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Magnum Ice Cream Complaints & Reviews

Magnum Ice Cream / Wood found in Magnum Almond chocolate bar

Mar 01, 2012

I bit into a piece of wood that looked like an almond. It was stuck on the chocolate outside coating. Luckily it was too hard to bite through so I didn't swallow it.

Magnum Ice Cream / Sharp ceramic or plastic inside double caramel bar

Feb 28, 2012

I contacted the emergecy number given as peice cut inside of my lip. I was told they would contact me following morning, Unilever did not call. I called them later in the day and answered several questions as day before. I asked that they pull item from stores as if I would have lodged it in my throat it would have been fatal. I spoke to a supervisor who said someone would contact me by days end that did not happen. I went into same Jewel Grocery store and bars were still in freezer. I called them again and explained no one called me and I see the Ice Cream is still being sold. I told them I...