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Singsnap Complaints & Reviews

Singsnap / Lack of concern for the members

Feb 02, 2013

The tactics of Singsnap members and staff are appalling to me. There are so many complaints of mistreatment. It seems that staff members ( Rob )in particular, in my experience has permitted extreme abuse and hostility directed toward some. An unfair unsupervised contest system runs wild there. It is terrible.People I know have to actually take a break. These issues are seemingly thrown away. Either that or the victim will become the blame. This arrogance may one day become the end of this site. I think it will not be too soon for many people. Singsnap hides behind rules, which seem selectively...

Singsnap / Harasses Paying Members

Jul 12, 2011

Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes Company information: Eatsleepmusic Corp Ottawa, Ontario Canada As past lawsuits of copyright infringement loom over the owner of Singsnap and partners and with a new harassment lawsuit on the way, Singsnap owner Trevor McGuire seems nervous or perhaps paranoid in his dealings with members lately and his crazy ideas of them plotting against him. In the past, McGuire wasn't present in the lives of the members themselves. He would show up once in a while on the message boards or on camera with a greeting or announcement of some sort. Nowaday...

Singsnap / Attempts To Extort Money

Jul 12, 2011

Recently a blue member of Singsnap claims staff told her her free blue account was of no use to them because she wasn't paying the site to use it's services. SAY WHAT? Doesn't Singsnap advertise it's a free karaoke site with 1000's of songs to choose from? Their catch phrase is "Singsnap: A free online karaoke community" When you click on their page the header says: "Free Online Karaoke Register for free access to singing and recording karaoke songs, millions of member recordings to listen to and entertainment that lasts a life time". (BTW Singsnap, lifetime is one word...

Singsnap - Ontario, Ottawa / Computer Hacking

Jun 12, 2011

COMPUTER HACKING/ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES As a member of the forum manthissitesucks, we recently learned Trevor McGuire (banned from the forum) trespassed onto our site and not only illegally read forum content, he filled out a complaint form to the free owner complaining that we had emails showing him and staff along with their cohorts illegally hack into a web site titled singsnapsucks in order to delete it in it's entirety. Below, you will see the emails that were given to the site freely by a former staff member of Singsnap. As a former staff member of singsnap, Katie Loudon i...

Singsnap / Extortion

Jun 08, 2011

Sarah-Jane Stubbs was banned from Singsnap after telling staff she would tell the other members about being harassed in private messages. Apparently, Singsnap staff told her that she was of no use to them with her free account and unless she paid money to upgrade to gold within the next few weeks, her account would be closed (banned). Extortion? Do they send messages like this to everyone? Singsnap advertises that they are a free online karaoke community. It say's so on their front page. This is not our story. It is Sarah's. We'll share her experience with you. Here i...