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Joiphone Complaints & Reviews

Joiphone - Georgia, Atlanta / threats

Nov 8, 2011

I was with Joiphone for about 3 years. I ordered their special deal back in 2010 for 24 months at $10/month (paid in advance). I recently started having problems. Dropped calls, no dial tone, going to voice mail when phone was not forwarded, etc. When I called them to cancel my service, I started getting threatening emails. Even though I've paid through May 2012, they want money for a "past due" amount. They also claim to have been the ones who canceled the account for “inactivity” and the “past due” amount. They're threatening to take it to collection if I don't pay.

Joiphone - Georgia, Atlanta / Charged for canceled service


This letter is in response to Joiphone's comments in a letter dated 9/22/2010 sent to Bank of America. The service was ordered on 8/11/2009, but was not activated for 7 to 12 days due to the fact the equipment required to activate the account was mailed. The sum of $180.37 paid included one year of service at $8.95 per month, $60 for equipment, plus shipping and handling. The original agreement had no language regarding automatic renewal after one year. Joiphone has unilaterally changed the agreement without sending notices to customers, allowing them a choice of accepting the proposed...

Joiphone - Georgia / failure to port - bogus charges


Do not do business with this company. It's a nightmare. Why? -Failure to set up the acct. on time, resulting in no home phone service for weeks. -Nevertheless, billed us for said phantom service. -Poorly trained staff who have almost no ability to resolve issues. -Primitive customer service.. Usually via e-mails filled with misspellings. -Erratic billing practices with mystery charges. -Failure to port number over to the next provider resulting in no service again and double billings. -Refuses to respond to BBB complaints. This is a sad situation. I have no idea how they stay in business, and feel sorry for the employees who have to put up with angry customers all day long.

Joiphone / service and contract


I had the prepaid one year contract. after my first year of unhappy service due to bad connection terrible voice especially when calling a cell phone, plus rude unhelpful customer service. I decided to cancel my second year. So, I emailed customer service to cancel, they told me that my second year contract had automatically renewed itself after the end of the first year and that I could not cancel it. Or I would lose all the money paid upfront. When I inquired about the reason their answer was even shorter than the previous emails: check the terms and condition on our website or something to that effect. My understanding all that time that i could cancel anytime I wanted after the first year.