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Singapore Customs Complaints & Reviews

Singapore Customs / Very bad attitude to tourists!!!

Apr 06, 2015

I am a Russian passport holder, living in Hong Kong. I have arrived to Singapore for a vocation visit with 2 small kids (3 and 5y.o) on April 6th 2015. The officer asked me why I had visited Iran before (he saw my Iranian visa). I explained him a reason (my husband is Iranian). I asked the officer why he asked about it. He took my documents and brought me and kids into the room, where they kept people with passport/visa issues. Kids and I stayed there for a while. Then they brought me to another officer, who yelled at me. The next officer said that thay have right to ask any questions they...

Singapore Customs / 2nd august: rude custom officers

Aug 02, 2014

2nd AUGUST 2014 while entering Singapore (Est. Time of Arrival 9PM: First custom officer (Chinese male) at checkpoint on stamping passport: I made a friendly chat with him about the price increase in toll, and he just have me a quick blank look, no smile and continue doing his stamping (awkward). Second officer (Malay male) checking the boot. Looks a little friendlier and smiled but he didn't say anything when I wished him Selamat Hari Raya. Third & Fourth officer (Chinese male tagged team with the Chinese short haired female) just after the boot check where they do a more...