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Annoying Commercials Complaints

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Waffle House / service or lack of

Crypto K TothePoint on Aug 12, 2018

Sunday 2:30pm. I come into the Morgan City Louisiana location. I request Coffee and a water as I've been doing a lot lately and for 10years. As some woman who was to take order kept cleaning dishes. I asked "Is coffee ready"? Yes her reply. Can I get some? I'll bring it when I take your...

Omegle / captcha

llBarry Allenll on Aug 9, 2018

OK, so I have been using omegle for the past few days, and everything has been fine. Then today its making me do Captcha over, and over, and over, and over again. I have done some research on this, and I have come to the conclusion that omegle thinks I am a bot, because I have been...

Arco / commercial

Patricia215 on Jul 31, 2018

The commercial that you are currently airing that had the cat jumping out of the car window is horrible. In a normal situation the the would quite likely get struck by a car in the gas station. I can't believe anyone would be that stupid to not put their cat in a carrier or at least keep...

DirecTV / recorder and loss of signal

John Masslich on Jul 25, 2018

I do not use a recorder, never did, don't want to and am sick and tired of watching the channels display a request to record the program. The advertising is getting sickening wanting to watch some future program. The signal is terrible. Every time a rainstorm hits me I lose the signal...

Publishers Clearing House / / lamps

boisnothappy on Jul 22, 2018

Your lamps that I bought are a piece of shit. I don't even know if they are bright enough for a glove compartment. I can't even complain without getting grief. Why do I need 350 characters when all you need to know that i am not happy with you product. I bought it and don't know if I can...

Youtube / ads

Titanium (Centrurus) on Jul 22, 2018

Good evening. I have a question about the amount of Ads per video you Show. Because lately Ive been interrupted every 2-3 minutes on videos with less than 15 minutes of durations which is painful to see. I understand Youtube is business and ads are a must. But as a costumer I feel...

Ruby Tuesday / commercials

Constance schmitt on Jul 17, 2018

I thought the witches and waitress screaming was bad enough. And the two witches showing that it is ok to call people names. Really! I cringed everytime the commercial came on the TV. But now, Ruby Tuesday's Marketing Dept has proven they can out-do themselves, by making a commercial that...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / the west australian ad with man jumping off the fremantle train

Sue Till on Jul 13, 2018

Shown on Friday at 6.25 pm. The West Australian great video ads. Removal of ad or at least cut the beginning ofvthe ad. How is this great videos when it is illegal. It should be postponed not be promoted. The next person to copycat may not be so lucky. Are you going to promote the next...

NJ Transit / bus driver racist remarks and unprofessional behavior

tonylisa on Jul 9, 2018

rhe bus driver from bus 813 from perth ambou to metuchen new jerseyacred inapptopriate and racist and when i asked her questions she refused to answer me and made ra ist rarks regarding that i was white and coontinued to carry on her improper conversation with a passenger instead of helpin...

Sling TV / tv commercial

CarolynAnn17 on Jul 2, 2018

Sling TV has a completely inappropriate commercial airing during hours that should be considered family friendly. For months I have had to make up stories to explain away slinging vs. swinging to my 9 yr old son. Really. We are at a point were swinging is an acceptable topic around...

Huggies / commercials

Amie12 on Jun 24, 2018

As I sit watching the current 2018 BET awards I have viewed 3 Huggies commercials air during this period advertising several ethnic backgrounds-yet non of which are African Americans.The only place African Americans are displayed are on one of your diapers boxes-which is to catch the...

Youtube / ads between family programs

Laura Solomons on Jun 16, 2018

My daughter was watching the Sharers and Kyle and Ginger Family channel. One of the ads that popped up BETWEEN vlogs was an ADULT program. It was about a family that fussed and fought. They were being followed by some type of crime/law enforcement person. The woman stripped to her...

TV Land / disgusting commercials, especially "teachers"

dancin_darlin on Jun 12, 2018

What is up with vomit in your show trailers?! There have now been at least 2 "Teachers" commercials that have explicit vomit in them. It's bad enough it's in the show, but I can't watch anything on your station anymore without running into unexpected vomit in a freakin' commercial. And it...

Staples, Middletown, CT / tv ad plays too loudly

CJ3000 on Jun 6, 2018

I was in Staples today, in Middletown, CT, using the self-serve copiers. There was a tv playing a continuous loop of an ad showing some kind of wipe-on the film to put on a cell phone. It was really loud. I asked a clerk to have it turned down, because it was hard to concentrate with the...

Zenify / City Synapse Info / customer agent

AISHWARYAchoti on Jun 2, 2018

placed a call to get served in regards to a 1 bhk flat and the agent was dismissive and truly unprofessional and aggressive. Much to my dismay, he not only refuted my requirements but also asserted that he won't help and ended up hanging the call on me without my due consent. I am gonna...

TV Land / foul language on your commercial for nobodies

Denise Chapman on May 31, 2018

Please remove the commercial that contains the curse toward G-D! This is extremely offensive. You ask that I please be polite and avoid use of abusive language, do the same! This plays all day long while trying to watch wholesome and decent family programming such as The Andy...

Xfinity On Demand / the continuous pop-up of kelly clarkson while I attempt to browse for something worth watching

Jane Gutherie on May 27, 2018

Enough of this over-weight (trying to look not-so-fat in a black dress and way too much makeup)... Why for god's sake do you show this kc interview over and over all day and night long??? I pay way too much $ to be forced to watch this over-weight, no class, thing... Never did like her and...

Nando's Chickenland / product and service complaint

Nqobie on May 18, 2018

Nando's ChickenlandI have been getting terrible service from bandos for sometime now, from late delivery to rude agents who answer the phone even not delivering what I ordered and make empty promises that that will deliver it but no one comes, but today they did level their terrible service by giving me...

Audible / podcast advertisements

Peter Konig on May 17, 2018

I listen to many, many podcasts. Many of these podcasts are supported by audible. When the podcast plays an advertisement for Audible, Audible claims to have thousands upon thousands of titles, yet the examples given are always the same: "The Book Theif" and the "The Power of Introverts"...

Carl's Jr. Advertisement / see above

Marcher626 on May 13, 2018

Dear Carl's Junior, please stop the current advertisement with Matthew McConaughey. It's not funny it's not entertaining it's irritating it's Beyond stupidity. From conception to realization it's a ridiculous advertisement and only shows how arrogant and far removed from reality so-called...