horse that was also supposed to be guaranteed to be safe, no buck, etc., etc. (it appears that most of their horses that are posted all have similar descriptions). Anyway, apparently this horse was dangerous and bucked every time he was asked to canter. This person lost a great deal of money trying to resolve the horse's issues (vets, chiropractors, equine massage therapists and even a professional trainer). After the horse broke the back cinch of the trainer (bucking) the trainer recommended that she get rid of him, as the trainer did not believe the horse would ever be safe. She lost a great deal of money because of this transaction with Rockin P Quarter Horses, and was disturbed and infuriated to hear that I was now also in a difficult situation.

To reiterate, I feel that there is no possible way that the conditions of this pony's eyes could have possibly been overlooked. When Mr. Palmer delivered the pony up to be transported, he specifically told the driver to "leave this fly mask on." The driver obeyed these orders and did not see the condition of the pony's eyes until just shortly before delivering her to me - and was appalled at her condition. The driver indicated that he had only seen horses in this poor of condition being hauled to slaughter.

Mr. Palmer and Ms. Bagwell knew fully well that this pony was to be a childs first horse - per my discussions with them. If she survives, she will be a one eyed horse which can be dangerous for an experienced rider, and certainly not ideal for a young rider just learning to ride, although after riding her, I find that she is an unsuitable mount for a child - even with BOTH eyes. Again, with both eyes exhibiting the same symptoms, we are unsure of her prognosis.

I feel that the lack of ethics and professionalism exhibited by Rockin P Quarter horses is deplorable and unforgivable. There were absolutely no attempts to contact me, offers to exchange the horse, offer for a full or partial refund, to simply apologize, express any sort of surprise at the news, or even check the welfare of the pony.

It is irrelevant to me whether Mr. Palmer and Ms. Bagwell knew fully well of the condition of the horse or they were too uneducated about horses to know that a horse with an eye condition as severe as this needs immediate medical treatment. Either way, I find it very disturbing that they continue to advertise and sell horses that are not as they are represented to be. I would hope that this should be enough to deter anyone from purchasing a horse from them. Obviously, I feel that this horse was grossly misrepresented as does the other buyer that I have spoken with. And, if an equine attorney immediately recognizes this seller's name I don't see that as a positive indication of their business transactions, do you? In sum, if any one is looking to purchase a horse from this business, I highly recommend that you take the facts of my situation (and the other persons) into consideration and make a wise decision about whether you should purchase or not. I would hate to see yet another person in the same difficult emotional and financial situation that our family has been put into.

Update by more
Jan 21, 2008 11:21 pm EST

I have had several people contact me - telling me how Casey Palmer is "explaining" these situations to others. He is apparently telling folks that the problem with these "problem" horses is because the people that bought them are "city women that don't know how to ride". I can assure you - that is NOT the problem. I have been riding horses for 25 years and have been fortunate to train with some of the top trainers in the nation. He is accepting zero responsibility for the misrepresented behavior of these horses and trying to lay blame on the buyers. Pathetic.

He is also telling folks that we are just trying to get ridiculous amounts of money out of him to resolve our issues. This is also untrue (go figure). He told one person that I wanted $2,000 to resolve this - while he told another person (approximately 24 hours later) that I wanted $5,000. He cannot even keep his own story straight. He is informing these people that I "want to buy another horse with the money". What?!

The TRUTH is this. Casey Palmer had the opportunity but refused to reply to me when I advised him of the situation. The mare was in immediate need of medical attention, and without medical intervention, she would have died. Now, that being said - Casey told (yet) another person that he was going to give me my original purchase price back and take the horse back. Please bear in mind that I had paid $350 to ship the horse and (because of Casey's failure to contact me - and I had no other recourse but to seek a vet's care) - I had also incurred a HUGE vet bill, farrier bills, and feed bills (vitamins and supplements to get the horse back to a healthy weight, etc.). Now, after I have made a HUGE investment into this horse to make it well again, he thinks he should be able to give me back the purchase price and take the horse back? Well, that's a HELL of deal for him, isn't it? I mean, send off a sick or untrained horse, and let someone else pay to make it healthy or rideable again - and not have to reimburse them? I'm supposed to just eat several thousands of dollars? I informed Casey (in a voice mail) that IF he wanted the horse back again, then YES, I would expect reimbursement for my costs incurred while the horse was in my care. Had he made me ANY offer to refund my purchase price (or even a portion of the purchase price) so that I could have at least applied it towards my vet costs (which it wouldn't even make a dent in at this point), I would have at least seen it as an attempt to rectify the situation, and most likely resolved the matter. This was NEVER done. NOTHING WAS DONE! Now, to hear that he is telling people that I wanted $5K to resolve this - is absolutely infuriating.

