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Annoying Commercials Complaints

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MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / dstv adverts

Andrevdbergh on Oct 16, 2018

DSTv has become just as bad as the SABC with adverts. One of the main reasons we got DSTv was to negate the nonsense adverts but nowadays DSTv is competing for the trophy of most trash service provider. Maybe its time to cancel our subscription and sticking to Nexflix and bootlegging show...

Netflix / the «previews» between episodes

Silje Ediassen on Oct 15, 2018

I use netflix so that I won't have to deal with ads. Why is netflix implementing these horrible interruptions? I am thankful that they at least are skippable but please just let me bingewatch without reaching for the controller. I have never once wanted to se a «recommended» show IN THE MIDDLE...

Hulu / premium streaming service

Brad Bower on Oct 15, 2018

Don't even start with the [censored] about streaming rights! You are putting more commercials at the beginning and end of every show! I pay extra for NO ADVERTISEMENTS! If I want ads I'll go back to cable! One example, I have watched Jimmy Kimmel live for the last 6 months, suddenly there...

Lotus Leggings / money back

Heidi Marie - Saunders on Oct 13, 2018

Hi my name is heidi I order leggings in september or ending of august and i got an extension up until yesterday n still no pants i want my money back! I never got an email or a tracking number from you guys. The reason why i decided to try you guys is because i seen my friends with your...

Nordstrom Rack / recording when you call is only advertising nike

Jennifer Lee on Oct 5, 2018

When you call the Nordstrom Rack at Dulles Town Crossing the phone is answered with a recording in this eerily cheery voice talking about nothing but NIKE for the entire family! It goes on and on about NIKE this and NIKE that. Well let me tell you not everyone wants to buy NIKE anymore...I...

Youtube / capitalone targeted video ads

Bin TAN on Oct 3, 2018

My google account is I receive the same CapitalOne ad more than 5 times a day, sometimes more than 20 times a day. Over the last 2 months, I have been bombarded by exactly the same add more than 400 times. I spent hours listening to Youtube music every day. The same...

Optimum / no services

Inna Blekher on Oct 3, 2018

Every day I get mails from Optimum. Today I called to ask to stop sending me letters. The first representative (David) kept me waiting for a long time, then I received another representative from technical support. She said she could not help. Please stop sending me suggestions, this i...

The Weather Channel / constant animated voice weather warning

Bill T 460 on Oct 1, 2018

Why do you constantly interrupt programming with that ridiculous, unintelligible computer animated female voice over and over? You stream the warning on the bottom of the screen after several loud audio beeps. It could simply be read by the viewer. Instead, you interrupt the programming...

Youtube / ads too loud!!

Zzzxxx on Sep 28, 2018

Wearing my earplugs watching a show, until an ad comes on all of sudden and blasts my eardrums! The ads are super loud compared to the show I'm watching. Ears hurt from loud advertising As above, as above, as above, as above As above, as above, as above as above As above As above Have I...

Youtube / ads

Kortny Kay Kerker on Sep 24, 2018

Listen yes you need ads BUT HOLY [censored] I WAS 30 seconds into a video after watching one at the start and it's ridiculous. Literally fix this crap it's not ok I can't skip half the ads even tho they are over the five second thing it all needs fixed. Your gonna lose people honestly you...

Trojan / commercials

Joni Kinney on Sep 23, 2018

Please I'm begging please stop your commercials. Because they are very stupid like really stupid like extremely stupid. After seeing your commercial I wanted to scream out on how stupid it was so please take it off tv .. I am talking about the trojan condom commercial with the young couple...

The Weather Channel / alerts during the hurricane florence footage

Pam2146424 on Sep 13, 2018

I got home from work and I wanted to hear the footage you were airing about Hurricane Florence and all I got to listen to was some stupid heat advisory warning happening the next day in Phoenix, AZ. The warning was telling me how I should look out for the temperatures going to be 104°. REALLY!!??...

Food Network / stop the scary commercials please

Powellpower on Sep 10, 2018

Please stop playing commercials for scary movies and inappropriate TV shows during the day. I put food network on the TV because it is nice to watch and listen to with my 5 year old, however, I saw a trailer for the movie The Nun and it scared me, so of course my son was scared. That i...

Golden Girls, Two and a half men, commercials, MASH / too many programs and commercials

JDWashington on Sep 9, 2018

Why are you showing constant reruns of Golden Girls, MASH and two and a half men. Someone must be getting money from showing these shows ALL THE TIME. Why won't you show more reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond or MOM. TV Land has to have a considerable amount of variety of other shows to...

Nike / unable to support commercial with colin kaepernick

Doug Kolins on Sep 8, 2018

I have been purchasing Nike shoes and other items of Nike for over 20 years and find myself unable to purchase Nike products any further in protest of Colin Kapernik commercial because of his beliefs in protesting when the National anthem plays. I believe respect is needed when the anthem...

Nike / advertising

3puttslc on Sep 8, 2018

I do not need to use abusive language to tell you that because of your recent decision on your ad campaign, I will not be purchasing any Nike products in the future. Simple as that. I am not a huge customer for you and I do not own your stock. My decision alone will not make or break you...

All basic TV local services / commercials

jim@123 on Sep 8, 2018

What has happen to,.. Be back in 2min two sec.? Now when you set to watch tv on any channel you watch 15 minutes of commercials and five minutes of the program. You even manage to put several commercials while the credits are rolling. When you purchase to watch tv that's what should we...

Nike / abandoning american loyalty - if your not with us...

Kelly Waldrop on Sep 6, 2018

Thank you for pushing your political agenda by appointing a coward to represent your company. Coward? Let him serve in any capacity (Police, Fire, Military) first, then see if the knee makes sense. The only thing he is qualified to represent is kneepads. Just Do it! This is what we will be...

Trolli Candy / disgusting / bad taste commercial

Linda Coffelt on Sep 5, 2018

The particular Trolli commercial that I find disgusting (I found many of their ads in very bad taste) is the "You're my best friend" ad. In this commercial, a young boy having fun with his shaggy dog made out of Trolli candy, when a bigger boy comes up to the dog, rips its head off...

Nike / advertising

dwc56 on Sep 5, 2018

We have 3 boys they all did wear nike shoes, shirts pants for they are into sports, we will no longer buy your products as long as you use Kaepernick in your advertising, My son is a police officerand this is like running him down, he is a excellent officer does his job to protect...