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Annoying Commercials Complaints

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Yahoo! / using yahoo for news

Errol Smith on Oct 19, 2017
Dear Yahoo, When I select to remove an advert that is shoved in my face with vicious repetition and I select the "It is offensive to me" option how do you actually take heed of the fact. Could you kindly explain to me how this selection of mine is treated and what action is taken. I ask thi...

Youtube / advertisements

Chelsa Flanary on Oct 12, 2017
Your horror movie ads that can’t be skipped stresses me out : (Makes me scared to watch YouTube. Idk what else to say... my lil cousin watches Minecraft videos and it scares me that he’s seeing this horror stuff. I’m in college and I don’t want to see it : (Advertising is great, but I’d...

Youtube / commercials

GraceMi on Oct 7, 2017
Hey youtube, The recent commercial changes for watching youtube videos are CRAZY. I don't know if this was a change made a month ago or just yesterday, but COMMERCIALS SHOULD NOT BE LONGER THAN THE VIDEO (I would not actually shout these words if we met in person, but there would be a...

Taco Bell / continued advertising on nfl games

Ralph Umbertis on Oct 6, 2017
Sirs, I and all of my associates in VFW, American Legion and RPS are keeping track of companies that advertise on NFL games while the despicable irreverence to our flag continues. We are vowing to boycott those companies that support this behavior from players and owners. Your menu stated...

Google / youtube

CheeseEater on Oct 4, 2017
The commercials that view during the videos that i watch on you tube have no problem utilizing my full bandwidth to connect and load, but when the video that i selected to watch begins to play the stream rate drops 60-70% and results in me being unable to watch the video. For example my...

Youtube / youtube ads

deam on Oct 2, 2017
I know everyone complains about ads regardless, I also know youtube needs ads to continue running. I have always supported youtube and mostly don't care about the ads, however, its getting ridiculous that I'm now watching 4 ads during a 7 minute video. I have noticed this getting worse...

Private / edgars insurances

Izelke on Sep 29, 2017
Good day I am a client and I have had my Edgars account for just over a year now and very happy with Edgars so far. I have been sitting with a big problem the last couple of months. Edgars insurance company has been phoning me atleast 2 times a from Monday to Friday. I am with an...

Banque Atlantique / I am complaining about your bank account holder and collecting money in the name of your bank

Shiva Raj on Sep 28, 2017
dear sirmadam i am a resident of india and i have recently transfered 200 dollars to the following account. Country: Cameroon Account name:Nchunu Alexander Babila Account number : 10034 11006 9183134000437 IBan:CM21 1003 4110 0691 8313 4000 437 Swift:ATCRCMCMXXX the account holder has accused of...

Youtube / inappropriate ads

Chloe Yuen on Sep 27, 2017
I am a regular youtuber users. It is very upset and surprised by how often i was forced to watch an ad - meme live while i was watching beauty channel and cartoon channel with my 3 years old son lately. The ad is about a random girl dancing wearing sexy clothes doing some sexy moves. HOW...

NFL/etc / commercials during sports games

Doris Long on Sep 26, 2017
NFL/etcAs an American whose Uncle gave his life at 18 in defense of this Nation, I will STOP consuming your products if you all do not pull commercials off programs in which athletes And team coaches/owners kneel during our National Anthem. It is an offense I cannot tolerate. Please consider your...

DirecTV / no longer can fast forward during recorded programs and ads

MadasHell295 on Sep 21, 2017
I'm really getting tired of being ripped off by Direct TV. I pay a monthly fee for having a recorder, yet now I can no longer fast forward during play back of ads and specific programs! I'm paying to have this service, but now they're limiting me to what I can do? Most likely it's pressure...

Stanton Optical / tv advertising, completely annoying

T. J. Murphy on Sep 20, 2017
All of the local stations in my home town carry advertising for Stanton Optical, because they have an outlet office in the vicinity. Stanton optical advertises very heavily with 30 seconds spots, and sometimes 25 times per day. One of their ads, which has become an annoying part of their...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / commercial

MamaCole on Sep 17, 2017
I am VERY offended by the Great Depression commercial. It was a horrible time in America. My parents lived through it as children, and it was horrific for them and many actors this great nation. They could not afford your restaurant. ONLY the very wealthy tyrants had that luxury, and they...

Domino's Pizza / double buffalo chicken pizza

muteb rajab on Sep 16, 2017
Domino's PizzaI ordered few minutes ago this pizza with double chicken but there was not ever extra chicken on it, which pissed me off badly because it is not the fist time, and that's why I'm sending this complaint. Please for next time make sure our orders in good hands we love dominos and we like...

Youtube / pop up ads

Demian Seale on Sep 16, 2017
Why are you introducing these new, super-annoying pop-up banners during videos? I can't emphasize how annoying these are. Please get rid of them. You probably have enough money I'm guessing? I'm almost sure that it will alienate everyone, since it covers a significant part of the screen...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / the commercials on a&e app

Samixo on Sep 12, 2017
I think it's absolutely ridiculous that I have to continuously and constantly sit through a 5 minute long cosentyx drug infomercial while trying to watch live pd on your app. It's one thing to sell out to drug companies but if this becomes a regular constant miserable commercial method you...

Youtube / advertisements

Whitney Tracey Joubert on Sep 6, 2017
Hi there. I'm appalled at the fact that your advertisements are not age appropriate. I was letting my young daughter was mickey mouse on youtube and up popped an ad for the new horror movie, Annabel. There on the screen sat the scariest looking doll that could give adults nightmares, let alone...

Rogers / bill

sureyya1970@gmail.com on Sep 5, 2017
Firstly It seems to be impossible to reach the customer representatives through phone.Three days before I received a mail from your company to inform me about my past due bills.I have been getting internet service from your company since may. before the internet service installed to my...

Burger King / stores not wanting to serve customers

Rachel Clack on Aug 31, 2017
Burger KingI went to 3 different locations in Rochester, MN at 10:00 pm and all 3 had all exterior lights off including the large sign and all the chairs up on the tables when they claim they don't close until midnight. (One location was 11:00) I went to the drive thru at the one on Marion Road and...

Omegle / take out the captcha!!!

Jorge Goron on Aug 16, 2017
August 16/2017 I always liked omegle becuase I like to meet new people online, now I hate it and only if you fix this thing of re-captcha I will not enter to the site anymore. I will tell all of my friends why I hate this website if you don't think to take out this captcha thing. Please...
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