So, yes, Casey will be happy to "explain" his side of the story to you. However, please bear in mind that the story seems to change daily.

Update by more
Mar 21, 2008 11:55 pm EDT

Numerous people have contacted us through these postings. Please keep in mind that these emails sometimes get sent to our "spam" folders (not sure why only some do). Anyway, if you think you haven't received a reply to your comment from any of the original posters on here, please also check your spam folder - just in case it is being sent there. I know that this has happened at least twice. Please don't assume that we aren't replying. We are! Thanks!

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May 29, 2008 11:22 pm EDT

Well, just in case you are curious, I did "physically" check out no less than 17 local horses/ponies for my daughter. All of them turned out not to be what they were supposed to be.

But, that I think of it, I have numerous friends and acquaintances that have "physically" gone to inspect their horses. Guess what? Some were given bute or other medications prior to inspection. Yeah...people do that. Can you imagine? So, guess what? Their behavior and or health were substantially different than when they were inspected. I have also known too many people that paid for full vet inspections and still got screwed. My own vet recommended to not even bother. It's always just a hit or miss.

And guess what else? She DID have her Coggins and health certificates signed by the vet. And no, that vet made absolutely NO mention of her condition. And YES, the transport people asked for the health papers. Oh, and you should breathe easier knowing that she did not infect any other horses with the cancer. Whew...

Now, why would I even be interested in a pony that I hadn’t seen in person? Well, I had extensive conversations about her with My Palmer. They also had photographs and video of this pony acting VERY calm. Matter of fact you could stand on her back and climb under her belly without her even flinching! Cool! Weird thing is, I now realize that every picture of every horse they sell is doing just that. Amazing!

Should I have suspected that this pony was may have been tranquilized in some way? Perhaps. But had I driven several hundred miles to see her in person, how could I have known that she was not given some sort of sedative at that time too? I couldn’t. My point exactly.

Was I foolish to believe Mr. Palmer about this pony? Obviously, yes. He said all the right things. Was I too trusting? Obviously, yes. My parents raised me to be honest. Unfortunately, I have unrealistic expectations that other parents do the same. The days of taking someone for their word is long gone. Yes, good thing my 7 year old daughter learned this lesson early. Never trust anyone. Good lesson to teach. Matter of fact, I should have taught her that one much sooner.

Prior to purchasing this pony, I had found two other horses that were fabulous (and oh my gosh, they weren't even $5, 000). Wild. Unfortunately, other people realized that they were great horses too, and I lost out on them to other buyers, both times by just hours or minutes. Both times my daughter was devastated. I didn't want to lose out on this "perfect pony" too, so I took the leap. Will I pay the price for it? Most certainly. Already have.

By the way, I know of dozens of fabulous kid's horses through local 4H programs, and not one of them was even close to $5, 000. So to say that I need to spend at least that much to get a decent horse is just plain ignorant. Get what you pay for? I have a friend that purchased a $25, 000 Warmblood. Passed the vet inspection and all. Turned out lame just several months later. X-rays didn't show a thing. Odd... Behavior wasn't as expected either.

Ironically, I purchased another horse through Dreamhorse also. I also saw photographs and videos of her. Amazingly, she was all that they advertised. She is calm, sane, healthy. Go figure. This person actually sold a horse as they adverised it. What a concept. Oh, there's that whole "hit or miss" thing again.

I cannot tell you how many emails that I have had from people that have dealt with Casey and Jodi and their stories are much, much worse than mine. Did you happen to read any of the other complaints against these people? Or are you perhaps just a personal friend of theirs? Did you read the complaint about the person DID drive hundreds of miles to "physically" see a horse that Mr. Palmer advertised? Casey tried to switch the horse for a different one and then sell this "imposter" horse to them? Both he and his daughter attempted to ride two of their "bombproof" horses, and were given horses that bucked, reared and went over sideways. Good thing they wasted all their time and gas to go find out he was lying. I was able to enjoy learning that fact in the luxury of my own home.

