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Youtube / ads

Milan Ranilovic on Apr 19, 2017
YoutubeYo youtube whats up. So i know you guys gotta make a small profit here with the ads n such but cmon. That ### Legacy of Discord ad. I mean really. Its oversexualised with the models showing full cleavage and ###, false advertising with the flying and stuff that aint even in the game. And...

CSX Transportation / Long horn blowing

Cynthia Landing on Apr 18, 2017
For the past 7 months horn blowing has grew excessively to the point of effecting my health causing severe insomnia which has lead me to be on a constant medicine regiment. I don't like having to take pills in order to have a goodnight rest. The following morning I'm sluggish from the...

Don't know - it seems to have been a military game / An advert thrust onto my screen while watching a star singing. Monday around 10pm uk time

Banana 78 on Apr 17, 2017
It may be acceptable in your house to have foul language spoken but it is not tolerated in my house. Every second word was an expletive and my enjoyment of the music I was listening to has been ruined. I want you to ban adverts slots that show bits of a game or programme that has the...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / upgrade to explorer 2

Leon Coetzee on Apr 11, 2017
My son SMS'ed Price lock to 34688 and after going through the whole process, was told he does not qualify. Now here is the joke. He has been a loyal customer of DSTV for a number of years, his account is actually in advance by a sizable amount. His ID number is 8407075042084. Now help me...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Condom advert at 19:30 in the evening

COosthuizen on Mar 14, 2017
Please could I request that the durex condom adverts be aired at a later time after young kids have gone to bed and not at 19:30 in the evening when young, innocent ears may be in the room. My husband had the t.v on discovery channel last night and was watching a documentary about shark...

DSTV Explora Advert / Advert

Desiree Mottian on Mar 11, 2017
The advert being plighted on DSTV about the Explora, where the friends are playing charades and the lady does not know any of the answers. I feel that this is a form of playground bullying. Can the message of not missing out be delivered another way. I feel empathy for this poor woman and...

Booking.com / New kindergarten commercial

Chris Hub on Mar 7, 2017
Being a retired educator I find the new kindergarten commercial extremely rude to educators, it is not funny! It is not an easy job, especially when parents have very little respect for educators as is. No it's not funny, it's disrespectful! People truely have these misconceptions. If a...

Astro / Customer careline

Angie lo on Mar 7, 2017
A/c number: 0857341492 ... I had reacieved a pre-recording call continuity 4 days to ask me make payment when I am confinement period. I can't arrange my payment since is a recording call . So the line interrupt yesterday and today I received a call again and I request my Astro account...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / Commercials shown

jjllbb on Mar 6, 2017
As a mother of a preteen and younger teenager, I'm very distraught over the commercials you choose to show. My children enjoy Forged In Fire. We have recently recorded a few episodes and are constantly bombarded with commercials, that we cannot fast forward through, for 60 Days In...

Letgo / Constant pop up online every 10 seconds

Laurel Avery on Mar 3, 2017
LetgoConstant pop up stating 'Allow notifications and get important updates from Letgo.' There isnt anything to make it stop except to hit the escape key. I hit the escape 'X' and 10 seconds later, there it is again. There are no instructions that tell you how to make it stop. I dont need to be reminded of something that I cant do anything about? Please advise?

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / TV commercial

Marilyn Kida Endoh on Mar 2, 2017
Why is it necessary to have people screaming in high ear piercing screeches in your commercials? I am a migraine sufferer and I have gotten to the point where I record shows do I could skip your commercials, either that or sit with the remote in my hand so I can mute you. Why don't you...

records.instantcheckmate.com / Manta company information boards entering records.Instantcheckmate.com directly under other company address or information

susanf1 on Mar 2, 2017
Records.instantcheckmate.com is a public database of unreliable records that has intruded on webspaces designed to promote legitimate business owner websites. Records.instantcheckmate.com needs to be removed from the internet or prevented from placing ad links directly under other busine...

AT&T / AT&T commercial

upset225 on Feb 20, 2017
Would you please take off the disgusting ATT commercial with the guy screaming in the shower. I have to mute my tv every time it comes. What is the ####ing reason you have people screaming at us on your commercial. It makes me HATE your company. I would switch to another internet/phone...

Chegg / Inappropriate pandora advertisement

Alison1824 on Feb 10, 2017
Dear Chegg, I heard an advertisement on Pandora that I was deeply offended by. The one that says that not getting the last homework problem and how that stresses you out, and when you are stressed out you pull out your eyebrows, etc. I don't know if you realize but that is an actual condition...

Hallmark / Hallmark/valentine's day add

Ryan Emmons on Feb 8, 2017
This is not a complaint about any products. I love Hallmark and have for years, especially their Christmas movies. However, yesterday there was a Valentines add that had one man hugging another man and then one man proposing to another. I was not only appalled by this repugnant action but...

Budweiser / False advertising

Dogbowl on Feb 3, 2017
New ad showing your company founder coming to america. Why didn't you show that he came legally! went through customs and immigration. He didn't' hide from the government or take government handouts from the people that came legally. Illegals are taking jobs of the people that follow the...

Lifetime TV / Commercials during a family show secretariat, re: porn, lesbianism, brief sex acts!

Disgusted viewer on Jan 30, 2017
Tonight on january 30, 2017 during the family and great and decent movie called, "secretariat, " lifetime tv programmers purposely posted a commercial more than once of a young woman choosing to venture into the porn world, which showed brief acts of sex, and lesbianism. We quickly turned...

H&R Block / Your ads

Michael06 on Jan 30, 2017
It is completely ridiculous to have the volume on your ads so loud. I have the volume turned down low to hear the CNN reports and when your add comes on soooo loud. Control the volume on your adds by recording them at a normal volume, they don't need to be late loud. This is something someone could easily bring a lawsuit against for hearing damage.

TV Land / Very upset- extremely inappropriate!!

Angry Mom 2 on Jan 29, 2017
For a while now, I have not been happy with the commercials for your show "Teachers"- they show inappropriate content during the hours that families are watching and during family shows that YOU play like Any Griffith, Reba etc. One particular commercial shows the teachers with homemade...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / Australian open telecast over 2 weeks.

GordonSq on Jan 29, 2017
Hi channel 7, after viewing the channel 7 broadcasts of the australian open over the last two weeks, I have never seen a more repetitive broadcast of commercials as I have ever as seen over the last two weeks on the seven network during the coarse of the australian open. In particular the...
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