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Salute Credit Card and Tribute Credit Card Complaints & Reviews

Salute Credit Card and Tribute Credit Card - California / fraud


Salute credit card has gone out of business, I have continued to pay monthly, my limit was 500.00 and after paying this card off, they have now put a "balance transfer" from Atlanta Georgia, something i know nothing about and brought my balance again up to over 400.00, when I should owe nothing! Tribute card, has done the same, and they both say that if I wish to "opt out"of this balance transfer, I have to write to Georgia. Neither card are useable, they both have closed without notice and between the two of them have ripped me off for close to a thousand dollars now...

Salute Credit Card and Tribute Credit Card - California, Beverly Hills / Fraud Deceit Class Action To Be Filed


These cards charge a huge set-up fee, they then let you use the card for a few months, and then they cancel you without notice. I have proof and have printed the cancellations. This is a fraud and is slander of credit. They ask the merchant to "pick up the card" although no money is owed. If you have any money owed on these cards, DO NOT PAY IT. I am a lawyer with 25 years experience and my phone number is 8187212163. If you would like to be part of a class action against these scam companies and their principals, please call me. They cannot cancel your account -- when it is current -- for no reason.