You've obviously missed the point of my post entirely. My point was simply to say that many of the horses being sold by these people are not what they are advertising. I am hoping that other parents looking for a "bombproof" horse or pony can learn from my mistakes. It's been a very bitter pill to swallow, but your compassion is genuinely touching. Really.

By the way, I did run a search on their personal names and ranch name prior to making the purchase. Unfortunately for me, there were not any complaints posted at that time. Since I have added mine, several other people have posted theirs and dozens of others have emailed me with their problems. My post is simply to warn people to exercise caution if purchasing from them. Had someone else posted a similar story, I would have steered clear.

But you should give them a call next time your looking for a horse. With your obvious horse knowledge, I am sure if you go see it in person, it will turn out just fine.

Perhaps you will be put in a similar situation buying your $5, 000 + horse and having a vet inspection with it. Guess what? You're still not guaranteed. So I guess we all take risks, right?

Hopefully, I will eliminate some headache and heartache for other people, by posting my story.

I find it SO strange that the internet is how most people are choosing to buy their horses now. Just by pictures and videos and talking to the sellers. They ALL must be idiots, like me! Ah, well…I guess I am in good company.

Update by more
May 29, 2008 11:39 pm EDT

Thank you for your message.

It is encouraging to hear stories of one eyed horses that still do well. My only concern is that her other eye was also exhibiting similar symptoms. I keep my fingers crossed and pray every day that she will beat it.

Thanks again for sharing your story!

Update by more
Nov 07, 2008 10:42 am EST

To: "Screech owl" or whatever new sign in name you are currently using.

LOL! Whatever.

You know what the last comment sounds like to me? It sounds like Casey (or some sorry friend), trying to discredit any individuals that have had very REAL bad experiences with him. It sounds desperate and ridiculous.

The complaints have had to be posted several times, because "someone" (no prizes for guessing who) keeps trying to remove them from the search engines - so people cannot hear or read about the truth of these actual incidents! Then again, you say that Casey has SO many loyal customers that none of this will affect his business. So what are you getting so riled up about? You even stated yourself, that this can't and won't affect his business, right?

If Casey has legitimate sides to offer, then he should do so. What, exactly, is there to argue? These are actual experiences of actual people! If you think that Casey sells great horses, then bully, throw a parade for him! But trying to "attack" the people that had these awful experiences with him, only makes him look even worse. We're embarrassed for you.

Update by more
Nov 07, 2008 11:03 am EST

Oh, and by the way "Screechowl", if you aren't Casey himself, how could you possibly know who is "watching his videos" on his website? Duh.

Who is the liar now (or should I say as always?)?

Update by more
Nov 11, 2008 1:11 am EST

Casey has his mom posting comments for him now? It's very touching.

It sounds like you are calling me a liar? And that you don't believe your son would sell a horse in that condition? Because, of course, no one would ever haul a horse that bad. Well, here are some pictures of the horse that was hauled from your son's location to mine.

Yes, a professional transport company hauled the horse. Casey gave the driver strict instructions NOT to remove the fly mask as "the flies were bothering her eyes". The driver obeyed and did not remove the mask until just prior to delivering her. He was appalled at her condition. I still have the signed letter from the Transport Company stating the condition of the pony. And yes, I still have their phone number, and email information, and have remained in contact with them. THEY were very concerned about the welfare of the horse.

I also have proof from my veterinarian that this horse had a fever upon arrival and came down with pneumonia the next day. Dated invoices, etc. I have documented EVERYTHING!

I don't doubt at all that your daughter rode her. Casey told me that his little sister rode her. He said, however, that she didn't know how to ride - but from your story - it sounds like she is quite the accomplished rider.

I have no idea why the horses behavior would be different, but it was. Perhaps it was because she was sicker than a dog? Perhaps once she felt halfway normal, her disposition changed? Couldn't tell you for certain. But I can tell you that she was never a beginner horse for a 7 year old kid (as Casey indicated). Maybe when she was as SICK as she was, she might have been an appropriate horse for a 12 year old advanced rider (as you indicate your daughter is).

I never said that Casey tranquilized the horse. Re-read the comment. And by the way, yes, people can tranquilize horses to calm them, without making them completely "out of it". So, I did learn something after all.

