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Star Yorkie Kennel Complaints & Reviews

Star Yorkie Kennel - California / Breach of Contract

Feb 17, 2013

In November we agreed to purchase a "tea-cup Shih Tzu" from Star Yorkie and signed a written contract to that effect. We paid $1500.00 for the puppy and $300.00 for shipping, only to receive a normal sized, sick Pekingese puppy at the airport. We contacted Ben and Beverly immediately regarding this issue. They insisted it is a Shih Tzu and that I would need to provide proof. So, we did get the required DNA test done which was another $72.00 and while we were waiting for that test to be completed we also incurred several vet bills as this puppy was sick, along with needing vaccinations. Now...

Star Yorkie Kennel - California, Reseda / Selling Sick and Misrepresented Puppy

Nov 07, 2012

Puppy was weak and would never eat or drink. Received veterinary care and intravenous fluids and still died within one week. Vet stated puppy was younger than represented and was only 1 pound not 2.5 pounds as stated by seller. Probable cause of death was either Parvo or simply being sold off too early. Seller charges high prices for Teacup designer dogs and appears to be operating a puppy mill or is a middle-man for a puppy mill. Dog suffered terribly in a fight for it's life leaving it's family devastated and heartbroken. Do not buy from this business! They are operating out of...