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Thrive Learning Institute Complaints & Reviews

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah / did not get what was promised

Oct 27, 2017

January 23, 2009 momentum marketing connected us, charles and wilma kaighen, to thrive learning institute which promised to coach and provide educational videos and training for an on-line business. They promised we would profit enough in 6 months time to pay off our debt. We were charged $15, 200.00 (Now I see that everyone was charged a different price!). We had good credit and had 2 credit cards with zero balance at the time. They took advantage of that for sure! I received very little coaching during the first 3 weeks, then... I was "on my own" to figure out what to do. With that much debt...

Thrive Learning Institute / Scam

Jul 23, 2014

Thrive Learning Institute is a scam. They used a highly skilled, trained and relentless sales agent that used all of the high pressure sales tactics to pressure me to make a deal with them. They take advantage of people that have been financially hurt and are looking for answers to their money problems. They quickly put you through a "qualification" process to determine your available resources, primarily credit card related. They try and make you feel at ease by saying things like, "well it's not really your money, you are just using the credit system for a while and you will recoup all...

Thrive Learning Institute / Scammed out of thousands

May 16, 2011

This Company advertises themselves as a business school offering a team atmosphere to guide you on building your own online company. They apparently charge everyone differently and scam as much money out of you as a start up price and then finance the rest with a company called Momentum Marketing making 18% interest themselves. They are suppossed to work with you and guarantee you will be able to pay off everything within 6 months or earlier if you work atleast 10 hours a week. I far excelled at 10 hours a week and everytime I spoke with my so called team coach I was given the run around so...

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah, Lindon / No refund for breech of contract


I would like to put in a formal complaint about Thrive Learning Institute. In July of 2008 I decided to go forth with Thrive on a new business website for an investment of $5.703.00. My initial investment was supposed to pay for all the learning materials, advisers, website & SEO Package. I was told that if I did not make my initial investment back within 1 year that I would be eligible for a refund- a “100% money back refund”. I also signed a contract stating that Thrive Learning Institute believed in their program so highly that after my initial 12 week consulting period with the...

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah / Did not get what was promised


I personally have also been scammed by Thrive Learning Institute. I joined up with them through a company called Auction Profits at that particular time which was October 21, 2008. The convinced me that they would assist and teach me how to set up my own website, obtain a drop shipper for blind drop shipping and would double my investment within six months. I invested initially 5, 485.00 on my credit card of course. They always use that saying "Use other people's money" Well now I know exactly what they are talking about. They are getting rich off of poor suckers like me who falls for...

Thrive Learning Institute - British Columbia / Requesting a Refund


We are waiting for a call from Thrive, in order to settle our request for the return of our money. We were smooth talked into thinking that we could make a little extra money but getting a web site and a drop shipper. We were told we would get our money back in 6 months time and be able to make a 6 figure income. You found out that we had a good credit rating and therefore talked us into thinking that we needed to pay this money in order to be able to make more. This is a lot of money for us and we are struggling to pay our credit card bill now. This has a potential to ruin our credit rating...

Thrive Learning Institute - Pennsylvania, Harrisburg / No Help after the 4 week pro-active stage


Long story short - after the initial 4 weeks pro-active training (which was dismal at best) there is no further contact from these people other than an occasional email. All phone conversations cease. So I was defrauded out of $4, 500 for a webhosting company that takes your money and runs. In August, I clicked to a Google business add ohline and was sent a cd/dvd in the mail to teach me how to make money by using the web. I no sooner received this item than I received a phone call from the Thrive Learning Institute based out of Utah. He made the whole concept of an online university to learn how...

Thrive Learning Institute / Scammed-want full refund


Greed! Greed has happened to many in this country. What was wrong with making a 10-15% profit and not cheating individuals for your own personal gain? Some people want more and will lie, cheat, and steal to get your money, so they can have more at your expense and you have less. You receive nothing in return but stress and have a harder time just trying to have the basic necessities of life—food, heat, medicine, but they don’t really care. Welcome to Infusion Media, Thrive Learning Institute, and Capital One Credit Card Company where you are really taken for a ride. Hi Clint...

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah / New Stagety


Hi all, Well, it seems that all predictions seem to be off with Thrive. Yea, they’re still within their first five years that it takes to really make a business operate (but still will probably end up failing). Utah’s Department of Consumer Protection don’t seem to care about the way, we the people, were hung out to dry by Thrive and their lying sales floors. Glen Minson, so called investigator for DCP knows who they are and what they do, but apparently having to contact and deal with Thrive’s PR person over and over again for so long, seems to have struck up quite a...

Thrive Learning Institute / internet scam


A representative from Thrive Learning Institute talked my 81-year-old mother into charging $6350 for a web-based business opportunity. She receives income only from social security and certainly can not afford to spend this money. For health reasons she is not able to follow through on the "training" they claim to provide or to conduct a business online. I was out of town when this initially transpired. When I returned, I spent a whole Sunday afternoon on the internet investigating this business. What I found out caused me to call John Waddlesworth at Thrive to get my mother released from thi...