Casey had an opportunity to rectify this situation. I phoned him the same day the horse arrived. What did he choose to do? Erase my message and not call me back. I sent him an email and attached a photo of the poor pony's eye and asked how it could possibly have been overlooked? He chose to delete it and move on. His ONLY phone call to me was after he found out this was posted, to threaten to sue me. I told him to do so, as I had documentation for everything. Never heard back from him. Why didn't he call to express surprise, sorrow, anything? He knew this was a first horse for a child and he couldn't give a rip. I think if he had simply called, expressing some concern for the poor horse, that would have probably been the end of the story. He chose not to. Why is that?

WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU THINK THAT WE HAVE TO GAIN FROM POSTING OUR EXPERIENCES? Not only have we been forced to endure an absolute nightmare, heartache, tears and a tremendous financial burden, NOW we have to this sort of abuse hurled at us?

Why hasn't he posted his side of the story here? Why hasn't he posted his side of the story to Karma's or John's complaints? We hope that he does, our attorneys will be most interested in reading them. AND, I hope for his sake that he has some sort of proof to back up the story that he has been telling to other people about us.

By the way, it is not just the two of us. We have had numerous other emails from people (and yes, we have those emails saved too). Several indicated that they were too afraid to put their complaints on here. Why is that?

We have also had emails from people that claim to be "local" with many unfavorable stories. We haven't put ANY of that on here. But why would complete strangers contact us and make up a bunch of stories?

What exactly is our crime here? We simply trusted Casey. As I indicated before, was I foolish to believe someone and simply take them for their word? Yep. Was I too trusting? Most definitely. We simply felt that we would be remiss not to let others know about it, but now it's getting back to us, things being said about us that are untrue. That's not acceptable.

So continue posting the comments. I expect that there will be 40, 000 comments soon from people that have the BEST horses ever. So be it. We did not have that experience. Casey could have attempted to remedy it from the start, I still can't understand why he didn't?

Update by more
Nov 11, 2008 1:29 pm EST

Any mother that loves her child would try to do what was possible to save the pony. Not just as a mother, but as a caring human being. This poor pony did nothing wrong other than have the misfortune of belonging to people that did not take care of her in the past. WE were the first ones to attempt to do so.

I have NO doubt that this horse WAS on it's way to slaughter, when your son Casey bought her at the sale. He then advertised her as "healthy as can be" and I was foolish enough to take him for his word.

AND YES, I still have all the paperwork that shows he purchased the horse from a livestock/slaughter sale. He said that he bought the horse for his little sister (your daughter) who he told me was 9 years old at the time AND didn't know how to ride (he said she was afraid of horses). Now, only one year later, YOU tell us that she is actually 12 years old and a very accomplished rider. So, either you or Casey are lying. Which one is it?

Update by more
Nov 11, 2008 6:58 pm EST

Also, "Happy Customer", please point out to me where you think that I said "a horse that is unsafe to ride should go to slaughter". What the heck are you talking about? I never said such a thing. I am confused as to why you would think that I said that?

Update by more
Mar 09, 2009 1:19 am EDT


How can you say that you don't think he would knowingly send a sick or unsafe horse to anyone? Either he DID know about these issues, or if he wasn't aware of their health or soundness issues, he should better educate himself as a horse trader, or find another profession.

Did you see the photos provided of the sick horse? If so, I'm thoroughly confused. Are you simply excusing his behavior for that or are you saying that he couldn't clearly see the horrific condition of the horse? How do excuse his behavior for not attempting to rectify ANY of these situations?

Why hasn't he shared his explanations here? Or should I say at least ONE of his MANY explanations, since his stories about each situation tend to change on a regular basis? Our attorneys would be most anxious to hear his side, as would many others.

There has since been another customer that feels quite certain that their horse was buted prior to their riding/inspecting.

Most of the people complaining have agreed that there are bound to be a few decent ones that have been sold. However, these are all legitimate stories (with SUBSTANTIAL proof to back them up) of very disturbing dealings with this person, with more come forward every day.

You may be happy with your horse. Count your blessings that you have not experienced an issue yet. I'd also suggest going and purchasing a lotto ticket while your luck is still good.

The rest of us that have had these horrific dealings ALSO encourage everyone to assess all of these stories and indeed make their own judgement on the business and the man.

