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Annoying Commercials Complaints

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Sling TV / commercial

Crystal Berry on Apr 24, 2018

The sling tv commercials that run constantly for children to be exposed to is absolutely distasteful and disgusting... It's to the point I would never consider using sling services.. The children that could potentially view this commercial need not be exposed to this kind of "selling...

FreedomPop / sim and apn scam, route

Design Dep't on Apr 13, 2018

After I saw the FreedomPop commercial on it TV it never left my mind. I had gone to their website browsed around, and I started seeing more pop ups on my screen because of that. So finally one day I clicked on that ad and decided to get a SIM for my ZTE phone which I previously had with... / ads

lori McGinnis on Apr 9, 2018

When you are trying to get on a website. It comes up what you are looking for. Then you tap on your page. Then it comes up in Goggle Ad page you have to go through before it will let you see the page. You have to fill out "Ad" or you can't get though. I think it's called "Google Ad" So a...

TV Land / volume of commercials

Raynell M on Apr 8, 2018

It is really ridiculous that I have to turn the TV very loud to hear the show I am watching, then when a commercial like, Spectrum for example, comes on and it is blasting! All of the commercials are not like that. But I have to constantly adjust the volume. It is very annoying. Your...

Prager U / advertising

Courtney Elyse on Mar 29, 2018

I am absolutely disgusted with the CONSTANT advertising of "Prager U" on your streaming service. Your company has made it a priority to stifle small-time creators, claiming they use "offensive" or political content, yet you sell advertising space to an organization that subjects viewers to...

Uber Industries / transportation service

The Lidman Foundation on Mar 29, 2018

So got two starred today. Rider didn't seem to be in the talking mood and was listening to music. Exchanged pleasantries and dropped her off about a mile down the road. Warned her that since there was a police chase in the area that traffic might be from road closures. Other than that I...

Yahoo Mail / please bring back the old way.

dongpels on Mar 24, 2018

Why can't I just simply put my passwords during log in instead of sending CODE to my phone? It's very time consuming and unfriendly, sometimes when i'm charging my phone I need to turn it on and wait just to read your CODE so I can sign in. This is not the way it was before i'm an old user...

Geico / commercial of scruff mcgruff

Xibalba on Mar 23, 2018

Went looking for insurance, but decided the past commercials about Peter Pan and then this new commercial with Scruff McGruff the Crime Dog was too much. The disrespect to police, crime task forces and a famous being like Scruff is just crude, rude and disgusting. It demeans reportibg...

ITV / marmite advertising

carole shepherd on Mar 23, 2018

I settled down to watch the friendly match between netherlands and England. at 7.30pm on March 23rd. A advertisent came on with a young girl shouting and screaming at her mother, totally uncalled for and I found it very very offensive. What gave this schoolgirl the right to talk to her...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / channel 126

Vanessa Vincent on Mar 23, 2018

WHY would you people show repeats of series that has so many episodes and to top it all it was not so long ago shown on that channel. We recorded the whole series so far so why not show the season 2. We are paying so much money per month to watch rubbish all the time and repeats over...

StudyBay / fraudulent writer

Wilfred Kyeva on Mar 21, 2018

My name is Wilfred Kyeva Kyandi from Kenya. Someone by the name Brian Oanga sold a study bay wringing account to me costing Kenya shillings 4000.00 and i sent the amount of money to him. Once he received the money he changed the password for the email logging that he had sold to me so that...

Yahoo! / ads

Tychelle Young on Mar 20, 2018

Yahoo!, I love your home page as I use it to get the latest news and keep up on current events. I've noticed recently as I scroll through that there are numerous ads on your homepage. The ads and their placement are extremely annoying and unfortunately I'm looking around for another browser to...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / forged in fire

George spence on Mar 19, 2018

This is third and last time requesting someone do something to remove violent blade slashing human figures made of (appears to be soft rubber) flesh type rubber. History channel is bringing more and more violence to the station and pays no attention to showing it during day time hours for...

Domino's Pizza / service

Nur Iman Azman on Mar 19, 2018

id like to submit a complaint here to Dominos Pizza Batu Pahat. ive placed my order, i ordered a personal pizza, 1lasagna chic, 1spag chic, cwing haseyo and 1 botle twor orange 1.5L. but ive to cancel the personal pizza instead i dont have enough cash, but when i call centre, they say i...

Netflix / "continue playing"

awfulservice on Mar 18, 2018

Submit another complaint about the constant overly frequent, usually randomly timed "continue playing?" obscure interruption. Why the [censor] are people paying for a steaming service that is just going to auto pause on them every 10 minutes? Hulu does do that [censor], never. Going to...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / advertisement for sportsbet

Sue Page on Mar 16, 2018

Ad was run this evening at 6.36pm on Friday, 16 March 2018. Ad showed man in bath doing something to his groin area. Adults could assume he was shaving his genital area; young children watching wouldn't know what to think!!! 1. Incredibly inappropriate advertising for this time shot; and...

DuckDuckGo / remove or disable the products section

manfredo on Mar 4, 2018

DuckDuckGoHow do I remove or disable the Products section from my DuckDuckGo searches? I do not want to see Amazon promotions when I search online. I live in the UK where we can still choose not to be enslaved by big business. It seems I need to add some words for your robots so here goes. I use your...

Nike / nike olympic commercial

NotMyCompany on Feb 23, 2018

Why would NIKE need to make a commercial about the incredible hard work and success of athlethes with an orgasmic overtone.. from crescendoed breathing, held vocal release to finished deep breathing with a final satisfying exhale? All because "Air moves me"? To what??? A poor adult pun I'm...

YupptV / annoying ads crashes the app, frustrating

Raja Mavuduru on Feb 6, 2018

I am posting this again and this time the yupptv app crashes when a particular ad (crackle) plays before any program selected. Please remove those annoying ads. You guys are not transmitting the channels for free to encourage ads . we are paying for the damn thing. anyways the channels which u...

Budweiser / this little light of mine lyric.

natebushman on Feb 3, 2018

i am truly offended by the choice of music for your most recent commercial. I don't mind a glass of beer from time to time but this song you play "this little light of mine" is a traditional gospel song and is totally inappropriate and insulting to those of us who sing this song to honour...


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