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Legacy Auto Sales Complaints & Reviews

Legacy Auto Sales - Ohio, Cincinnati / used vehicle

Oct 29, 2014

I would definitely NOT recommend doing business with Legacy Auto Sales. I did a cash deal for a vehicle and discovered, after driving it for a few days, that it leaked gasoline. Legacy offered to do the repair on it but still decided to charge me for some of the work. “Leaking fuel, ” apparently, isn’t covered under their warranty. After they didn’t properly fix the problem the first time, I had to take the car back a second time so they could do more work and charge me more for repairs. After all was said and done, I was out $369 to fix the problem it shouldn’t...

Legacy Auto Sales - Ohio, Cincinnati / Legacy Auto Sales, should be renamed Legacy Day Care


My girlfriend is leasing a 1999 Ford Mustang from Legacy Auto Sales. She has had the vehicle for roughly six weeks and has already had to have it serviced twice. The first time was for the check engine light that was linked back to a bad oxygen sensor. No biggie, John who apparently runs the place fixed it at no cost to her. Three weeks after that the check engine light came on again. Several calls were made to Legacy to get the vehicle in to them to again have it repaired. But no return calls were made to her by Legacy. With in a few days the car broke down completely. Legacy was again called...

Legacy Auto Sales - Ohio, Cincinnati / No title for automobile


I purchased a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu on August 25, 2008 from Legacy Auto Sales. I was issued a 30 day temporay tag from the State of Ohio. In the State of Ohio, the state holds the original title until the vehicle is paid in full, however I live in Kentucky. In Kentucky, the person who the vehicle is registered to holds the original title regardless if there is a lein on it or not. When my 30 day Ohio Temp Tag expired, I had still not received the Title Certificate from the dealer so that I could get my Kentucky plates. I called the dealer the day before the tag expired and they said that they...