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah, Orem / Scammed me and took $6625


I am another victim of Thrive Learning Institute. Here is my story. I clicked on link that said "Google Ad works", it took me to one guy's testimonial about the way in which he is been earning "2000 to 3000" dollars per month from home. I hesitated for a long time and clicked the link which asked me to put my name and address in it. And the web site asked my for my credit card number to send their exclusive package. The web site said it would cost me $1.95 which would be used for mailing charges or something. This is it. I did not know that this is the worst thing I could do to myself...

Thrive Learning Institute - California, Corona / RE: Unsurpassed customer frustraition


During the course of my traumatizing experience with my Thrive Learning Institute process, I was also sucked in to a big mess with a merchant business account to be able to accept credit cards for orders online. I was contacted by a person with Thrive (or so that’s what I thought). She went on to talk about a merchant account (online credit card possessing) and that I should sign up to begin accepting credit cards for online orders. She told me they would wave the setup fee for a limited time and that the offer would not last long (more tricks of the trade).I signed up on 3/11/09...

Thrive Learning Institute / Awful experience


I signed up for Internet training on eBay and was sold a bill of goods. The problem is in their aggressive sales techniques - and they are responsible for the call centers they contract to sell for them. Thrive Learning promises you can make your money back in 2-3 months, but in fact they have a success rate which is about 1 in 10, 000 actually doing so - and that's ever, not just within 3 months. I complained after the training was complete, because I didn't actually learn anything that I hadn't already known. Their training at that time mostly consisted of how to set up their...

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah / BIG SCAM


I check all the forums on a regular basis and see the number of people that are still being scammed is sickening in its numbers. I have seen many individuals asking the people responsible for ruining their lives and credit, these ### of the earth individuals such as COLTEN MOODY, ZACHARY BRADSHAW, DAVE AND MATT RASMUSSEN, " How do you sleep at night?" So far they have not responded. So I will ask you guys again...COLTEN MOODY, ZACHARY BRADSHAW, DAVE AND MATT RASMUSSEN...HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT????????????????????????????????? When will you guys finally post an answer to this question? Or are...

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah / scammed


I GOT A REFUND AND YOU CAN TOO! I have gotten a refund even after almost completing my web site!!! So it does not matter if you are a week or several months into it, you can get a refund too. BEN THERE has already given you all the information you need to get a refund, but I wanted to reconfirm to everybody that the information he has posted will work as well as tell you my story, so that when you go through the process yourself you wont be tricked by their lies into accepting anything less than a full refund!!! The two most important places to complain to are: 1) The Attorney General of Utah...

Thrive Learning Institute / Did not get the &Professional& help they promised


I am very disgusted with Thrive Learning. I did everything faithfully for the first 3 weeks. There were problems with the videos, which I had to bring t0 their attention. When I asked a question, even though there were 4 people on my so-called team, their answers were far from professional. There was a time I asked 3 different questions and when they responded, after a day and a half, she said I received all of your questions, but I am only answering one of them. There were always problems with videos. After spending 4000.00 dollars, my feeling was this so-called professional help wasn't worth 40 cents. Then when I talked to Mr. Zach Bradshaw, he was an all out a**hole. What a joke!!!

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah, Salt Lake City / Stealing Money and Harrassment


I was scammed by a company using 2 names-Thrive Learning Institute and Infusion Media. They are the same company. They will contact you by e-mail offering to sell you a Google kit to start an online business. They will use your credit card numbers to debit your account for S&H as well as other unheard of charges. Then they will call for your other credit card numbers so they can take money from all of your credit card companies and start a home computer business. Brandon Clark, who seems to be the leader's name in this business will seem to be a very nice guy until you tell him of your...

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah, Provo / Not being able to get my Money back


Thrive has done nothing that they have promised. I am so disgusted that I spent over 14 grand with them plus all the fees associated with it like e-bay etc. My web site has never been built and I was told it would be built for me...not true. The only thing they do is have web hosting classes which I could not participate in if I wanted to. I have told them already that you need a mike and a headphones which I do not have. I have since hired another company to build my web site for me and they have given me a list of dropshippers already...all for 2500. I am sending a letter to the better...

Thrive Learning Institute / Misled


I wish to make a correction from my entry on January 21st. I was mentioning that I had originally been contacted by "Platinum Trading Solutions" who never mentioned the name "Thrive Learning Institute" the whole time I was being pitched. In reviewing my notes and going to the website I see that it is really called "Platinum Training Solutions" and is definitely "Thrive Learning Institute" disquised. I say disguised because again, the "Thrive" name is never used in describing their program and if you Google under that name, no complaint blogs come up! But in the "testimonials" section there i...

Thrive Learning Institute - Utah, Draper / scammed out of my money


On november 1, 2008 I was contacted by internet auction solutions to start a business online. They kept me on the phone for about two and a half hours and every time I tried to get out of it; the man kept insisting that I could do this. That was a lie. He got 6, 236.00 from me and I was not able to get my business going. The coaches from thrive learning instatitute would keep giving me the run around. Giving me more and more nonsence. I know now that they would do this to wear me down so I would break down and give in and give up. This is an online scam and all they do is give false hope and...