Update by more
Nov 23, 2011 6:37 pm EST

Instead of resolving these issues - Casey has simply changed the name of his business and website to "Horses from Oklahoma". The "researchin" and "horsehealer" comments above appear to be from his new girlfriend. Casey contacted at least two of us and asked if we would remove the comments if he made a "payment" to us. We were both skeptical that Casey had any intention other than trying to get the comments removed from the internet. Casey agreed on amounts with both buyers (which were substantially less than we actually lost with our transactions with him). We informed him that once we received the specified amount (not just a "token payment" towards those amounts) we would happily update the comments to reflect that he made things right by us and we even offered to simply remove the comments in their entirety. Disappointingly (but as we suspected), he never made a single payment or further arrangements with us. It is now approaching a year since the calls, so he has had plenty of time to contact us again to resolve any issues with us. We were falsely encouraged that he had finally changed and was wanting to do the right thing - but all that changed was the name of his business and website to throw people off the trail he is leaving behind. Very disheartening.

, US
Mar 09, 2016 3:07 pm EST

Baylee, you adorable, little teenage darling, what does your reply have to do with Casey selling a horse that had cancer?
How does this negate the fact that there are multiple people complaining about the unethical behavior exhibited by Casey Palmer?
It doesn't.
After you grow up, feel free to come back and talk to the adults.

, US
Dec 12, 2015 12:25 pm EST

You say you've been riding for 25 years well maybe you have been riding wrong for the past 25 years. I'm thirteen and have been riding for 12 years and have rode several of Casey's horses and never once has one bucked with me. My family has bought a pony from him and is now training two of our horses. So maybe u don't know how to ride or you haven't earned the horses trust yet it could be the saddle he trains with a western saddle not a jumper horse or whatever. So get off your phone or computer and go try again. Y'all are acting like teenage girls with all this drama and believe me I know what teenage girl drama is because I'm a teenage girl so deal with it your problems yourself instead of crying to someone else beside if you were really mad you would drive out to his house and talk to him in person.

, US
Dec 07, 2011 5:12 pm EST

"DRCW". All I have to ask you is this; Do you have a degree in Veterinary Medicine? No? Well then I guess your opinion of what it looks like is moot when TWO Veterinarians (both obiviously have a great deal of education and experience behind them) and a biopsy of tissue - examined by a Pathologist (also with a Doctorate degree, education and experience) proved that it WAS cancer. Am I right? Also, if you READ everything, you would have read that the infection and pus (not "puss" - but if you were a doctor you would probably know how to spell that) had already been cleared up and wiped away just PRIOR to the photos. Dew Poisoning? All I have to reply to that is "WOW...SERIOUSLY"?

, US
Dec 07, 2011 5:07 pm EST

"DRCW". All I have to ask is this; Do you have a degree in veterinary medicine? No? Well then I guess your opinion of what it looks like is moot when TWO Veterinarians (both obiviously have a great deal of education and experience behind them) and a biopsy of tissue - examined by a Pathologist (also with a Doctorate degree, education and experience) proved that it was cancer. Am I right? Also, if you READ everything, you would have read that the infection and pus (not puss - but if you were a doctor you would probably know how to spell that) had already been cleared up and wiped away just prior to the photos. Dew Poisoning? All I have to reply to that is "WOW...seriously"?

, US
Dec 01, 2011 4:57 am EST

Well I don't know Casey nor have I had any dealings with him, I did however look at the pictures of the pony and it sure looks like dew poisoning as i call it, it is a combination of eating in the pasture with heavy dew and much of the time it will get all over the face and will also get around the lower legs. It isn't a serious thing either, several of my white skinned mares do the same thing and I just use the blue vet cream on them or nolvasan cream and it will go away. And if that is all the puss you were talking about all I can say is WOW...

Santa Clarita, US
Jan 05, 2011 6:13 pm EST

Everyone here deserves a moment. Even the horse in question (the original horse complaint) deserves a moment. The reality of it is this. Casey has a business to run. Did he make a mistake with a couple of horses? Maybe! Has anyone thought that the eye puss might have gotten worse on the road trip? Eye issues can worsen overnight. It's also possible Casey hadn't brought a vet in to diagnose the cancer because he didn't know about it. It's really sad the horse is not the horse he advertised. It also happens that way once in a blue moon. We end up buying things sight unseen and bad things can result. These are animals and like us, they get sick. A friend of mine in California bought a beautiful quarter horse from Casey and it's the most gentle, un-spooky horse I've ever met. I have horse envy! I've ridden him on a trail ride and when the other horses get scared, he just stands there. Trying to stay neutral here because I feel for both parties. I hope there is a positive outcome to all of this.

, US
Jan 05, 2011 12:35 am EST

Also, why are you riding a pony that is in such poor condition?

