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Property Improvement & Maintenance Services Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Property Improvement & Maintenance Services Ltd / boiler repair

Mar 06, 2019

Company came to fix a boiler showing a F72 fault code. Replaced two parts, stayed for 8 hours. Bill £1388.62 Parts were £365.18. Plus £200 for the two hours it took the plumber to go and get them. I asked for receipts for the parts. Refused. I asked for copies of the receipts. Refused. I asked for details of where and when the parts were purchased. Refused. I am in little doubt this company has overcharged me. I cannot prove the 8 hours spent working on the boiler at £99 per hour was justified or not. But if I can find out they have overcharged me for parts as well, at least I might have a...

Property Improvement & Maintenance Services Ltd / Plumber

Apr 21, 2017

I would like you to help me to get my money back from this company who failed to fix the fault in my boiler. The boiler was leaking, they sent me a plumber who spent less than 10minutes and has not diagnosed what was causing the leak. When I called them to ask for an invoice and a report they were very rude and refused to send me the invoice. They also refused to refund me when I told them that the boiler was still leaking and they did not fix the problem. This is company is managed by the theafs, they just want to rip off people, they are not qualified and they should not be allowed to...

Property Improvement & Maintenance Services Ltd / Plumbing

Apr 12, 2017

Aka The DEO Fulham Plumbers Monday morning: Company was contacted regarding a blocked toilet. An "engineer" came around and spent less than 5 minutes working on the blockage. He said it had been fixed and gave me his phone to speak to the company's operator. Given the short time he spent working on the problem, and reluctance to answer any of my questions, I asked whether they offered any guarantee that the job was performed properly and that the problem was fixed, whereby the operator told me that the "engineer" claimed the problem was fixed, however should the problem persist in a few days I...