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St Francis Hospital Complaints & Reviews

St Francis Hospital - Tennessee, Memphis / all events sold out, rides with 3 hour wait or longer, 1 hour wait for food after order placed

Oct 19, 2017

This past weekend I brought my family to Cedar Point for our yearly vacation, new to Cedar Point. We planned this after summer and school startings to have a decreased wait times in ride lines. Not only were the waits out of proportion for an amusement park even at peak season. We were sold tickets at the main entrance and ALL events had been sold out!!! We were not given the respect of allowing us to decide if we would like to come back another day. It was so frustrating for us. We waited at the shortest line for restaurant service, waited 45 minutes to be seated and then had to wait an hour...

St Francis Hospital - Indiana, Indianapolis / Billing department

Dec 31, 2015

12/31/15 @ 12:20pm disgusting attitude from a Billing Deptartment lady by the name of Shelly. called my facility in regards to a bill. Had a very nasty attitude and even had the nerve to laugh at me sarcastically while I told her I would look for the information. Talk about wanting to reach through a phone at someone. I have heard about St.Francis and never in a good way and now I see why. will be trying to call her number and speak to her supervisor today and make an actual complaint. disgusting behavior from a Customer Service standpoint.

St Francis Hospital / Bad service


Had surgery at St Francis Mooresville campus on 12/11/06. After "numerous" phone calls from myself to the hospital to obtain a "correct" bill, I finally received an accurate billing statement dated 1/1/08. On 1/14/08 at 3:55 I called the central business office listed on the statement and spoke with Natasha who offered a couple of billing options or stated that I could just money "whenever". She was specifically ask if this would pose a problem or lead to a collect situation - she said "no" ! I sent a payment that day. On 1/25/08 I received a phone call from a "collection agency" in Chicago by...