, US
Jan 05, 2011 12:32 am EST

All I can say is if you are putting time effort and money into this pony, you do not need to kill her if the second eye goes bad. I own 4 (yes, I said FOUR) COMPLETELY BLIND horses that live happy, productive lives...

Yeah right!
Chicago, US
Aug 24, 2009 3:04 pm EDT

Are you seriously goint to defend Casey Palmer? The bait and switch really did happen. No axe to grind here, just the facts. The original horse for sale was, according to Casey, the "safest and most bombproof gelding" he has ever owned. When the "new" horse was shown to us, Casey told us that this horse was even safer than the original. Typical sales pitch I guess. When asked if the horse was buddy or barn sour, Casey said, "not at all." This horse was clearly either buddy or barn sour. As soon as he was taken around the corner and away from the barn the gelding threw a fit. I understand horses have bad days, but this horse FLIPPED OUT! Safe? I think not. Of course the "new" horse was was a bit more expensive as well...$1000 more. Guess he figured we weren't leaving with an empty trailer after driving that far. I can't speak of any other horses, but the one that we saw all had problems. Yes, all of them. Each and every horse in that barn was extremely head shy. Maybe that comes from "turning a 2x6 into sawdust over his head" story that Casey himself volunteered. This is not B.S. This is an actual story from Casey's mouth. Like I said at the start, I have no axe to grind. But these are the facts. With all the horses out there for sale, you have to be nuts to trust this guy. A month or so later I eventually did find a great ranch horse. They are out there, you just have to be careful. Buyer beware. Now enough about this guy already. Quite honestly, people need to figure things out for themselves. It was quite obvious what he was up to when I was at his place and I'm sure most people can figure him out on their own. Whomever is on this site claiming that mine, as well as other's, stories are false, is completely ridiculous. It is painfully obvious you are not a buyer of a Casey horse. Give it up and let people vent. They're pissed and probably deserve to be. Change your selling practices, do business honestly, and eventually these stories will fade away. Defending yourself on this site only prolongs the existence of your bad name. Like I said, do business honestly and treat people right and eventually you may get your name back.

van buren, US
Jul 14, 2009 3:09 am EDT

i have personally dealt w this cat on sevreal horses. Been to his place and all nothing wrong w his facility's.First horse i got from him was not bad just not what i was looking for. Guess what, he said bring it back we'll get you another but it may take some time it took a few weeks, i got another this horse was rode in parades etc im roping off of it now im very pleased i must tell all these rockin p bashers whenever your buying a horse it doesnt matter if its from casey or john lyons let the freakin horse sale itself he may tell you this and that but he horse will show you. never get on any horse first make the seller show ya what it does. if you live to far away dont do it not only with him but anybody. once moneys wired there isnt jack crap your going to do. every horse is a herd animal thats been domesticated. casey, jody, rockin p, screechowl, john lyons, pat perelli, marty robbins NOBODY can tell ya whats going on in any horses mind or what will make em go nuts. use your own judgement if it sounds to gd to be true i probally is. how can you excpect money back or a guarantee on something you ll never no its day to day actions. ive rode sum outside horses myself for folks when im on em they do good lil ol mary goes home and twists and turns and pulls and jerks and he dont ride like he did when i showed them hmmmm bad horse heh give me a break thats what sux in the horse business to many city folks if your scared so is your mount... all in all ive seen way to many gd horses come from casey than the few bad eggs in here. one more comment and my (MY) personall opinion most of the complaints are women period... just about all the horses ive had to freshin up are womens horses i cant stand em either just my 2 cents

