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Aug 21, 2014

I applied of the course of the web design on the website I finished the course and got the certificate, but it turned out that it was total fake. I applied for the job, but the interviewer refused to take a glance on my certificate and told that it was completely useless. So please avoid this website and post comments if you had the same problems with them. Not recommended company. / This website is complete and utter garbage

Sep 13, 2012

You guys are all fools. Read This website is complete and utter garbage, it gives false information, has had many requests from w3 themselves, to change their site name, and they refuse to do so. They also refuse to update their information. Not only that, but the certificates, will not be regarded as valuable to employers who want a real designer. This site should be removed, forever. (my web design instructors page, his brain is made of code, i swear, he hates, to the core, w3schools).