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Jeremy Royce / your service changes...

Jeremy Royce on Dec 10, 2017
Why are you all starting to be greedy? Youtube.com has been working fine for years. So now you want to start charging for your services. So you are now adding more commercials to prove your point . So myself and many others will not pay for your service, so is it really worth the lost...

Awok.com / delivery boy

erinnnnn on Dec 9, 2017
High alert on your delivery boy. This was not happened once but thrice for my order and i hope that you will make an actions over it because you are loosing customers because of you rude and unrespectful delivery boy. First of all please track all this order # as 6400918922 that has been...

AT&T / closed captioning covered up

Lorraine Clopp on Dec 7, 2017
There is too much advertising during a broadcast making it impossible to see the closed captioning. They always put overlays at the bottom of the screen and covers the closed captioning. It interferes with trying to follow what is being said, whether it is news, or a sit-com, drama, movie...

Youtube / the ads on youtube

Stop scarring me on Dec 4, 2017
I do not appreciate getting surprised and scared from the ad "hooked" I was watching my video when an ad came on and the picture they put scared the [censor] out of me and I can't imagine I'm the only one please make it so that me and all the other people I care about who...

Youtube / offensive youtube advert

EmoDuggie on Dec 2, 2017
While watching a generic playlist, this video was played in the form of an advert https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ebWxHxBTjUA The video is offensive, expressing the opinions of an extremist minority while choosing to cherry pick facts that support their arguments. While I believe in the...

Honeybaked / ham

Hemasphere on Nov 27, 2017
I tried finding the email for your CEO but could not I am hoping you will call me asap. I am writing on behalf of my husband who entered your store in Atlanta GA, inside the Kroger, store 672. When my husband entered the store, the Representative for your company was handing out sample...

Verizon Communications / tv commercial

Benisdisappointed on Nov 19, 2017
Hello Verizon, Your commercials with Thomas Middleditch are quite possibly the most annoying commercials that have aired in the last decade. After watching them repeatedly during Sunday Football commercial breaks, I have never been closer to cancelling all of your services and product...

Youtube / music

Bridget Lynn on Nov 17, 2017
hi yes i am very displeased with the music i am happy go lucky listening to NIN then [censor]ing sam hunt comes on i mean like what the [censor] how is that possible i have to listen to the [censor] in my ear 24/7 then yall just have to play that [censor]in racket i meant like really what...

Yahoo! / ads playing sound in yahoo mail

Nick Moore on Nov 16, 2017
I am extremely angry that sound plays in side-bar ads when I access my email. This has been happening since 13 November 2017. I understand you have a premium service that is ad free but I have no intention of ever paying for that. As I'm sure many more don't either. So I'm faced now with a...

Youtube / ads

MileyLe on Nov 15, 2017
Can you stop showing me ads about Jake Paul ? It is already established that he is a bully, manipulater and liar solely for the sake of his own business by his own employees and others creators. (Watch Alissa Violet, Faze Banks, Martinez Twin videos for more information). Stop recommending...

Discovery Channel / recent advertisement

Jim Thompson on Nov 15, 2017
The commercial about impeaching our President. This is outrageous. Didn't see any of the commercials when Obama was president. He, Obama committed plenty of impeachable offenses as well. If this continues, I will not only stop watching this channel, I will as well be spreading the news of...

Keurig Green Mountain / cancellation of hannity radio program sponsorship

RAC International on Nov 13, 2017
You cancellation of sponsorship based on the show's opposition to a politically generated issue of unproven allegations reveals your company's left wing political position which is unacceptable to me and I can no longer stomach your product, which I have used for many years. I...

Spotify / political advertising

Glenn Broom on Nov 11, 2017
State government ministers asking for votes eg labour premier for qld is about as low as it gets. I myself despise her and will not listen to her campaigning when i am relaxing listening to music. Im afraid I will delete the app and am confident others will as well. Please keep the...

Youtube / inappropriate advert

Elaine G Hill on Nov 10, 2017
My 8 year old daughter has been very disturbed recently about adverts for a game called Hooked and Yarn that play creepy music and scary words to advertise these games. Today she had two whilst watching Amazing Gumball and these disturbing adverts are not appropriate for her age group...

National Football League [NFL] / all networks preempt plays for commercials

Sam Sheppard on Nov 9, 2017
All networks do this during NFL broadcasts. Field goals are missed because another ad is shown. Kickoffs after scoring plays are missed for ads. Often, the broadcast resumes and the receiving team has run the kickoff back for a touchdown! Not aired because another car commercial HAS to be...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / history channel app on ipad

Kristen Jelley on Nov 5, 2017
I'm sorry but this is the worst app when it comes to ads. It is ridiculous how often, how long. You have such awesome shows but if you are streaming and back to back episodes the ads/commercials are abundant and way to long. There has to be a better way. Picking 3 Mins or 30 secs doesn't matter because it's inconsistent and they both happpen to often.

JP Wentworth Commercials / r and over all day long all night!! knock it off!! i'm sick of hearing it!!! and the team cannot sing! they suck!!!

Darla Drew on Nov 1, 2017
Too much advertising on television, it's on over and over and over continuously, , I'm sick f hearing it.. cannot sing!! Sounds like terrible ! Knock it off this is one of the worst over played commercials I've ever heard, please stop advertising so much, it is very...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service

gbgirrl on Oct 30, 2017
On 10/29/2017 @1:48pm, my parents went to Costco in Torrance (Lomita Blvd) to do a price adjustment on Keurig Cups. They were in line at the return section, and the person there was assisting there and re-directed my parents to the cashier because the cashier couldn't give my parents the...

A YouTube Watcher / youtube porn ads

Ron Line on Oct 21, 2017
So lately, when I opened YouTube, there's always so many porn ads and even triggering (spesifically in my case, trypophobia) ads popped up. Now, while I understand that ads are needed and beneficial, I think that you should filter your ads better, as I usually watch YouTube mainly for...

Yahoo! / using yahoo for news

Errol Smith on Oct 19, 2017
Dear Yahoo, When I select to remove an advert that is shoved in my face with vicious repetition and I select the "It is offensive to me" option how do you actually take heed of the fact. Could you kindly explain to me how this selection of mine is treated and what action is taken. I ask thi...
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