Placerville, US
Feb 20, 2009 12:41 am EST

Not to discredit or argue anyone's side of the story, but in pulling up Rockin P Quarter Horses through the Yahoo search engine today, I stumbled across this site and felt the need to share what I've experienced in working with Casey Palmer. I am a California resident, my family has not only purchased a total of three horses from Casey in the past year, but has also paid to have them shipped and delivered to our home. I am not writing this note to the woman or man who has written the prior complaint, but rather to those who might be looking for a character reference on Casey and are unsure of whether they should purchase a horse or horses from him or not. For as much as the prior complaint states that the purpose of this site is to save future buyers from agony, I feel just as strongly that the misrepresentation of Casey and his business would strongly discourage future happiness. A quick history of my family's experience with Rockin P Quarter Horses; After our first horse purchase from Casey (for our nine year old daughter with quite literally no riding experience at all) my family has been back to purchase additional horses from him, not once... but twice. The second time was to purchase a horse for my father, and the third for my younger three children (ages 2, 4, and7). I honestly cannot say enough good about Casey or what he does. He has not only been a pleasure to work with, but is an extremely knowledgeable horseman who I have grown to respect. I have ridden for over 18yrs, and while I don't consider myself and expert by any means, I don't believe it takes an expert to know a good horse when you ride one. All three horses we purchased from Casey are as he described them... he did a beautiful job of identifying our needs and making a match he could be proud of. I honestly could go on and on about the joy these horses have already brought to my children, and entire family for that matter. For that, I am thankful everyday, that I stumbled upon one of Casey's wonderful videos on YouTube. In life, not everything goes perfectly or as planned, but after my repeated experiences with Casey, I don't believe for one moment that he knowingly sent a sick or unsafe horse to anyone. I would encourage those who are considering working with Casey, to assess the situation themselves and make their own judgment call... on the horse, the business, and the man.

Electric Horseman
Nov 09, 2008 9:31 pm EST

HOLLY, or whatever your name may be today!

Everyone knows that a commercial hauler would not have put this horse on his trailer with an eye oozing yellow pus, a bleeding nose and muzzle, and having a fever! That would have been very contagious to the other horses on the trailer as well! If that horse was in that poor of condition the hauler would have refused to haul her! Then, it just so happens she turns up with pneumonia the very next day! PLEASE!

But why am I trying to explain anything at this point! Lady, I don't know you from adam! But there is one thing that I do know for a fact, That horse was a perfectly gentle kid horse when she left Oklahoma! My 12 year old daughter plus several other kids were riding that horse! Not to mention, standing on her back, riding her double, sliding off her rear, pulling on her tail, crawling under her belly and through her legs!
Need I say more, I think that pretty much sums it up!
And don't even start your bull about the horse being tranquilized! Unless, you have very good proof to back that lame story up!
You wanna call yourself an experienced rider with 25 years of experience, and fortunate enough to have trained with some of the best trainers around, but yet you still can't tell if a horse has been tranquilized! Just what in the hell did you learn? Obviously, NOTHING! And you wanna call yourself a horseman, GIVE US ALL A BREAK!
Anyway, I think you get the point!
All I have to say is that you and Karma are a real piece of work! I wonder what name you all will be going by next! Talking about Casey changing his name, my my, aren't we one to be talking!
To all you viewers out there take a look at the complaints and read them, it will just amaze you what these two are trying to pull ! But, Ladies just remember, This is not my first rodeo!

wade patterson
Nov 09, 2008 2:56 pm EST

If this horse is so DANGEROUS, then why sink so much more money into her! Send her to slaughter, as YOU say is the place for a horse if it is unsafe to ride! You're words, NOT MINE!

Now that has us all saying, HMMMMMMM!

Electric Horseman
Nov 08, 2008 2:54 pm EST

But yet, AGAIN!

Electric Horseman
Nov 08, 2008 1:56 am EST

My, My lets take a chill pill and cool them jets! You are just running 90 to nothing! Not good for your health, you know! Talk about riled up, I think you're the only one riled up!
Do you even know what you're commenting on? Because I sure don't. I think you might just be a little confused here! Why don't you try reading the comment again so you can get your story straight!

By the way, I think I can watch any video I wanna watch, Don't need your permission! If I wanna agree to someones comment I think that is my right to do so, if I choose!

You stated that every horse they sell they do the same thing on! So, how would you know that if you're not watching, DUH!

Saying that this is Casey, Nice try! You are so paranoid! You've been replying to way too many comments, It has you very, very confused!

I'm soooooooo embarrassed, NOT!

I made my comment and I think that is enough!

Electric Horseman
Nov 05, 2008 5:30 am EST

I agree 100% with Katie! I would never buy a horse sight unseen for a childs first pony! That showed your ignorance! If you just missed out on several good ponies, then what was the problem! If they were so GOOD then why did you not buy one! All of these GREAT 4-H ponies available to you, no purchase there either! Hummm, sounds like a lie to me! Well, how about that, just proved your own self to be a LIAR!

So, who is to believe you about anything! Great story about the videos though! Very AWESOME, HUH!
I enjoy watching their videos! Shows what great horses and what great riders they really are!
These people have KIDS crawling, standing, and jumping all over their horses while taking videos!

