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Syntratech Corp. Complaints & Reviews

Syntratech Corp. / I disputed the charges but they did not honor my cancellation notice

Jan 10, 2012

The company did not deliver diabetes pills as promised. When I finally received them I found out that they did not help my problem. Immediately within the 15 day trial period I called them 20 times to cancel my membership but they did not respond my calls. On 8/27/10 I sent them a cancellation email without any response. I disputed the charges but they did not honor my cancellation notice. I will filed a lawsuit for fraud. The other companies do not force you to accept a membership like Syntra. Their product is worthless.

Syntratech Corp. / Charged 59.99 for the free trial

Oct 03, 2011

I ordered some diabetes med's from a company called Syntra5 which said it was for 4.99 shipping charge, free trial. it said if you dont cancel with in 30 days youll be sent another jar in 30 days. I didnt see anything about if you dont call you get charged for the free trial 59.99, well guess what, they charged me and also sent me another one, and all this AFTER I did call the same day or a day after to cancel. I called the co. and they said very nasty that they would not refund the money and that i should have called, and it would have shown that I did. Well I know I did cause I alway...