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The people that call potential customers are the rudest, most disrespectful, immature, and insulting people that anyone can possibly have to deal with. They harassed my business for an entire day. Foul mouthed and undisciplined, these guys are the bottom of the barrell when it comes to sales. It will be a snowy day in hell and a planet without tools before I ever spend a penny at California Contractors Supply.

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  • Bo
    bob1234 Mar 11, 2009

    Ive been doing business with ccs fir 10years they treat me fair and show me respect when i needed something to do a job and was short of cash they not only sent it to me they billed me 6 months down the road now that is good business. thank you California contractor supplies you saved my life. bob

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  • Bi
    Billy Mar 19, 2009

    The first item I have on special today is my OSHA approved #25 First Aid Kit.

    Now they're not those little plastic boxes full of Band-Aids. They come in an 11x8x3" deep metal steel box, with the mounting brackets already on the back, so you can mount em in your trucks, shops, wherever you have to.

    They have 142 separate pieces; smelling salts, ice packs, burn ointments, everything right down to the scissors...everything except for the nurse.

    Sears sells them out for 69.95 a kit, Grainger's sells them for 55 bucks a piece in lots of 12 or more. Ive got the on special right now, freight and tax paid to your door on that 30 OPEN billing for just 44.90 a kit. And that's a heck of a price, right?

    And I figured at that price you'd take a small, half-box of them anyway, anyway.

    I also had a great price come in on my 6 piece Jumbo Boxed and Open end wrench set, you know the big heavy duty wrenches?

    They're about 2 feet long each and come with the 1 3/8", 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8, and the big 2".

    Oh yeah, and they come from China, so they're exotic.

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  • Ja
    Jake Largon May 29, 2009

    I have never had someone cuss and cuss about many vulgar things to me before. They call and try to sell me some supplies and when I say no they go through the roof. They even called back a second time just to cuss at me. I will never do business with this company. Do not buy anything from them.

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  • Ca
    Carey14 Aug 14, 2009

    These SOB's are trying to convince me that I accepted one of their scams and bought something without a Purchase Order...when I asked for a Proof of Delivery...they hung up...Scam Scam Scam

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  • Ch
    chris gilbert Aug 27, 2009

    this company is a bumnch of ###s and crooked ### !! they sent me 4 first aid kits and some safety googles and want 700.00 !! my original order with this company was for 3800.00 plus !! i couldnt believe wha they tried seeling me and how this order got screwed up!! i just called this company and asked for phil kaufman and they said ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he doesnt answer the phone !! hes too busy sticking his ### licker in some ones ### holei guess ! NEXT VICTIM !!! this company is not a member of the better busniess bureau and i called to find this out and has alotttttttttttt of complaints lodged against them !!! ive owned my companies since 1981 and ive always paid my bills on time !! id will never pay this crooked company a penny and if they dont come get they worthless ### they tried to charge me 700.00 then im going to kick it to the curb and let the garbage man pick it up !! if anyone would like to call me heres my toll free number [protected] or my cell is [protected] my name is chris gilbert and im from fla !! ohhh this company is not a license vender for the state of fla and i contacted the consumer affairs department with the state of fla !! shame on u california contractors and may god get this company for trying to sell junk to me like this !!

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  • Db
    d.baker Sep 03, 2009

    Chris Erickson the California Contractor Supply Salesman Called my office Daily
    for 2 weeks and when i finally spoke to him he informed me that he had some Oakley Style Safety Glases that normally sale for $14.99 per pair at a special rate of $4.99
    per pair. THEY JUST showed up at my office and they are pathetic..., ., They Are almost as nice as the same ones I currently get for $ 1.50 per pair. I purchased these OAKLEY Style ( LOL ) glasses to hand out for on the spot Safety Recognition and would be embarrased to offer these to one of my technicians. I Need 2 boxes of them...
    1 to ### on and the other to cover it up.

    David Baker

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  • Ko
    Koofwa Sep 16, 2009

    In order to place the order with you, you have to agree to everything. If you haven't, then it is the salesman, not the company. If you have a problem, return the items and you wont be charged. It's that simple. Don't freak out and try to throw the items away OR ### on them. It's the same as if you buy from anywhere else. This is ridiculous.

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  • Jh
    JHudsontools Oct 20, 2009

    Wow! I never thought a group of guys who have holes where their testicles once were could all gather in the same place. Here's a little heads up for you. #1 If you act like a ### you will be treated like one. What makes you so special? Do you think you can just act like an ### to a total stranger? #2 Hidding behind your wife or secratary or receptionist or even your "office manager" WILL get you harrassed until you man up and say take me off the list. Quit being a ### and stand up for yourself instead of cowering behind a skirt. #3 The madder you act the funnier it is. Sorry, but if I can ruin your day from thousands of miles away you don't have alot of work to do anyway. If you TRULY want of the list say I'm not intrested please take me off the list. Most of us will but bear in mind that those lists are reprinted every 6-8 months and the one that you are off of may come back so as long as your cool we will respect that. Just because we call you doesn't mean that we have to take the abuse you WILL get back what you dish out. BTW as far as orders go Koofwa is right you have to agree cause when you send it back WE have to eat it on the money that was paid out.

