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Mademoiselle Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Mademoiselle Fitness - Ontario, London / taking money from my bank account


When I went in to cancel my membership, I was lied to and coerced into signing for another year. I was told that they were opening a new facility in my new neighbourhood. When I found out that this was not the case and that the club manager had lied to me, I called him on it and told him that they would not be receiving anymore money toward a null & void contract. I put a stop payment on the biweekly amount at my bank and over the course of 2 years, emails & notices have been sent back & forth. I last heard from the company in Feb of 2009 and now, Sept 2009 they have taken over 700. from my...

Mademoiselle Fitness - Ontario, St Catharines / Horrible Facility; Rip-off!


When I was pregnant with my second child, I joined Mademoiselle Fitness stating that I would start three months later. My first day at this facility, they did a "fitness assessment" on me which was fine, but they charged me an additional $50 for this without telling me about it. Then, after that, they sent me into another room with someone else who was supposed to be talking to me about "nutrition". Well - this ended up being a sales pitch for their protein shakes. I learned nothing at all about proper nutrition!! When I came back to work out, machines needed to be unplugged due to water...