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Annoying Commercials Complaints

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TV Land Station 304 AT&T Direct / volume of a particular commercial

karen34 on Dec 14, 2018

I get tv land on 304 on at&t direct in leander tx, 7:48pm 12/14/18 the volume of the wells fargo propel card is way too loud when that god awful so called music starts blasting. Absolutely no reason for it. To watch anything on tvland (which as of now is nothing until I hear that something...

TapJoy / free plat on arcane legends

Timthepissed guy on Dec 14, 2018

This tapjoy is a danm sad excuse for advertising and it needs to end... I've did a lot of offers during a double plat. Event and made them pay by contacting a Dev in spacetime, but now I did one 5 days now no response no email back completely ignored my request ticket, now I'm going to...

Edgars Fashion / Edcon / xmas and not christmas

Nicole naicker on Dec 14, 2018

Edgars Fashion / EdconI hate that almost every store in SA has Xmas and not Christmas this is not right at the yourl beed to change it or I will cancel my account and stip buying from yourll change it now or lose a customer. I thought yourl were a good store but I thoughy wrng I hope this matter is taken very...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / fp&l annoying tv ads campaign for south florida counties.

Dino5000 on Dec 12, 2018

I'm sick and tired of seeing FP&L annoying and REPETITIVE TV Ads on South Florida Local TV Stations. This has been going on for years. FP&L has NO competitor in this market (Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties) and is the only provider of electricity, so what's the point of spending money on...

Victoria Secret / lingerie being advertised on hgtv

Kpurnell on Dec 6, 2018

I love HGTV! My husband added it to our list of channels we subscribe to last year because I've been begging for years. I used to only get to watch it every time we went away and the hotel had your channel, and I would sit glued to the shows all night. There honestly isn't a show you air...

Nugenix / sexist, heteronormative commercials

Joni Roggenbuck on Dec 3, 2018

I can't help but gag every time one of your commercials comes on the air. Not only is the "and trust me, she'll like it too" phrase gross, but it also assumes the heteronormativity of your audience, which invalidates the identities and lived experiences of nonbinary genders and...

GDex / GD Express / giving me others tracking number

XJ Kar Wai Mdf on Nov 26, 2018

GDex / GD ExpressI received this sms this morning GDEX Dear Customer, our rider is on the way to deliver your shipment (CN CNMYG0002328109, CNMYG0002209841, CNMYG0002199671, MY43044627312, MY70001544517). Do not reply to this SMS. Are you seriously giving me others tracking number?! And the shop misgiving me...

Sling TV / sling commercials with megan mullally and nick offerman

Bu on Nov 20, 2018

The ads are not "funny". The ones with Megan and Nick are especially offensive. These ads appear all during the day and into evening programming. Kids are around when these ads are aired. They need to stop or would those of us who are offended filing FCC complaints make a difference? We have...

Hulu / subscription options

CattyB on Nov 20, 2018

Your subscription options suck! If I'm paying for it at all then there shouldn't be any damn commercials!!! Vudu is absolutely friggin free and has way less commercials than Hulu!! If I wanted to watch 4 min of commercials in a 20 min show I would just watch regular television! Have one...

Boston Pizza International / wine and pizza

Mike Delorme on Nov 14, 2018

I went to the new Embrun Ontario restaurant. I asked for a good wine and received a very gross red wine that was $13 plus tax and when I enquired about it I was told I ordered ordered it so I have to deal with it. Customer beside me smelled it and said it was bad yet the bartender would do... / text messages being sent to my phone

Elayne Johnson on Nov 13, 2018

i have been hounded by these messages everytime i turn my phone on and off again another of the same message appears. I have stopped it once before by going through the proper channels but now they have started reappearing again under a different number i.e [protected]. It first appeared...

Global Credential Evaluators / troubling in service

rutuja dhawde on Nov 12, 2018

I have asked for evaluation report for 3 business days rush service and paid amount on 8th November 2018. I want to submit the report to employer by 14th November 2018. However, on company site I am still finding payment not received though my credit card says payment is done. No...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / jarring insertions of ads into you programs

Jayan Petzing on Nov 8, 2018

I watched your three-part documentary on Watergate this past weekend, and although it was fairly well done, my enjoyment of it was hampered by the repeated incidence of commercials being suddenly inserted into scenes -- with no attempt whatsoever on your part to make them graceful...

Life Alert Emergency Response / commercial

Jeri McCutcheon on Nov 7, 2018

Please remove your add. I find your commercial with the fallen women at bottom of steps very upsetting. My mother fell and laid saying help, me help me in a hospital. It triggers my anxiety. I must change the channel immediately. If your add needs a previous printed "trigger warning" you...

CNN / don lemon television show

Jtatl on Nov 1, 2018

I am a white male and apparently a target of don Lemon. His comments that white males are the biggest terrorist threat in America are not only offensive to me(being a white male) but highly racist and biggoted. Being a gay male I have fought biggotry and hate through out my life. I am so...

Spotify / ads

anna1234567891011121314 on Oct 29, 2018

Can you please change up the ads? They are the same every single time and it makes me really annoyed, especially the one that says, "Ask anyone, life goes fast, faster when you're older so don't close your eyes and come back when it's over young hearts leave it all, leave it all behind. I...

Youtube / adverts

RvdL on Oct 28, 2018

Hi please look advertising policy; YouTube is not a pleasure to watch anymore with all the adds! I can live with, and I think most people too, a 15 second add after every song or preferably after every 3rd song, but please - does it have to be a 10 minute add after every song? I understand...

The Mercury News / bay area news group

gregorio117 on Oct 27, 2018

I've been getting the San Jose Mercury News for over 50 years and have accepted most print changes throughout the years. But recently you guys have eliminated the date on the top of every page. If you want to save an article and set it aside then look at it at a later date you don't know...

Youtube / commercial

james567647456 on Oct 26, 2018

I am sick to death of all the [censored]ing advertisements on every [censored]ing video I watch. I'm sick to death of watching that stupid [censored] writing her term papers and I don't give a flying [censored] what some silly [censored] did with Wix!!! You need to remember that YouTube was started without any of thi...

History Channel / animated commercial

Thunder Duster on Oct 25, 2018

History channel's owners are committing horrific crimes against humanity by creating their animated commercial claiming earth's land is the source of life! History channel's attempt to deceive everyone on earth proves they are all fallen abominations and they all know for their eternal...