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  • Ba
    barbkw Feb 15, 2010

    We purchased one item from this company and then began receiving daily telemarketing calls from them.

    Other websites have customers who wrote that California Contractors Supply telemarketers threaten businesses by repeating that they have their company's credit card on file.

    I asked that they stop calling daily and then told them that if they called one more time that we would remove their company from our vendor list. The telemarketer told me to stop being an "###".

    Thank the Lord that we didn't pay with a credit card.

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  • Ba
    barbkw Feb 16, 2010

    You will either receive these harassing calls from California Contractors or a company they call "A1 Restoration".

    Yesterday, after their "salesman" informed me that I was behaving like an "###" they call again today.

    And I do mean "they". The "salesman" from yesterday was ghosting the conversation. But of course, he couldn't keep his anger in check and midway through the call he came out of the woodwork and began yelling at me.

    I informed both A1 Restoration and California Contractors that we will NEVER buy another item from their company and that our vendor list will indicate that. Additionally, I informed them both that future calls to our business will be reported.

    Their behavior, both at A1 Restoration & California Contractors borders on psychosis. No service business in their right minds would treat customers the way they do.


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  • Hi guys.

    I work for california contractors supplies. I apologize for some of the sales offices. I myself work for a very good group of the company where we deal in respect and good customer service. I hate how a couple bad apples can cost such a good company it's reputation. If you ever have dealt with any business you will notice from time to time there is an occasional ###. and just a hint for you guys if you want your company off the list. go to this will remove you from the calling list for all phone sales. now the way c.c.s. works our leads are printed on paper so it might take a month or so but it will stop. also ask for the supervisor on duty and tell them. This will stop the bad behavior until you run into another ### lol. Another option is to contact c.c.s directly and have them put word out to all offices to stop contact. thanks guys. once again sorry for they're behavior.

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  • Mw
    mws1970 May 06, 2010

    I worked for California Contractors Supplies off and on for about 10 years. The fact that they are still in business is a miracle in itself.
    First off, those of you who have listed a complaint about a particular salesman, those are not the salesman's real names at all. When you start there they generally take your first name and give you a generic, easy to pronounce, last name. Why? Because you are likely to never talk to the same guy twice. Accounts are traded, turnover is really high so accounts get transferred to other salesmen. The name you use is the name at the top of the paid invoices in the case of previous customers, or your "made up" name if you are cold calling leads.
    Their tactics are dishonest in almost every facet. They will lie and say they are following up on a flyer (CCS sends no literature, EVER). They will lie and say they are selling overstock from bids with large companies (lies, CCS holds no contracts with anyone..they are just a telemarketing company and do no bidding on jobs). They will say there is limited quantity in order to create a false sense of urgency. They purposefully mislead you to agree to false information (You're used to seeing these even at Wal-Mart for AT LEAST $_______, Right?) so when they give you their inflated price it sounds good. They will tell you whatever you want to hear if you ask a question about a product they don't know the answer to. They will tell the filthiest, most racist, most offensive jokes possible in hopes that someone will find it funny and buy from them. They are trained to lie their way past secretaries, and I can remember at LEAST a dozen times that police were called in various states for our salesmen harassing secretaries.
    These people pay up to a 48% commission just to its salesmen! Can you imagine what their markup must be to make a profit AND pay that commission? You'd be right if you assume that they buy Harbor Freight items (in some cases, exactly the same items) and sell them for Snap-On prices.
    The office itself is a hive of criminal records and drug abusers (sadly, I speak from experience). The probation offices and halfway houses wont even let their inmates work for CCS branches anymore because of their unethical work conditions and pay scheme. Simply put, it is a pyramid scheme. They pay bonuses to their branch offices based on the sales of all offices working under them. If the director of the main branch has 6 salesmen that want to start their own company under them, they get credit for all of their sales towards their bonuses. If those 6 salesmen have more, then the pyramid continues to grow.
    High pressure, dishonesty, and poor quality are the trademarks of California Contractors Supplies. I hope that by exposing some truths about them, I can atone for being a part of such a wretched organization.

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  • Gl
    Glad I'm Out May 26, 2010

    Just like the last guy, I worked for C.C.S. for several years. I am proud to say that I took great care of my accounts by selling them the FEW items that I knew were of better quality, and did not act like an idiot like most of the salesmen (who are smashed or strung out on meth). I agree with mws1970 above in that a lot of what they sell is total junk - a homeowner quality hammer drill for the price of an industrial Makita - come on Phil Kaufman you should be ashamed of yoursel[censored] Not just for selling Fisher Price quality tools and lying about it when justifying the outrageous prices, but also for convincing the people who sell for you that the piss ant wage you pay them (before the charge backs, returns, and full guarantees) is any kind of way to make a living. I watched a lot of good guys go broke and wreck their lives while you bought another frickin gold coin. You should have just put a bullet in their heads instead - it would've been more humane.

