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Pardon Society of Canada Complaints & Reviews

Pardon Society of Canada - Ontario, Ottawa / Un-registered fake charity

Jul 23, 2012

This society appears to be totally fake. They have no phone number listed on their website. When you use their website to find an "accredited agent" you always get directed to Express Pardons Canada; a company located on the same "Bank Street" in Ottawa. Go Figure. Below is the result I got when I did a search on the Canada Revenue Agency Website that all legitimate registered non-profit organizations must be registered. It shows that the Pardon Society of Canada is NOT a registered non-profit organization or charity. Can you say FRAUD. For more information see: Charity Status: Canadian...

Pardon Society of Canada - Ontario, Ottawa / Shell Company to Promote Express Pardons?

May 25, 2011

In May of 2011, I sent an email to this organization after doing a lot of investigative work, which revealed a lot of very troubling facts about this organization, and how they conduct themselves. After sending the email twice and waiting 3 weeks, I never did receive any response from anyone in the organization. I ask that you read my email (see below) and then judge for yourself, whether this organization exists to help people find a pardon company to properly assist them, or to simply promote one company above all others. ----------------------------------- Hello, I read on your website that...