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Lifeguard Financial Complaints & Reviews

Lifeguard Financial - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Stole MY Money


I am writing to dispute the allegation made by some one who won’t even give his name. Yes, it is true that Alex Vilk did cheat some people… But you show me the perfect company that has not had some one working for them or represent them, that has not stolen from them or its clients!!! Once LifeGuard financial found out of these Illegal practices of Alex Vilks his branch was pulled out from under him faster that a earth quake can swallow a building when the earth splits open!!! Not until LifeGuard was notified were they able to take action and remedy the situation. As for...

Lifeguard Financial - New York, Manhattan / Are They Going Out of Business Now?


Is it true that Lifeguard Financial is going out of business? I'm reading all their complaints and have been sending them my money. Lifeguard Financial now has a "NR" Rating with the BBB Site. I cut and paste this from the BBB Site. - Scroll to the bottom - No pun intended. A business may receive an “NR” (No Rating) instead of a rating under the following circumstances: * BBB has determined business is no longer operating * Business has filed to dissolve business in bankruptcy * BBB has recently received numerou...

Lifeguard Financial / Alex Vilk teaches his Debt Settlement Affiliates to Flat Out LIE And To Steal SS#'s


Alex Vilk, the so called national sales manager of Lifeguard Financial Debt Settlement Company is widely known as the Devil's Life Coach - evil, cocky and ready to steal your money. I was hired to work at Lifeguard Financial in NYC and you wouldn't believe what this guy wanted us to do. The leads lifeguard sells to all its offices for 22 cents each (real cost 11 cents), display the last 4 digits of the prospective clients social security number and to get the first 5 digits from the client, Alex Vilk states that we must say this (also see their scanned scripts below); "Mr./Mr...