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Quiane Crews Complaints & Reviews

Quiane Crews / copywriting

May 10, 2019

April 16, 2019 I was hired by Mr. Crews to write an article that was written published to Kivo Daily. The article was submitted to Kivo Daily by Mr. Crews the same day I emailed it to him. He has not paid me for my copywriting services and refuses to answer any contact or correspondence. After researching Mr. Crews, it seems he inflates his influence and has a habit of not paying for services. I'd like to be paid and have this matter settled.

Quiane Crews - Colorado, Denver / fake lifestyle marketer stole $2500 pays for fake guests posts

Mar 09, 2017

I wanted to warn everyone to stay away from Quiane Crews, he is crooked and stole $2500 from me for brand consulting. After he took my money he spoke with me once for 15 minutes to collect details about my business. At the end of the consult he told me to run ads on facebook. A complete waste of time. He has paid people money to do guest posts on the Huffington Post and plans to do other sites, he is not a millionaire. If you look at his social media photos, you will see how he lives, nothing close to millionaire at all.