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Vioderm Complaints & Reviews

Vioderm - North Dakota, Fort Yates / want to Cancel future orders


I tried the free trial offer and do not want any further orders but my Credit Card was billed on 5/12/10 of $69.99 and I can not afford to make that kind of payments. I would like to dispute this transaction and would like my money put back into my account as I did not want any further orders because it caused a severe break out of my face after I tried your Product. Sincerly, Almira Gerry

Vioderm / Unauthorized billing


Ordered a FREE sample of vioderm... the shipping charge was $6.95.. wel low and behold a credit card shrge of $79.95 appeared on my statement.. i contacted the company who told me that they sent not only an invoice but a return policy.. NO they did not.. there was nothing in the manilla envelope but the product.. they went on to tell me that it was past the time i could return for a full refund.. so they would adjust the charges to $44.95 and cancel any further shipments.. well hells bells I only ordered one damn FREE sample.. suffice it to say my c.c cancelled the card and are issuing me a...

Vioderm - Texas, Dallas / scam


i agreed to four trial products one of them being vioderm, i sent three of them back again one of them being vioderm before the 30 days and that was the end of the story i thought until i get a letter from a collection agency stating vioderm attemted to reach me numerous times with no luck and apperently they never received the product back.but they never called any of my three tel. numbers, emailed, faxed or just plain mail me a letter.So, i call all the other companies and they received the other products just fine. so i called back vioderm and tell me the first dumb thing i did was not get...

Vioderm - Texas, Farmers Branch / Took money from my visa acct


I ordered a $1.00 trial sample and received it for $4.99 with shipping and did not like it. Then I see they 3 weeks later they charged my acct for $59.99 and said I now have a membership with them. I told them when I ordered the trial I did not want anything else. How can they charge me anyway. Now I have to take my time and write letters to my bank to get this taken off. VIODERM AND OTHER COMPANIES SHOULD BE FINED OR EXPOSED FOR THIS POLICY. WHO GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO STEAL FROM OUR CREDIT CARD ACCT. SIGNED GOLDEN