Tranquilized you say! ! That shows how much you know about a horse or a great horseman! Who in their right mind would put their kids on, as has been said, insane untrained broncs! Remember, you did all the research on this couple or did you? Well, I did do my research, so let me refresh your memory! This couple has no children, these kids are all the neighbor kids, not to mention, one of them is Casey's little sister! I just can't see Casey or Jodi risking the LIFE of a CHILD to make an EXTRA DOLLAR!

The complaint about the family driving to Casey's place to look at a so called " IMPOSTER HORSE ", it has been said that all the horses they rode bucked ! Remember now, these horses were TRANQUILIZED!
If this was so true then you tell me why in the he_ _ these horses were supposedly bucking and rearing up!

That goes to show what people actually know! Casey and Jodi had all the time in the world to Ace or Bute every horse on the place before these people arrived! It was stated that they were in contact with each other the whole trip! Understand people, Every horse has its days! You never know when or if a horse is gonna blow or just be stubborn sometimes!

You make it sound like so many people out there are complaining about this certain couple! Oh My, all I see is 4 ! They just keep posting the same stories, OVER AND OVER AND OVER! PLEEEEASE, QUIT DWELLING and MOVE ON!

As to the statement about this VERY NICE COUPLE selling THOUSANDS of horses all over the United States, WAY TO GO! THOUSANDS of customers and only four COMPLAINERS, I would have to say that is a very good percentage! If you're in sales and in the public eye you're gonna have complainers!
Can't please everyone! Proven fact of life!

Oh, by the way, I 'm glad to see that you're still watching their VIDEOS! AWESOME, aren't they!
I've seen a lot of good horse videos, but for the all around pleasure horse, they have got to be the best!
Don't you agree!

OOPS, almost forgot about the " HOT HAY " remark!
Did Casey eat some of it ? That just shows how ignorant you people sound! Sounds to me like you WHINERS need to take a dose of ACE, maybe that will calm your nerves! FYI, you can't buy that at
Wal-mart you can pick it up at your local Veterinarian !

By the way, the IDIOT that posted the comment about knowing Casey, GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND TAKE SOME SPELLING LESSONS! When you learn how to spell then maybe you can get back on line!


Gina M.
Apr 28, 2008 12:10 pm EDT

This is just horrible! These people obviously knew they pulled a scam on you, therefore that is why they aren't answering you ! People who do this should be blacklisted in ALL organizations, with a site which identifies them! I hope you find the perfect horse for your child after having to deal with this!

I do disagree with one thing you said ".she will be a one eyed horse which can be dangerous for an experienced rider, " ~~ I have a one-eyed (due to blindness) horse which I used to barrel race (she is now 21 and we retired her last year) and I trust her totally! She has taken care of me like no other horse actually! Bought her when she was 12, and she really kicked butt! Alot of people still ask about her and are surprised to learn that she is blind in her left eye (they never even knew she was blind the whole time I ran her). BUT, with your experience with this pony, I know that is where this statement probably comes from. I hope all comes out well for you !

Apr 16, 2008 9:55 am EDT

Anyone who is buying a first pony for their child is completely at fault for the horses condition and lack of suitability if they do not go and physically inspect the pony themselves and also have the child or ANY children who may ride the pony in the near future actually go and try the pony. I would NEVER put my kids in a situation of buying a horse that they or myself have never ridden, to have them get attached and find it's not suitable. I would also question the reputability of your hauler if they would knowingly haul a horse in the kind of condition you state. A horse with oozing eyes and scabby muzzle should not be hauled, especially in a commercial manner. I would be completely P.O.'d if I knew one of my healthy horses were hauled with a horse in that condition. Regardless of whether the condition is contagious, that horse never should have been put on that trailer. I assume she didn't have current coggins, vaccines, or health papers either, because a vet would have noted the horse's condition on the paperwork. In my humble opinion, you're just as responsible for your current situation as any other member of your party. Bombproof, kid safe, sound ponies are hard to find, and I haven't seen one with confirmational correctness sell for less than $5000. You get what you pay for.

Karma Patton
Jan 10, 2008 10:33 pm EST

Do not buy from Casey Palmer or Jodi Bagwell of Rockin P Quarter They are not trust worthy and do not sell their horses honestly.

He talks a good talk but do not buy into it.

Please Please be very very CAREFUL.

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