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Srinivasan K / Asia Fxi / forex and cfd trading

AsiaFxi on Jul 20, 2017
Srinivasan K / Asia FxiSrinivasan K, who uses the Email ID - killer2451@gmail.com has been posting several Harassing comments and posts about the intellectual properties and harming the company personnel even after repeatedly getting his complaints and issues sorted. This is a note to all the Forex companies to...

Coles Supermarkets / unethical behaviour

Glen Maher on Jul 19, 2017
I have just received an email from a friend who lives in penrith, nsw, showing a large sign erected in your penrith store saying "happy ramadan", what a bloody disgrace that your company can do this and haven't the intestinal fortitude to display a"merry christmas" or "happy easter" for...

TV Land / Everybody Loves Raymond commercial misspell? TNGHT

Doris Weir on Jul 19, 2017
7/17/17, evening commercial for Everybody Loves Raymond. Is the misspelling of "tonight" an inside joke that I am not able to understand? The TVLand commercial for an upcoming episode spells it TNGHT. What am I missing. I can't imaging that it is an overlooked mistake. I got your email...

Youtube / divisive communist ads

Timmy44 on Jul 9, 2017
This company supports hateful, divisive and antipolice ad marketing as shown by their commercials. I would encourage everyone to drop their YouTube accounts and let them fail as a company. Anyone or company who supports groups such as Antifa and black lives matter should be labeled a...

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) / commercials

Robert Moreau on Jul 8, 2017
The ASPCA has commercials on nearly channel and they are running every day. If they spent all that money on the suffering animals they show in the commercials, instead of on ads, they could help many more animals. I will write letters to every network that shows ASPCA commercials and boycott any...

Lincare of Ocala / liquid oxygen reservoir

suzanna0912 on Jul 5, 2017
My name is Suzanne Ablondi, DOB: 09/12/1950. I have a Doctors orders requiring me to have 2 reservoirs for one week. Monday (July 3 ) the driver came to exchange one empty for a full one. I told him I need the other tank filled, it only had three lights lit. He call Walden to have him add...

Yahoo! / yahoo finance

CharlesFrench on Jun 29, 2017
Hi, I have been using Yahoo finance for many years, but your aggressive advertising is making the site unusable for me. I am forced to see ads that are irrelevant and forced to listen to things I didn't ask for. I understand your need to generate revenue from advertising well enough, but...

Youtube / unfit advertisement

Megan Cowens on Jun 22, 2017
Hi, I thought I would let you know that putting full length horror movie adverts on any random video is a little bit not on. I wont put a whole lot of detail into it because I doubt anything but a robot will read or reply to this. I am admittedly a huge 'scaredy cat' and anything of the...

ITV / adverts

Lagamani on Jun 18, 2017
I think your channel is very sexist i have seen alot of adverts regarding fathers day but when it come to mothers you dont see any adverts regarding it. I think you should take into consideration the people that dont have fathers and how this could affect them. You have really disheartend...

Yahoo! / constant yahoo messages about alleged attempts to sign into my yahoo account

Thomas "Dennie" Williams on Jun 16, 2017
Here they are! From: "Yahoo" To: denniew@optonline.net Date: 06/16/2017 10:12:41 AM Subject: Sign in attempt prevented From: "Yahoo" To: denniew@optonline.net Date: 06/16/2017 10:12:41 AM Subject: Sign in attempt prevented Hi Dennie, Your account is currently not enabled to sign in from...

Youtube / commercials

Valentina Kučinić on Jun 12, 2017
I apologise to sound rude from the begining but whats wrong with you and those comersials?? Does every single song has to have it? It s uncredibly anoying!! In early stage of anoying with comersials I could listen to whole albums without interuptions, now you outdone yourself. Wheter...

YuppTV / annoying advertisements on yupptv

Jaykumar M on Jun 11, 2017
There are some issues which are enough to kill your fun.They have very bad habit of showing the same advertisement frequently. Let me highlight those issues down, I subscribed for ICC Champions Trophy Tournament cricket live package: 1. As I mentioned they show the same advertisement. After every 1...

Youtube / t hashimoto

I have made to watch skippable video adverts created by a youtube channel with its username 't hashimoto'. This individual has been promoting extremists' political views of supporting north korea, under a disguise of music videos. As a resident of japan, I do not want to watch any such...

Youtube / pre-roll ads on youtube

VijayKThakur on Jun 4, 2017
My young daughter (under-18) regularly chooses YouTube as her main music video channel. However, we are constantly being bombarded with beer brand adverts when (1) I do not drink alcohol, so have never made any Google searches or similar for beer brands (2) she is under 18 and should not be targeted with these What are we supposed to do here please?

Coles Supermarkets / advertisement

Nicole P Mason on May 14, 2017
Please please remove casey donovan or i will go to woolworths the ad is terrible she scares the bajeebies out of me. Horribble sight first thing in the morning. That face is scary. I think you guys should reassess your advertisements and put somebody more pleasant on the eye and not so...

Fox TV / sportsbet ad

Riss Leung on May 13, 2017
The current Sportsbet ad features a known drug cheat, Ben Johnson, and makes light of the fact he 'cut corners' to become fast. The references about cheating to win send a completely unacceptable message to viewers. Considering this ad is being flogged throughout the football broadcast...

Kraft Foods / ad campaign "swear like a mother"

UnhappywithKraftadd on May 11, 2017
I am disappointed with your choice of ad to promote your products. This nation and the occupants have become so crass and vulgar. This is not "cute" or "trendy." It is sad and disgusting. So, I have to vote on you campaign with my dollars. And by not watching any shows or programs that you...

Kraft Foods / kraft mother's day commercial

Stella Felso on May 9, 2017
I am appalled at the Kraft Dinner Mother's Day commercial. What kind of a message is your company trying to send? That it's okay to swear in front of your children and encourage a filthy mouth? This is supposed to be humour? For families? This is one of the worst commercials by Kraft that...

U.S. Cellular / Us cellular

GoFukurself2 on May 7, 2017
I can't believe how much money you guys are wanting for the smart phone these days... You used to sell them for a penny!! So now you want to set us a thirty month pament plan for them but here's the catch, they won't work before youre done paying them off!!! This is literally rape to your...

ITV / inappropriate spotify advert aired during family show bgt 29.04.17

Mr Steen on Apr 29, 2017
I was disgusted tonight by ITV airing an advert that was totally inappropriate for family viewing. My two children age 6 and 11 love to watch this family show every week. For ITV to air the advert for Spotify that shows a mum talking about her son being conceived on the dinning room table...
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