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Annoying Commercials Complaints

Samuel Jackson / complaint

Redjenny on Mar 16, 2019

Samuel JacksonSamuel Jackson has to go as your spokesperson!! I'm tired of reading how anti-american he is & his latest statements on how he doesn't give a [censored] about how he alienates Trump supporters by the ridiculous things he says like & I quote "I already cashed that check, [censored]...

CMT Channel / advertising new program "siesta key"

Bruce Lobsinger on Jan 22, 2019

Viewed 11 PM on 1/21/19. Man carrying a naked woman over his shoulder(showing her bare butt, crack and all) promoting this new show. How much lower will your standards be going? Tomorrow is a "Cold Day" so my children are off from school tomorrow. They sure noticed it!! Please respond why...

Peloton / loud annoying song by jay z

Opal Moon Markell on Jan 11, 2019

I watch MeTV and have had to endure that awful, loud, annoying song on the Peloton exercise bike commercials... every time it comes on I have to either turn the sound down or change channels... can they at least turn the sound down on this? I realize of course some people love this type of...

TV Land Station 304 AT&T Direct / volume of a particular commercial

karen34 on Dec 14, 2018

I get tv land on 304 on at&t direct in leander tx, 7:48pm 12/14/18 the volume of the wells fargo propel card is way too loud when that god awful so called music starts blasting. Absolutely no reason for it. To watch anything on tvland (which as of now is nothing until I hear that something...

Golden Girls, Two and a half men, commercials, MASH / too many programs and commercials

JDWashington on Sep 9, 2018

Why are you showing constant reruns of Golden Girls, MASH and two and a half men. Someone must be getting money from showing these shows ALL THE TIME. Why won't you show more reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond or MOM. TV Land has to have a considerable amount of variety of other shows to...

All basic TV local services / commercials

[email protected] on Sep 8, 2018

What has happen to,.. Be back in 2min two sec.? Now when you set to watch tv on any channel you watch 15 minutes of commercials and five minutes of the program. You even manage to put several commercials while the credits are rolling. When you purchase to watch tv that's what should we...

Kardashians / web page

Isabella Lamb on Sep 4, 2018

I know I stand with thousands if not millions of yahoo customers. I am sick sick sick of seeing the kardashians in the News streams. Scroll down the page and they are some of the first "news" in the list "kim has a labor day party and bbq" as news???!!! Really yahoo??? I am so sick of...

Affiny / the ad. itself

keithperreurlloyd on Sep 4, 2018

AffinyConstantly present, ubiquitous, intrusive, nauseatingly repetitive. You must have had a bevey of complaints about this several-times-on-all-pages insertion. It might suggest that the (otherwise) Mighty, is being blackmailed, or at least put upon, by certain commercial powers that...

Infiniti Automobiles / tv commercial portrayal of supposed germans

J. C. on Aug 31, 2018

Commercial supposedly shows Infinity brand SUVs tested at a German racing/test site. "Germans" are portrayed in a comic stereotype that would do justice to a WWII era cartoon, or Hogan's Heros. No one would dare use outdated stereotypes of the Japanese, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims or anyone else...

NCELL / daily sports portal auto renewal service activated for rs. rs.3.99+1.10 taxes). visit http//ncell.

Ramesh chaudhary on Aug 28, 2018

Although, i didn't activate this service, it deducted my balance . Wt the hell is that . Plz, stop that directly activating such umwanted sevices and stop unwanted charges on customer . Its better to remove such such services from the ncell service . I reputation of ur company ha...

WGN, ION, any and all Television Advertising / inappropriate advertising

Diane Dochnahl on Aug 21, 2018

I am filing this complaint relative to the commercials that are being shown mainly on the WGN and ION channels, but quite frankly all of the channels are completely out of control as well. We often watch Blue Bloods and The Last Man Standing on these channels. We watch these programs with...

Ace Hardware (Tamarac Square, Denver) / mark... supposedly a manager

Shop Home Depot Instead on Apr 28, 2018

On April 28th, I took in a gallon of Behr paint. While not your product, I had a simple request to add some black pigment to it, and have it shaken. Rather than being "the helpful hardware man" as your advertising implies, Mark gave me nothing but excuses as to why he couldn't/wouldn't add... / ads

lori McGinnis on Apr 9, 2018

When you are trying to get on a website. It comes up what you are looking for. Then you tap on your page. Then it comes up in Goggle Ad page you have to go through before it will let you see the page. You have to fill out "Ad" or you can't get though. I think it's called "Google Ad" So a...

Jeremy Royce / your service changes...

Jeremy Royce on Dec 10, 2017

Why are you all starting to be greedy? has been working fine for years. So now you want to start charging for your services. So you are now adding more commercials to prove your point . So myself and many others will not pay for your service, so is it really worth the lost...

JP Wentworth Commercials / r and over all day long all night!! knock it off!! i'm sick of hearing it!!! and the team cannot sing! they suck!!!

Darla Drew on Nov 1, 2017

Too much advertising on television, it's on over and over and over continuously, , I'm sick f hearing it.. cannot sing!! Sounds like terrible ! Knock it off this is one of the worst over played commercials I've ever heard, please stop advertising so much, it is very...

A YouTube Watcher / youtube porn ads

Ron Line on Oct 21, 2017

So lately, when I opened YouTube, there's always so many porn ads and even triggering (spesifically in my case, trypophobia) ads popped up. Now, while I understand that ads are needed and beneficial, I think that you should filter your ads better, as I usually watch YouTube mainly for...

NFL/etc / commercials during sports games

Doris Long on Sep 26, 2017

NFL/etcAs an American whose Uncle gave his life at 18 in defense of this Nation, I will STOP consuming your products if you all do not pull commercials off programs in which athletes And team coaches/owners kneel during our National Anthem. It is an offense I cannot tolerate. Please consider your...

Lachhmandas Jeswani / given wrong usps tracing no: [protected]

Lachhmandas Jeswani on Aug 8, 2017

As my sim is locked of my cell phone [protected] . On my request Tracfone send me New SIM card with the USPS. Tracking No: [protected] . on 19th July 2017 . As I did not received new SIM card I enquired GURNEE Il Post office wo informed me that the Tracking No [protected] is not valid . Let me...

Srinivasan K / Asia Fxi / forex and cfd trading

AsiaFxi on Jul 20, 2017

Srinivasan K / Asia FxiSrinivasan K, who uses the Email ID - [protected] has been posting several Harassing comments and posts about the intellectual properties and harming the company personnel even after repeatedly getting his complaints and issues sorted. This is a note to all the Forex companies to...

Lincare of Ocala / liquid oxygen reservoir

suzanna0912 on Jul 5, 2017

My name is Suzanne Ablondi, DOB: 09/12/1950. I have a Doctors orders requiring me to have 2 reservoirs for one week. Monday (July 3 ) the driver came to exchange one empty for a full one. I told him I need the other tank filled, it only had three lights lit. He call Walden to have him add...