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  • Wa
    waterski307 Jun 10, 2010

    Has anyone heard of Big State Indcustrial Supply?
    are they affiliated in any way with ccs?

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  • Wa
    waterski307 Jun 10, 2010

    Is ccs associated in any way with Big State Industrial Supply. I got duplicate orders after confirming over the phone with what I thought was the same company...

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  • Sp
    Speedyexiter Jul 09, 2010

    Big State Industrial Supply is not associated with CCS in any way, accept, that they follow the same practices and its owners were at one time, salesmen for CCS and had made their way up the ladder as "Office owners" and
    made enough $ to pull out and open thier own Supply house.I have worked for both, along with some other supply companies like, Cal-Pacific, Mt-Defusco, just to mention a few.Most of the items are foriegn made, and I
    learned which items were well made and which ones were junk.The only thing good about doing business with most of these companies is the 30 day open billing accounts, which at times may be helpful to contractors short on cash.I found, and was told by most of my loyal customers that the only reason they bought from me was because they liked me and i treated them fair, not because of price.I learned a lot about sales while doing this and cherish the years i worked there, putting a child through school, buying a home etc.Times have changed and peoples purchasing methods have too.Dont worry to much, these companies are in their last days .

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  • Mi
    mike the toolman Jul 11, 2010

    i agree. i've been selling tools for 15 years. i also put my kids through school. if you know which items you can stress quality on you'll do fine. my customers buy from me, not the company. i have no problem losing an order by just being honest. that same customer appreciates the honesty & will buy again in the future. a bird in the hand is not better than 2 in the bush.

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  • La
    lannyb Mar 08, 2011

    I have been doing business with a company named contractor supplies which is part of the ccs family the sales reps name was Mike Scott he was very honest with me, he gave me a good product at a fair price, i have continued to do business with them for two years now they call me once a month and if i tell them i am good on supplies they say no and don't push anything, id recommend them to all of my associates . Mike Scott if your reading this Thank You from the bottom of my heart you have made my life, my job and my family very happy if there is ever anything I can do for you please call me, once again I LOVE CCS . AND I LOVE MIKE SCOTT AT CONTRACTOR SUPPLIES i need to stop writing i am getting teary eyed.

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  • Fu
    FULL OF IT Apr 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have had a salesman calling us NON STOP!!! He calls, if I answer he asks for my husband, refuses to talk to me!! We just had a problem the last couple of days with him...calls every 2-3 minutes, both phones (home/cell). When I answered he said he was a "CONTRACTOR" total BS!!!
    When my husband got on the phone he told him he was calling from CCS.???!! hmmm let me think?? LYING ###!!! They are a pain in the ###!! Will say anything to talk to my husband to try to get him to order something---Husband says NO--the damn salesman will call back in a couple days----starting all over again???!!! Someone has got to put a STOP to them!!!
    FED UP

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  • St
    Stigma- Sep 12, 2011

    I completely understand BOTH sides. I have worked with this company for over a decade. I am VERY familiar with how things work in MANY of the offices.

    YES, sometimes u will get a salesman that is a bit disrespectful, and YES sometimes we will get secretary's, office managers, etc.. that are disrespectful. In 99% of the cases the customer is treated with FAR more respect than the salesman is.

    The customers tend to think that just because it is a telemarketer that they have some "right" to be rude. Thats when the salesman tend to be a little ruder and give them a taste of their own medicine. I mean cmon..look at the replies on this page. Half the customers sound like children that are pissed they have to actually pay for a product THEY bought. When they could just as simply SEND IT BACK. (its as simple as that.)

    Now dont get me wrong. This company has its fair share of low lifes and losers(just like any job). I have worked with many of them for years.

    It sucks that a few bad salesman make the rest of the company look like a scam. Thats just the reality of it though.

    Most of us here are trying to make a living and pay our bills. We are not trying to rip anyone off or send people stuff that they did not order. If that was the case, why would we even bother calling customers??

    Maybe some of u screaming "scam" should take a look in the mirror. It makes me wonder how you would treat your customers if they treated you like dirt every time you spoke with them.

    I deal with literally THOUSANDS of customers. Everything from federal, state, and local Gov. agencies to grain elevators, oil refineries, HVAC, etc..

    Wanna know something?? MOST of those places I just listed rip YOU (the general public) off WAY more than we do to them.

    So all of these people complaining about this company, do me a favor. QUIT buying stuff from us. If you receive something you DIDNT buy, SEND IT BACK. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR SOMETHING YOU DIDNT BUY.

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  • Pi
    Pissed off contractor Feb 29, 2012

    Big State Industrial Supply is a joke of a company
    Scam artist and telephone tough guys.
    Absolute ###.

    Garbage Products that never arrive after ordering
    Consistent daily calling for money with no financial agreements other than the verbal ones they get by bully tactics over the phone.

    Would not wish this kind of business practice on anyone.

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  • Se
    secretary for city Mar 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Chris from California contractors (CAL-CON) tries to be better than before but still says what ever when my boss is not in. What part of we buy local do you not get??? I'm in OKLAHOMA.
    Please quit calling take a hint hes never here.

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