Career Overseas Sant Nagarfraud, money taken for canada pr, no result

A Sep 04, 2018 Review updated:

Arun Kumar and His Brother Tarun are a Scam, He will talk about Karma and keep soo many positive things on his work desk but don't be fooled, All that is a Scam,

Many people are going through the same problem with him, Be wise and do not enter his trap, He is the worse person in the world, He is a Scam, A con Artist, A blood Scuker, A torture, An Emotional Blackmailer, A Mental person, A Cheat,

His website
His Email [protected]

He will give you a deal for a PR to Canada for 3 to 4 lakhs then keep asking for more money, He will also offer to make Fake Documents, He never gives a bill or a receipt and wants money in Cash so that you don't have any proof that you paid him,

He will keep charging you more and more and he will never let you apply for a tourist visa,

He is a Dirty disease that will suck your blood, waste your time and shamelessly talk about Karma, These kinds of people are worse than a terrorist because they will kill you emotionally.

I started about 5 years ago for a PR to Canada, I have spent over 10Lahks with him and now he does not even pick up the phone, If you go to his office, you would have to wait for 2 to 3 hours. once you meet him all he will show you different ways of charging you more money,

He will be very nice when you start the process and later after a few years he will start shouting at you if you call him,

If you are planning to invest with him then be ready for the torture, He is a bloody Theif, Crook, He will make sure you get stuck in his trap,

He might even say that competitors are writing bad reviews for him but don't be fooled, All these words are my blood and sweat money that he has stolen, .

Do not invest money with him, instead give it away to poor people, you would get blessings and you will save yourself from 3 to 4 years of Torture, False hope and wastage of time,

He has Fake visa's on passports, He will show you, Don't be fooled.

He is a curse, if you want it then invest with him or else do not enter in his scam,

Everything he shows you is fake, He has people in Canada who send him fake Documents so that he can cheat people in India.

He has no strong backup of anything, He is just doing everything online which even you can do it, for that he is charging all this money,

He will create your fake profile and still get no results and always blame it on you,

He might steal money from people but he does not know that one day everything will get back to him and he will have to pay everything for what he has done and that day he will know what kind of crook he is.

Mr. Arun Kumar is a Disgrace for our country, He is a blood sucking Disease, He is a Hole in your pocket, He is a Thief, He is a Big big Sacm, Please write your review or comment if you have gone through this problem,

I would have never invested if I would have seen such reviews about 5 years back but he did not have any bad reviews then because he had a lawyer in Canada and he would do all the work for him but since the Express entry started, He is clueless,

He has no resources, No backup, no lawyer, nothing, He is just doing everything online by creating a fake profile, adding Fake documents, .

Do not enter his sacm or else just be sad for the rest of your life,
Address : 51, Sant Nagar,
East of Kailash,
New Delhi 110065
Tel : +91-11-[protected]


  • Ro
    Rohan kummar Dec 12, 2018

    Very soon this old man's (Arun) game is going to finish. He will be thrown in a jail for all his crimes. Don't even waste your time and money with this fraud. This pimp will make you cry trust me really this pimp will make you CRY. He is the most terrible human on this planet a fake / con / bloodsucker / disrespectful / money sucker insect he will destroy your sanity and will make you feel weak from inside. Is budde ne itne logon ki badda dua li hai ki ye normal maut nahi marega ye guth guth ker marega saala. Isse bada haramzaada koi nahi hoga is duniya main. Isse acche to dalle hote hain kum se kum paisa leke izaat to dete hain ye vo keeda hai jo tumhare paise pe hi palega aur tumhe ki kaatega. Poora ka poora fake hai ye. If you want to test him just book an appointment and see how he talks, dhang se English bhi nahi aati gawaar ko aur tumhe ki gyaan dega. To be honest this is only way I could release my frustration because he has conned me into giving so much of my hard earned money. He will go to hell.

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  • Ra
    Rakesh Ranjjan Jun 09, 2019

    Ye company (Career overseas 325, Ground Floor, Sant Nagar-East Of Kailash, Delhi - 110065, Near Iskon Temple) chutiyo se bhari adhi hai aur sabse bada madharchod ye Arun gandu hai. Ye dalle ki najayas aullad sirf logon ka time aur paisa waste kerne ki liye paida hua hai. Ye bhodshiwala itna gawaar hai ki kisika bhi iske mooh pe thokne ka mun karega. Agerr tumhe tumhare paise aur time ki value pata hai to is bhadwe se door raho. Ye poori ki poori company fraud se bhari padi hai. Ye saala ek baar tumse paisa lene ke baad kabhi tumhara phone nuhi uthayega. Just stay away from this fraud company.

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  • Ro
    Rohan kummar Oct 21, 2019

    Career the sant nagar company is a fraud. Arun kumar is a con man and will blackmail you for more money. He is a characterless human. Just stay away from him if you don't want to cry. Once you will pay this company money then they will never pick up your call. They will treat you like a slave. Just stay away!

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  • Ro
    Rohan kummar Oct 21, 2019

    I am sad that I have to select a minimum 1 star to write this review. This old man Arun and his fraud company don't deserve even your spit in his face. This old dog is a conman don't even consider him for anything just stay away. Ye budda ek number ka haramzada hai please be aware of him ye vo gandi naali ka keeda hai jo humare hi paise pe palta hai fir hume hi katata hai. He is worst than a low class dalla at least a dalla will respect you ye dalla apni maa ka bhi nahi hai.

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